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Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Carry Pouch Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Padded carrying case the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 with a universal design that can be carried horizontally.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29064
$13.26 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 23 customers

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The right carry pouch for Galaxy SII
The size of the pouch is made to fit exactly the unit and is very convenient to be used for those who
don't want to carry their mobile in their pocket or their hands
Lid won't close
The lid won't close on this case when the Galaxy S2 is inside it. The magnets on the lid and on the case are too weak to grip, especially when the phone is inside. The phone is a very tight fit and it squeezes the case out, so the magnets do not lock. The phone hasn't fallen out yet as it's tightly wedged in, but the loose lid is worrying. It flaps about and catches on things. I have been trying it for a week to see if it stretches with use, to see if maybe the magnets lock, but not so far.
Great little cover for the iPhone 5
I got the new iPhone 5 the week of the release so not to many covers about. I like a wallet style so after measuring countless phones v iPhone 5 i found the Samsung Galaxy S2 fitted perfectly.

My phone is well protected and looks pretty when its out the cover.
Poor Quality
Not happy with the item at all, Belt loop too small, wore it for 2 days then the stitching tore and had to throw the item away, wouldn`t order again
Perfect Fit
I have bought many pouches for phones & cameras which are supposed to be for a particular model, and have often been disappointed at the the quality and fit of the item. This pouch says it is for the S2 and it is a perfect fit with just the right amount of leeway to making entry and exit a doddle. Very impressed.
samsung galaxy carry pouch
Excellent item for carrying the galaxy s2. With previous phones I have had a similar item but it had a belt clip, this is much better with the belt loop as there is no way it can get knocked off the belt. A highly recommended item.
too big and ugly
Despite this item appearing in a listing for Samsung Galaxy S2 cases, it quite obviously was not designed for the S2. It is far to big, if like me you were in part attracted to the S2 by its slim appearance, then definitely don’t buy this case, it will quadruple the space your phone takes up. In addition I went for this case primarily because I wanted something that would enclose and protect my phone should it get dropped, not sure how it’s protected when all 4 corners of the phone stick out beyond the case. complete waste of money. Like wrapping a diamond rind in used chip shop paper.
An honest product
This pouch has no major flaws, just a few improvements should be done:

1) the magnetic closure is not very reliable
2) the width should be augmented a little it, because most of Galaxy S2 users put a cover on the back of their mobile phone
Highly Effective
Well made and designed. Keeps the phone safe but quickly available. It is less likely to get damaged in the pouch than in a pocket. A good investment.
No margins whatsoever.
This carry pouch barely fits an SII which is without any soft shell or anything like that. I get the distinct impression that this thing is originally designed for a slightly smaller but thicker device.
For me who needs something like this to wear it outside my working-clothes but still need a silicon protective shell it is absolutely worthless. The one star given just for the fact a clean SII actually soewhat fits. Forget having headphones connected though. The headphone jack is completely covered.
As It Says On The Tin
The product was bought to attach to my belt and does just that. The size is correct for the phone and the small hole at the bottom of the holder allows the phone to be pushed out of the holder quickly. The phone won't fit if you have a silicon style protector around it, but for me that is not an issue.

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