Samsung 32GB MicroSD HC Card - Class 6 Reviews

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Full HD compliant Class 6 performance Micro SD Card. The 32GB Samsung Micro SD card safely and effectively stores all of your precious data, images, video and more.
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Genuine part
Genuine Samsung part. Has transformed the use of my mobile by enabling me to store lots of photos.
A good quality sd card
A good quality sd card,works fast and well,I bought this for my in car car camera, very pleased with purchase, I would reccomend this product
All in trouble at all.thx
I got my items in time and super quality.thank you
Does what it says on the box
This was exactly what I was after - a memory card for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It has given my phone a new lease of life and has worked 1st time.
simply the best
if the item is as discribeb
Exactly as described
Genuine article and superb service once again from Mobile Fun.
Next day delivery - what more could you ask for?

Highly recommend.
Works first time
I bought it as a birthday present for my Brother. The card arrived after a couple of days. No compatibility issues with his LG phone and the SD adapter was very useful copying pictures from his phone to a laptop. No need for cables or additional software to connect phone to PC. Worked first time. Both me and my Bro very pleased.
Does the job
What can I say - its an SD card and it does the job.. Okay - I though of something - difficult to get out of the packaging, but nothing a pair of scissors cant sort !
very rapid delivery
Very good article. Packed well and arrived very quickly.
Very happy with my purchase!
memory card
well priced and well known brand no problems fitting
Really good
The service was really fast. The memory card works well.
Great Value memory card
I bought the MicroSD card to extend the memory of my HTC One. It means I can transfer lots of my music to the phone very quickly using drag and drop. The card is a great price at MobileFun and as always they dispatch and deliver so quickly. Will always recommend.
Good Memory
I needed memory for my sony xperia phone and this is great.
memory cards
I wanted a bigger memory card and so did my wife so as usual I looked on mobile fun. I saw 2 and they were exactly what I needed and much cheaper than any were I ordered the 2 and they are excellent.
I have never had a problem of any kind from this site, delivery smack on time, value for money.? Of course it is. I have and will tell people I know about this site and will recommend it very highly. Im only sorry the rating doesn't go higher as i would have put a 10.
I don't go any were else for phone stuff as this site has it all and it's good value for money.
my opinion
Pretty cool. Bought a few bits online. Pleased with the goods and the delivery time. Infact delivery time eas impresive. One little tiney gripe. Since i submited my order ive had emails every day. Stay cool. Stand back a bit. If i want something. Ill be in touch.
spot on again
The SD card arrived quickly as usual, well packed and protected.The website is so handy when you put in your phone model and only compatible items come up.
Suitable memory card for galaxy s5
Did the job I wanted it to do fine
Job done.
I bought this extra storage, not because of the Samsung name, which in itself is a bonus, but because of the great price. It works better and faster than my old storage card and I seem to have less glitches when watching recorded videos or listening to music.
The packaging is tough, but when you cut, carefully, into it there is a hand, but slim, plastic folder holding the memory card, which is handy for keeping it safe in a wallet or pocket without the worry of losing it, or finding it in the bottom of the wedding machine again....oops.
Samsung 32gb hc card
great product put to use right away so glad i bought it
Storage Space and More
The Micro SD 32Gb card does what it says. I needed space for my kit and this was the best choice for price, compatibility and service.
I received the goods in time, no issues and recommend using mobile fun and the SD Card to anyone.
Totally amazing
I knew nothing about SD Cards and simply stumbled onto this offer from Mobilefun. The more I now look around the more I see just what a fantastic deal I really got!
A super fast device made by a market leader (Samsung), with more storage than I could use in a month of Sundays, all for a price that I still can't believe...half the price of unknown manufacturers equivalents!!!
Great product
Needed to get a SD card for my daughter's phone to store music on as using an iPod and a phone is apparently a great stress and too much to carry for a 12 year old! Had read that some cards were tricky to mount and have the phone recognise them but this worked a treat- up and running within minutes of delivery (usual speedy delivery from you guys) and 10 minutes later her iTunes collection is working on her phone, Happy daughter and stress free dad = good product!
More essential than a pair of socks
So I know what you're thinking right now - what is he on about?? - more essential than a pair of socks?? Indulge me for a moment - socks are something that most people wear everyday - highly practical they not only keep your feet warm but also protect them from blisters and sores from wearing shoes/trainers. But it is possible to manage without - if only for a short time.

A memory card in the age of smartphones is not just useful, nor is it just practical it is absolutely essential - and with smart phone photo and movie files increasing in quality and therefore in size 8GB is simply not enough. After all who can fit their favourite music, photos and videos on an 8GB card let alone have room for taking pictures and storing apps!

