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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tough Case and Screen Protector Olixar Sentinel Reviews

Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector
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Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector
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The case is perfect strong and comfortable for the phone.
I strongly recommend you buy from mobile fun delivery is very speedy and next day to.
Very speedy delivery service
This is the perfect case for me and l am going to use your website more in future
Plain nice quality
I have had other Olixar phone protectors in the passed. They have always have been a nice design and quality, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case and screen protector are the same. The black case is a simple understated design but has a nice quality feel to it.
Not actually the type I wanted, but this is equally good.
I thought it was a flip open case looking at the picture before I ordered. But like I said, this one is equally good though I would've preferred a flip open case.
Screen protector
The screen protector is not that good.
Is hard to tap on my phone and I have to removed
Case is good, screen protector is not so good.
Case itself feels strong. When I dropped my phone backside down a few weeks ago there was no visible damage on the phone.
Screen protector has many cracks from sitting in car phone dock after 1 week of use, something I haven't experienced with any other brand. So not sure how strong this is if I were to drop the phone from any small height. I'll probably order another screen protector as maybe this one was just faulty and it's not a problem with the screen protectors as a whole. It does stick to the phone well though which is a plus.
Excellent quality
Comprehensive instructions, easy to fit, everything you need is in the box, does not add bulk to the phone.
Ok but not perfect
The case itself is functional and protects the phone well...
However, the screen protector has cracked within 3 weeks... no reason behind it, no scratches or drops... it just cracked...
It fitted brilliantly and was responsive to a light touch... but it cracked halfway down the screen where no pressure was applied... Might need some work...
Excellent product
It's really nice product
Almost Perfect
Good Quality cover the front cover works very well the only drawback is the Bumper case sticks out too much at the bottom which makes it a bit awkward To remove pen and insert charger' shame because it's otherwise a top Quality product
Safe and stylish
The screen is slightly unresponsive but it still works fine. Other than that I love the screen projector and case. Non-slippery, smart and stylish. Excellent product
Great fit and easy to fit.
The 1st screen protector was defective bit was replaced and works perfectly.
The back case is a good fit but the charge point cut out just catches but kind of hold the charge cable in place.
Product as described, delivery took about 25 days to NZ
Would be good to know it would be shipped from the UK and would take about 25 days to get to NZ
Not very good
I shouldn't have expected that much for the price, and I was right. The phrase, buy cheap - buy twice, gets me more often than I'd probably be prepared to admit.
After the first small drop (less than 1 meter), the case transferred the impact to the glass screen cover, and the first crack was there. It was a small crack across the bottom right corner, so I shrugged and decided to live with it.
The second time I dropped it (again, less than 1 meter), my phone bounced, angled face down, first on the top right corner - then just by the charger port at the bottom. Then finally by the Bixby button - I'm guessing, from the pattern of all the cracks.
On the plus side, underneath my note 9 remains unscathed, but it looks rubbish because of all the cracks and shattered corners on the screen. The plastic is too hard, I think it transfers even small shocks directly to the glass screen protector. So... You go to pick your phone up, it slips from your clumsy grip and hits the desk - hey presto, you might have well not bothered frankly!
Also, the stylus is pretty much impossible to access, unless you've got small finger tips - the space is too deep and too small, so to pop the stylus out is inconvenient instead of easy access.
Overall, poor performance.
The case was nice and sturdy but the moment I dropped the phone to front screen broke
What was the glass made out of for the screen protector would you
Fantastic service and excellent phone protector had a broken screen protector after ccomplaining through a mail the second day I got a new
Very nice design that's perfect for minimalists, although the carbon fiber print looks a bit cheap. Screen protector is great, covers the entire screen of the phone yet still compatible with other cases I've tried.
Being used to a phone with a smaller display, often the SN9 felt ungainly in my hands and kept tipping over. It’s true the Sentinel gives the phone a bit of heft but personally i think it helps with the weight distribution. I like how the phone feels in my hand now.

