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Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Mount with Hands-Free Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The cradle is perfect for holding your Samsung Galaxy S2 whilst in the car and charging and talking hands free at the same time.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29889

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 4.1 stars from 23 customers

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This really works
I Love this I put plugged it in and it worked,just like that!
Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Mount with Hands Free
The windscreen mount is very stable and rotates through 90 degrees, however the locking of the phone holder to the mount is suspect and can come loose easily. Also, the speaker on the cigarette lighter plug is useless unless at a standstill - it cannot be heard even on max. The ability to switch to non-charging mode is useful.
Good item but find the hands free speaker very hard to hear, its ok when no noise but when driving have to lean forward to speak and hear.
Noisy handset when power on.
Although the speaker is quite good (loud) unfortunately when turning the power on in order for the handset to be charged, noise is heard through the speaker. So when I want to charge it I lower the volume and when I want to speak I switch off the power..... Not very convenient!
First day the base came unstuck so I phoned up mobilefun@ and was told to use the windscreen suction pad, then I got my first phone call ,the volume is bad you cant here them and they cant here you it just a £22 car charger.
Good solid mount, does not wobble like some I've t
Nice solid mount, can be easily turned to landscape or portrait - good quality suction mount.

12v adapter is a little bulky, but contains speaker and useful spare USB charging point.
Just what I needed
Works perfectly and speaker on connecting point is good
I'm really happy with this
I have used in-car cradle kits for various other phones I have had in the past, and this particular one beats everything I have tried hands down.

The phone sits nice and snug in the cradle, and doesn't wobble or vibrate like others.

The call quality on the speaker is perfect, the mic level is also perfect.

My order was shipped the same day, and I received the product the next day. Thank you!

Overall 10/10, I can't find anything bad to say about it.

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