Generally I would favour SanDisk Memory cards however having used this Samsung one straight out of the box with no problems I can say without a doubt that it works perfectly. Next time you put on a pair of warm fluffy socks, consider which you could manage without - the socks or your Smartphone memory card!
Good Product
Does what it says on the tin...
Isn't it wonderful when you find everything you need in one great place
No more wearing out shoe leather. No more frustrating Internet searching. Just a site that offers you everything you need in a way that makes shopping fun. Just a pity that you'll want to buy more than you intended....yes, it's that good!!
I am delighted with this sd card it does exactly what I need it to do so im well pleased
Ierm came recomened
Had bought 3 other non Samsung cards from another third party retailer which all failed.
all seem well with my New card.

well with the Samsung in
Plenty of extra space
Although I have loads of photos I've got not that many apps, but was constantly getting messages saying my apps couldn't update. Extra memory has sorted that, having moved some apps to the SD card, plus there's now plenty of space for an offline sat nav app. Bonza! According to Mobile Fun customer service, class 6 memory is fine for a phone- no need for the pricier kind. Good info.
Pauperphone to powerphone
Instantly turned my cheap minimal storage phone to an mp3 player with more storage than my ipod.

Fast, accessible, easy to fit and great service from mobile fun. Order to fitted in a couple of days.

Top bombing!
Does exactly what you want it to
As the title says really. Put it in my phone, let the phone format it and job done. When putting my music files onto it I used a USB card reader (a quid from Poundland!) and it was writing at 12X speed. 16gb of music on it under 20 mins.
Top name, top memory card.
And I always have to write this, top service from Mobilefun. I just don't use anyone else these days.
Fast efficient service
As stated fast efficient service and card is working perfectly will use company again.
Brilliant reliability, very adequate storage space
Purchased this SD card for photo, music and video storage for going on holiday, I currently have 24 episodes of Family Guy and three LOTR, as well as having hundreds of photos and room for lots more! What you would expect from Samsung, great quality, reliability, storage, what more ciuld you ask from an SD card, perfect for anyone looking to watch films or take lots of photos. Would definitely recommend to anyone, no technical issues, great buy. Very prompt shipping also
Memory Card
We ordered online because to buy the same product at O2, firstly it was not available and secondly the price of 16GB card was only slightly below your price for the 32GB card.
We also got a very fast delivery.
A quality product
I would recommend this seller
just what i needed
cheap product does exactly what it says no problems with it
Diamonds are never the size of boulders, tiny spec of black masses of storage ace
I bought this to have constant card in my car camera incase of bumps, this can stay in for a week before I need to check it and format it and it shows all trips made I was amazed at the cost and the memory size, and when you receive it it is well protected too

Cheers dale
More space for less!
Does exactly what it says on the label, a quality memory card at a good price! with my xpiria Z, it gives me tons of space for quality photo's and a load of my mp3's. well worth the money!
Small card big storage!
Great price for a small card that has plenty of storage space, it s simple to drag your files across and let the card do it's stuff. Read speed is excellent and most of my mp3s are now backed up onto this little card. I simply can't fault this purchase!
samsung micro SDcard
This works great with my Samsung
at the moment no problems would recommend excellent service well recommend
A little wonder
Good value item delivered quickly. Fitted easily and is quietly doing its job
Mega Fast
Absolutely first class service...placed order around 4pm and item delivered next day at 10am - and that is the time our postman comes to the shop...otherwise may have been earlier...!! Great service...
Micro sd card worth the value
Very happy with the sd card no mucking around or trying to configure it into my note2 like some. I just inserted it to my phone and the phone recognized it straight away and that's all I had to do. Works great, very happy
Micro sd card worth the value
Very happy with the sd card no mucking around or trying to configure it into my note2 like some. I just inserted it to my phone and the phone recognized it straight away and that's all I had to do. Works great, very happy
just what I needed
I recieved it withen a few days.
More space for less!
An ideal way of expanding the space on my "old" Xpiria Arc, 32gb for £20 can't fault it! Excellent!
Excellent service I have ordered from you about 5or6 times now and each time goods just what I expected and rapid delivery.
samsung 32gig sd micro card
This item was just what I wanted
plenty of memory for my Samsung phone well worth the money would recommend this product and the service was excellent
great data storage
great price, great value, opened up storage on my phone that was not previously available. Great buy, thoroughly recommended - watch out for these offers - grab when you can
Little things mean a lot
How do they do it? I look at some of my old camera cards and 8GB looks big enough to hold a library. So how do they do 32G on a microSD HC card?
The point is that Samsung have done it and complete with adapter which made moving music from my laptop to my tablet very easy indeed. Now I have to find other things to fill the card with.
Very happy with a brilliant buy at a super price.
32g sdcard
Very useful both for my camera and tablet can also be used with my PC very good service ordered on Thursday arrived on friday I will use this company again
Great addition to a great wee tablet
We wanted to be able to watch movies on the go so this card allowed us to load a good collection of films on to the tablet. Great add on to the size of the memory and easy to use.
So small yet so big
If you drop it you may find it difficult to find it, but once you use it, you will never want to be without it!

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