I really love how smart and sleek my phone looks with the Sentinel - all black. I keep picking up my phone to admire it. Really happy I chose the Sentinel.
Great product but basic delivery times in Australia very slow
The product was as described. No issue with the product.
Great quality product
For the price I was a little surprised at the high quality of this item. I've paid a lot more for inferior products, particularly the screen protector which fits better than any screen protector I've used before.
Good case feels protected
Great case for the phone which feels it will protect against drop. The screen protector looks good when it is on the phone. It does give a bit more screen glare but not too bad. The smoothness of the screen when gaming can be cause grease build up and effect touch sensitivity so needs a quick wipe with extended use.
Good but not amazing
The case itself looks amazing, all the buttons work with the case on which I found to be a huge problem in buying phone cases for other phones I've had in the past & offers good protection for the back of the phone. However, the case would not cover a drop where the phone is screen down. This wouldn't have mattered if the screen protector was of a better quality however it has already started to crack from a few minor falls, so now I have the task of removing the screen protector & then the case not covering a fall with the screen facing down. Also I found my touch screen to be less accurate & at sometimes it doesn't read me touching the screen at all.

Summary- Looks stylish with a sleek finish, could offer more protection so a screen protector might not be necessary.
Nice case, screen Protector broke right away.
Case does the job, screen Protector cracked right away. First order didn't show but mobile fun couriered another right away, kudos to mobile fun for stepping up.
Very good
Found it all in the description
Smartphone case
Great case that affords a decent amount of protection and looks very tidy. It even comes with a screen protector that would normally cost almost as much as the case.
Great product
Great product
great value for money
Easy to fit
Case good, but touchscreen is not
The case and general quality is excellent but the screen protector doesn't work - it stops the touch working unless you press very hard.
Full Protection
Kit is complete including everything required for application of tempered glass. Once glass & case are installed, the combo offers full protection of device.
Not bad but not great either
This case is fine, but it's just that... fine! The bezels on the front are not high enough to keep the screen protector off the surface it is on, therefore meaning that the screen protector gets damaged too quickly! Nice looking and decent quality but doesn't work well enough with the screen protector
Awesome case-terrible screen protector
The case is robustand really protects the phone. I love it, however, the screen protector marks too much from the stylus easily and gets grubby easily. I already need to replace it. It also doesn't cover the corners of the glass by a millimeter
Solid case and not bulky at all.
Great customer support.
It only got a star because of the screen protector.

Case: It looks great, but it is so thin, it will not protect your phone from anything but dust. Even a small everyday drop on the table will damage your phone.

Screen Protector: Very bad sensitivity, I could not use PENUP to draw with my SPen because the screen protector is detecting input all over the place. I have not drop tested, but I do not think it will last more than one drop.

Nice product
Easy installation, very little impact to touch sensitivity, Slim and good looking cover. Quick shipping as well. Value for money, recommended.
Nice product
Easy installation compared to traditional screen protectors, no impact to touch sensitivity and cover is slim and nice too. Recommended.
Well worth it!
This note 9 phone case fits like a glove. Not too tight or loose. The glass front was easy to put on using the included instructions and materials given. Being glass, it gives great visual clarity and it's easy to clean.
The back and sides of the rubber part of the case is fairly slim which I like since this is a big phone. If you want more protection then maybe go with something bulkier. But I think this case will give ample protection anyway.
The only thing that might be a concern is that it collects some dust around the edges where the glass meets the rubber. Simply taking the back off and cleaning once in a while is a simple fix.
All of the holes and slots line up perfectly. The buttons need only a slight more pressure to work properly. You should turn the sensitivity up as well so your phone can "read" your gestures etc better.
I'd buy this case again for sure.
Bad fit
The case was a sloppy fit...I ended up purchasing another case.
Decent, good for the price
The case is nice, looks sleek, isn't bulky, feels nice on the back, and protects the corners/edges. Won't protect the front from impact, but that's pretty clear from looking at it and I wasn't expecting it to when I bought it.

