Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tough Snap-on Case Olixar ExoShield - Black Reviews

Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This black and clear Olixar ExoShield tough case provides a slim fitting stylish design and reinforced corner shock protection against damage, keeping your device looking great at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 68481

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 3.3 stars from 4 customers

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Not the best option for a phone case, but considering it cost less than HK $10, it's acceptable and still offers minimal protection against scratches.
Best it....
Amazing case...amazing look and confort...excellent grip....
5 star for this case....
Bad case
Very bad quality case leaves water marks on back of your phone
Well made case, but with a small problem
This Olixar tough case is good, it has saved and protected my phone from ~40 cm dropping. Case is very well made, all buttons and cut-outs are in place and easily accessible. Fits very well with Note 9.

Unfortunately there is a small problem with this case. There can be a few bubbles or rainbow effects between the case and the phone, that appears when pressing with finger or holding on. I managed to reduce it with good cleaning, but few of them were still there. Fortunately, MobileFun send me a new and it was much better, but not 100% reduced.

Otherwise it’s a fantastic – well-made case.

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