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Samsung Galaxy S2 Leather Pouch Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S2 safe in executive style in the black official genuine leather pouch case from Samsung.
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 4.5 stars from 34 customers

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Excellent quality case
Chose this case for my new (... and absolutely brilliant ...) Samsung Galaxy S wi-fi mp3 player as I wanted a case I could also use to keep the earphones close by. The case arrived next day delivery, for which many thanks, and I'm delighted with it. Quality genuine leather, with that lovely smell you only get with the real thing (not PU leather which more often than not is passed off as the real thing nowadays) and a sleek design. The cleaning cloth was a nice touch, too. I have found that the mp3 player fits nice and snug into the rear pocket, along with the cleaning cloth, and the earphones in the front pocket. Perfect in every respect. So pleased I found your site, and this Samsung case. One happy customer!
Nice - but not great
Looked forward to receiving the genuine puch, but a little dissapointed with its practicality. Had previously ordered a manufacturer's case for my HTC Desire HD, and that had been a great item, including having a tab to pull that helped the phone come out of the case. The Samsung item is very basic, with no tab to help lift the phone out - thus the pouch has to be squeezed, the phone manhandled, or the pouch tipped up in order to get the S2 out...not great.

Nicely made though...
Great Leather Pouch
This Leather Pouch is great, the phone fits in it easily and can be quickly taken out to use or answer a call.
It is tough enough to protect the phone from minor knocks without being heavy.
Not as shown in picture
I don't really forgive false advertising I don't think there's any excuse for it. It is simply cheating people no matter which way you dress it up.

It DOES NOT have a separate pouch for the cloth NOR does it come with a cloth.

Despite it being a nice leather case nonetheless.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry for the inconvenience, manufacturer has now decided not to include the cloth and the page has been updated.
Elegant and compact and discreet
I have found this as a very elegant compact and discreet pouch to carry the Samsung Galaxy S2 in special occasions, it's slim and the best companion to the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Flip Cover. You cant go wrong with any of these, I own the two of them, and the Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2 - 2000mAh fit's perfectly in both.
Slim, effective & fits the Samsung 2000mAh bat
I bought this because the Proporta Alu Leather case for this device was out of stock. It works well and most importantly fits the Samsung 2000mAh battery and back. A good solution, with a convenient port for the speaker, a good solution.

As always MobileFun were fast and effective. A great supplier.
Perfect, very classy
I am so so happy I came across this phone case, couldn't find any other that is as classy.
I've had it for 2 weeks now and cannot fault it at all.
It's kept it's shape, no wear or tear, was a lttle stiff when I received it but that's to be expected as it's leather and it has indeed kept it's shape.
The phone feels secure once inside the case.
On the inner side of the case it is very soft,like a brushed leather effect, so no fear of it scratching the screen and has been embossed with 'designed by samsung'.
On the bottom side of the case there is a whole that has been punched out to where the speaker is on the phone so it enables you to hear the phone ring or for when a msg is received.
Would definatley recommend this item, the price is worth it as you won't find anything as good a quality as this case.
Nice one
I had wanted a cover for my Samsung Galaxy to protect the screen. This one was the first one I saw but I thought it was a bit expensive so I looked at others on the internet. However I decided that I really liked the look of this one even if I could have got pink or purple ones elsewhere so I bought it. I like to show people it because I think it is a really nice one and easy to get my phone in and out of.
Perfect compliment!
Really pleased with my new leather pouch for my Samsung Galaxy S2. It is smart, elegant and sophisticated and the perfect accompaniament for the executive office worker. Great having the addition of a cleaning cloth with it - very useful! The sleak design also enables my stylus dongle to fold away into the pouch which many other covers didn,t and this prevents it getting ripped off the phone in my handbag. Really, really pleased - first class product and excellent quality. Thank you.
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Leather Vertical Pouch C
This pouch case is very elegant and compact for Samsung Galaxy S2..
For me this is the best pouch for this smartphone :)
Very nice case
This is a very nice case but it is not designed for Left Handed people as the Speaker hole on the pouch will not match if you use your phone with your left hand.
The Italian Stalian of Cases!
This is truly a beautiful case which oozes style! Not the most conventional mobile phone case and I have been told that one person thought it was a ladies purse! But I love it, I don't like the typical type of cover cases as they make the phone look and feel very chunky and to me defeats the purpose of having the worlds "thinnest" phone! The leather of the case is good quality and I have been using it daily for a few weeks and only now starting to see a few creases in the leather- which is to be expected from any leather product. The colour is also unique a nice light tan and the official Samsung inscription take any chance of it being called a fake away! Very easy to put phone in and out of case once used a few times as leather will be quite stiff initislly but will lossen up and there is also a handy pocket inside for a very nice screen cloth (also labelled samsung), this is why I think this case is the best. Thanks to MobileFun for delivering promptly and although it is on the higher end of the price scale if you want a case which is different and will stand apart from the rest than this is the one.
exactly just right
Just recieved the case for my samsung galaxy s2. Just right, a great fit and great quality. Many thanks.
Samsung galaxy pouch case -Tan
thanks alot for your efficient and speedy dispatch of my order(sg2 pouch case-tan). The product was superb and of good quality and trully it has add a value to my phone(sg2). Great work guys(mobilefun. Co. Uk)!!!.
Excellent quality
I ordered it on 30 aug, go it on 1st sept. I am really blown by this product. I really liked it. Leather is good quality. I recommend it to all sgs2 users. Thankx MobileFun.
Well made case
Well made, there's no magnet or popper to keep it closed, but I have found after having it a couple of weeks it naturally stays closed itself.

Phone is protected fine- mine gets chucked into various bags, has been dropped in this case several times onto concrete with no adverse effects.

Cleaning cloth is a nice bonus.
Absolute Quality case
I bought this on an ‘impulse purchase’ while searching for a case for a friend, once received (quick next day delivery I have to say by mobile fun, thanks guys) it turned out to be a very high quality case, the s2 fits in perfectly. However, I do have to admit the case does look like a wallet or a glasses case as the size is kind of big but the quality just kills the show :).
No belt clip - so unfortunate.
A cute soft leather pouch with executive looks & feel. However, an optional belt clip would have been an added bonus. The size of the fone makes it more convenient to be carried in a holster (worn on the belt) than held in the hand or pocket.
very good quality product
This is a very good quality original product, has that executive look really goes with the phone. Can be slightly difficult to egt the phone out of the pouch but worth it for the look.
Samsung Case
Love the feel colour and design. a great case to keep your new phone in. loving also the cleaning cloth.
Good protective case
This is a nice well made leather accessory for the galaxy s2. Don't expect rapid access though as it can be a bit of a fumble when your mobile starts ringing. Shame its not available in black though as the pigskin look seems a bit retro.

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