The screen protector is not great, but serviceable. Definitely reduced responsiveness but thankfully the Note 9 has a setting to make your screen more sensitive just for that purpose so it was fine. I did notice the dots that more expensive protectors advertise as not having, but only at certain angles. The protector is not full adhesive, only the edge, so I found that my dog's hair liked to stick to it, which was a minor annoyance. On the positive, I dropped my phone on it's face onto a tile surface and the screen protector did its job, breaking in a few spots, but saving my phone's screen, which would have certainly been damaged without it. I've since replaced it with a more expensive one, but would buy this one again in a pinch. This one was certainly easier to install than the whitestone I replaced it with.
Waste of money - doesn't protect phone
I should have heeded the other reviews - the back case is too large for the phone so comes off easily, especially if dropped so that is essentially useless. The glass does not seem to be a snug fit to the profile of the phone either, and can easily catch on things and be pulled off. I would have expected the back cover to catch the glass in it, but the two do not meet. There are no sensitivity issues with the glass, but it shows fingerprints horribly and looks awful.
I am trying to get a refund because the case does not do what it is designed for (protect the phone) because it does not fit properly.
Extreme fingerprint alert!!
Screen protector (1/5):
Easy to put on, but as with most cheaper screen protectors, the adhesive is only on edges and am already having hairs and dust coming between screen and protector.
The screen protector is like a magnet for finger prints, like incredibly bad. Additionally, even with touch sensitivity increased there are still noticeable issues with screen responsiveness most likely due to screen protector not being affixed to glass. Overall disappointing.

Case (3.5/5)
Fit is good. Brushed texture back feels good in hand.
Could have had higher raised edge to allow for phone to sit off of surfaces when face down.
Slight misalignment of holes at bottom and buttons are a bit hard to press but not a deal breaker.
Very good Note 9 Case
The case fits really well and comes with a tempered glass screen protector both of which are of high quality. The screen protector is crystal clear with no touch sensitivity issues. The only issue I have is that when the screen is off the screen protector is a bit shiny and shows finger prints.
Delivery time to Australia was 15 days and communication was also very quick
A complete bundle of necessities for the new Note9
Have always been looking for nice and practical bundles from MobileZap (the Australian site for MobileFun), and this bundle did not disappoint. The cut of the screen protector is accurate and the case feels great in hand.

Practical for protection, no fuss installation, value for money. No complaints.
Good product
This product is very good i have been using it since i had my note 9 . It was one of the first batches of cases i received just that the case it did not fit the phone tightly enough and exposed the bottom and part of the sides if the phone. but its very durable considering the number of times its fallen with no scratch and harm
Adequate but disappointed
Same feedack as provided to the Olixar "Day 1 Stock" feedvback request:
Hello Day1 Olixar team, thank you for the opportunity to provide customer feedback for your Note9 Sentinel case & screen protector kit. - Unfortunately, I do not feel the Sentinel case product for the Note9 aligns with the fact that the Note9 is a “ best of breed” flagship mobile device. This however is constructive criticism, and I’ve taken the time to provide it because I believe in the Olixar brand. You can do better and hopefully will value the feedback and fix the product.

In short, the Sentinel product is adequate, but disappointing. When people spend AUD $1500-$1800 on a device, Olixar need to step up the quality. - My experience and assessment of your Sentinel Note9 case is this:

The Kit:
- Packaged OK, but lacking.
- The instructions were rudimentary
- No cleaning swab
- No dust removal ‘sticker’
- No positioning stickers (as per the instructions)

The Back Case cover
- Mostly OK, the buttons are good however it feels and looks no better than $10 cheapies
- Case is a ‘smidge’ loose. Needs to be tighter on the phone by 0.5mm in length and width
- Top and bottom ‘mic’ holes are 0.5mm misaligned
- Bottom speaker hole 0.5mm misaligned
- Stylus hole is too deep and narrow & interferes with use. It should be tapered wider like the supplied OEM protector

The screen protector – (this is your big problem, very disappointing - The main issue is the lack of sensitivity)
- I used my Note9 for a full week before fitting your screen protector, the naked screen is just excellent to use.
- I took exceptional care cleaning the screen before fitting your protector, no dust and no chemical residue.
- The supplied instructions were not for this kit, they were for a plastic film protector
- No alignment stickers were supplied. I used spare ones from a competitors screen protector
- I applied it well and smoothed outwards from the centre of the screen to the edge adhesives. That bit went fine and it looks good.
- The edge adhesives are not great. They ‘creak’ a bit on two of the edges.
- The biggest issue though is with sensitivity. It’s really bad. Like %20 decrease bad.
- Mostly a second harder ‘peck’ on the screen is required with this protector. It’s nothing at all like the sensitivity of the native Note9 screen.
- Using the stylus on the protector is not a good experience. The pressure required feels like it will wear and damage the stylus tip
- I also feel like the glass protector is not totally flat, or just not capable of communicating gestures & touch to the Note9 screen
- After using the Sentinel screen for a whole week it’s very apparent the protector is not oleophobic. It highlights fingerprints in a way that is completely opposite to the phones naked screens excellent coatings.
- Lastly, cosmetically, the edge black-outs are too ‘shiny black’ and cheapen the look. A deep charcoal or matt would suit the look of the Note9 much better.

