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Samsung Desktop Dock for Galaxy Note - EDD-D1E1BEGSTD Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your Samsung Galaxy Note a home on your desk with this official desktop dock.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32476

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 4.3 stars from 15 customers

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nice dock charger
nice , very handy
simple & effective but could offer more functi
The dock allows you to charge your galaxy note whilst holding your phone in either portrait or lanscape mode. There are three connections on the dock. On the rear there is a micro usb port for connecting to a mains adaptor or pc and an audio out jack. There also is what appears to be a speaker but dont be fooled, sound is simply chanelled from the rear speaker on the galaxy note to the rear of the dock. On the front there is a single micro usb connection which slides into the galaxy note when it is inserted into the dock. When the device is in the dock it displays a slightly different user interface, a dock mode if you like. You are able to simply turn the screen off if you prefer (as I do). All in all it does what it says on the tin however, given the fairly large price tag, the galaxy notes awesome 1080p playback and usb host capabilities I simply do not understand why samsung didnt offer a hdmi and usb port on the dock. Perhaps they will release a delux version with powered speakers usb & hdmi ports, I hope so anyway.

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