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Roxfit Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This premium curved and ultra-thin crystal clear tempered glass screen protector from Roxfit, for the new Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, offers an unmatched edge-to-edge protection, fingerprint mark resistance and superb touch sensitivity - all in one package!
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 2.9 stars from 9 customers

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Not worth its price.
It is a beautiful product IN THE PACKET. It's got lovely black lines that match up with the phone but that's about it. With applying it was fine then a few days laters Ill randomly get a little circle that looks like mosture under the protector, that vanishes and randomly reappears. Feared I had liquid under it so reapplied to make sure and it still happens. The edges also click when pressed on, like when the back button is hit. Pretty much constantly having to push the edges back down. The glue used to get it stuck down is TERRIBLE. Also its meant to be "smudge resistant" yet anything that touches the phone leaves almost white streaks on the screen. It just isnt worth the money. Its fancy but doesnt do its job. It looks lovely and comes in an amazing packet, yet its just not a good product.
Great, not great.
The basic cut out fits well, but the "curved" edges don't stick dawn, and dust/dirt/fluff gets stuck under it. Some screen sensitivity loss.
Sensitivity of a potato
Pros: fits perfectly, looks nice.
Cons: the screen sensitivity is now terrible. Writing this review on the phone is like pulling teeth; you have to punch the phone with your thumbs to get any words right on the keypad.

The problem with this screen protector is that it's only glued around the edge, there's an air gap between the phone screen and the screen protector meaning you have to depress the screen protector to get to the actual phone screen underneath.

As far as I can tell from online reviews this is the only tempered glass screen protector that fits the Sony xperia xz2 compact properly - and it's crap. Waiting for a plastic screen protector that I ordered to arrive so I can rip this off and have a good smart phone again.

Not sure why they went to the trouble of making this protector (curved and everything) then only putting glue on the edge so it's raised off the screen.
Perfectly Happy
Preparation is important, here; removing or adjusting the screen protector once you've placed it will considerably diminish its adhesive qualities. Other than that, it performs exactly as it should and fits seamlessly with a gel case. 9/10 from me, would benefit from a slightly more flexible adhesive.
Bad product
Dust gets in through the speaker hole and is is all over the screen and sticks to the adhesive around the edges. Didn't last one week before I had to peel a screen protecter off. When I tried cleaning inside of screen protector it cracked. It was in usable anyway due to dust stuck to the glue
Best option so far
The screen fit perfectly, but the glue being only on the edges, it came out after a couple phone drops... Will buy an other one until I find something better!
Worried about the time of delivery and fiting my phone, but came quicklier than from local stores! And fits just great!

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