Guys, The Sentinel screen protector is letting your brand down. The experience leaves me not trusting any glass screen protector, wanting to rip yours off and buy something like a premium plastic film or the WhiteStone Dome Glass protector.

Thanks for the opportunity to relay my ‘end user’ experience. I hope you take this to your product development team to improve the Sentinel product and release an improved version. – when you do, please let me know ????

MobileFun Reply
Hi Bren

Have you enabled this option within the phone software:
Good Product but took a little to long to deliver
Good Product but took a little to long to deliver
Great Non slip case
I love that it comes with a screen protector and a case.
The case is nicely textured and non slip even when wet.
My friends all noticed that immediately when they picked up the phone.
The glass screen protector was simple to apply, JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.
Fast Delivery, Easy to use Product, Great Quality!
Very easy to install the glass screen protector, the case fits perfectly with it, product is of a great quality.
Perfect case, low responsive screen protector
The case is nice and comfy, it is also very sleek
the screen protector fits and sticks well with the case on. But the typing is not responsive, so you cant actually type very fast because of a delayed response.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ahmed

Can you follow these instructions to see if it improves the situation for you:
My only issue is in the fitting of the screen protector
The delivery was very good, nice and prompt.
My only issue is in the fitting of the screen protector. I followed all the steps in putting it on, but it makes a click noise in a couple of spots as if it hasn't connected properly to the screen, which makes the screen not as responsive in places. Does this indicate that is it not the correct shape/curve? apart from this good service :-)
MobileFun Reply
Hi Liz

If the screen is out of alignment by even a small amount, it can cause small anomalies like this. There is a setting within the Note 9 optimised for screen protector use, so worth checking this is enabled:

Any further issues, please contact our Customer Services team.
Screen protector cracked after 2 days use
Bought this for my brand new phone, screen protector very bad quality, cracked after 2 days.
Good case shame about screen
I had the case for about two weeks the back of the case is fantastic but the front screen protector not as tough as I thought it would be cracked after two weeks
Good quality
Arrived very quickly, fits very well, screen protector was easy to fit and no problems with air bubbles. Happy with my purchase at a very good price
Good case, as described
The case is good, as described...
The grip is nice, it protects the phone well, it's light and doesn't really change the look or size, which is nice. The glass cover gives a nice protection, the only down side, is that you have to press down harder on the screen as it loses quite a bit of the sensitivity, which isn't good.
Note 9 case
So far so good.. Glass screen fitted first as instructed. This is a good product, I turned the intensity up as hinted by mobilfun and was surprised by just how good the sensitivity is. Fitted the back cover which I thought was a little flimsy. Once fitted however it seems to do the job very well. All the buttons and holes are accessible . The only thing I havn't tried yet is throwing the phone down and bouncing it about but I feel confident that the phone will survive such an experience. I understand I received this item when first released and therefore the longevity question will be answered in a year or so.
Great product so far, wonderful service from the mobilefun team and excellent delvery.
Will shop here again!
You get what your paying for
Bought this package to protect my new shiny phone.
Screen protector is awesome stick as should and covers the screen greatly but does not go well with my second case :( .
However the case is too loose on the top and also on the bottom so the phone case easily come out from the case :(
Nice minimalistic case
Very nice appearance with minimal bulk.
The edge could be a little higher to keep screen off surfaces and the fit could be a tad tighter as it feels like the phone could pop out at any time.
Be careful to align the top very careful or iris detection will be sluggish, perhaps their other screen protector with the larger central notch would be better than the included one.
Poor quality
Used this today when my new note 9 arrived. It is extremely poor quality, very flimsy and doesn't land case down it always lands screen down

The screen protector on the front is awfully you can hardly use the phone to type and it doesn't work properly with facial / iris recognition.

This was a sheer waste of money!

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