Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Cover Case 360 Protection Olixar FlexiCover Reviews

At last, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
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Olixar Flexicover
The low down
1. It will not protect your note 9 from dropping.
2. It good for preventing scratches and scuffs. does smugg and leave finger print all around, easy to clean off though.
4.It works perfectly with the cover on.
5. Fit pretty well. Cut outside all in the right place.
6.And you do see the tiny air bubbles on the screen
7. Don't use a screen protector as it give an impression that water is under the screen, very annoying.
It's good but not great. If you don't have a screen protector already on the note 9 I recommend it. Otherwise no.
Better than I expected.
Fits really well. Doesn't affect the quality of the screen. Safe from scratches, short drops and great for people that put their phone in their pockets, purses or bags. Not protective enough for big falls or drops.
Great phone great service
Everything was made clear what I would receive
And did get everything fantastic better than last company
I was with 10 out of 10
Thank you
Great phone great service
Everything was made clear what I would receive
And did get everything fantastic better than last company
I was with 10 out of 10
Thank you
Exactly as described and great value for money
How long for the product to arrive
Olixar 360 protection
Product as per described. Superb!
Impressed so bought another
Had one of these for my Note 8 and was very pleased with it so decided to buy another for my Note 9. Not disappointed as it fits like a glove and does not interfere with the S-Pen. It may not provide the maximum protection of a bumper case even though my Note 8 survived a couple of accidental drops onto tarmac unscathed, but is slim and shows off the phones lovely blue colour. Thoroughly recommended.
Cover Case 360 Protection Olixar FlexiCover
Good material,good case,good price.
phone case with protection
Flexibility and covered front and back of phone protection case not hard as the case i normally get so far manageable
Impossible to read the screen in daylight
I like how it fits perfectly on my phone and protects it well.
However, it is NOT crystal clear at all. There are white dots on the plastic, and when I am outdoors, it is impossible to see anything on my screen.
0 Stars!!!
I would give it zero stars if I could. Or even negative stars.

The case is not a case, but a very thin layer of PLASTIC (like plastic bags) that will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect your $999 phone even from dust! The front side of the case doesn't even fit properly on the phone, and the back comes off when you pick it up from say a table.

You can build a better case than this with just plastic bags!

I'm digging it,easy to put on.
Fabulous and worth every penny
Protective Cover for the Note 9
Well Made, Tight Fit & Suitably Priced
Absolutely Horrible
This is the worst case I've ever bought, ill fitting, makes typing a nightmare. Should've bought a glass screen protector and gel case instead, don't waste your money.
Does the job but way expensive
It does the job but selling expensive compared to whst u can get on ebay. I ordered this one and one from ebay for £3 to be honest no difference what so ever.
360 degrees case, does what it should but it still has flaws
Olixar Flexi Cover is quite good cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it provides protection and does its job. However, it still has few flaws. It is easy to leave fingerprints on the cover and I have to use my nails to reach the S-Pen.

That put aside, wireless charging works well, and feel when the phone is used is good. It was a pleasant surprise to use this cover on direct sunlight and not to be a victim of my own reflection.
Met expectations
Haven't received my Note 9 yet but have bought a flexicover in preparation because I had one for my Galaxy S8 and it has good touch sensitivity and a flush fit.

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