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Roxfit Sony Xperia XZ Premium Pro Touch Book Case - Black / Clear Reviews

The Roxfit Pro Touch Book Case in black / clear houses your Xperia XZ Premium, providing protection, while Roxfit's touch-sensitive material allows you to view and interact with your screen while the case is closed. Part of the "Made for Xperia" program.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63032
$33.17 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 11 customers

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It's Fine
This phone cover holds the phone perfectly well with all the cut outs seemingly in the right place. The opaque front cover allows you to view incoming calls/messages and respond to them without having to open it first. The only slight issue I have is with the seemingly flimsy material the cover is made of. While to date it has been fine and may continue to be fine it does feel rather flimsy.
Wasn't so impressed...
The front flap, once fully bent backwards, doesn't want to stay shut on it's own. As other reviews have mentioned, your screen remains fully functional after you close the front cover - which is nifty, but also annoying when you haven't locked your phone properly. The front flap also protrudes quite a bit out from the edge of the phone, making it fairly uncomfortable to grip width-wise. It's inability to keep the front flap closed creates further problems when you want to tuck your phone into your pocket, or bag.
I like it
Very good product. I really like it. We do not have that in Estonia.
Cool Cover but not worth the price.
I bought this because I fell for the gimmick of the privacy screen feature it offers, albeit, the gimmick works! but a bit too well. I'm constantly closing the cover and not realizing its pressing buttons when I'm holding it, you would naturally assume with the close the lid you arent sending any inputs to the screen, but you are, because thats how the cover was designed.
Small issue but let me finish.
I read, I read a lot on my XZ, comics, media, manga, this cover is not meant for readers, when you bend it over to just read, the hinge or what ever you want to call it, is made of the same hard silicone as the cover and its flimsy, holding the phone to read things is hard be cause the cover moves around, its just not a pleasant experience, I assume watching movies and content or playing games will pose the same issue to come forth, your grip on the phone will feel off or you'll feel like you're stressing the silicone hinge part bringing it closer to ripping.
The initial plastic that holds the phone and covers the phone feels...like plastic, my main issue is with how little it covers the sides of the phone, dust and dirt will easily muck up and scratch up the sides of the phone even if you have a screen protector like I do.
I sadly made the mistake of thinking $40 would yield me a well-worth-it case.
If the above issues dont bother you, I am sure you will like the case, I just found it was not worth the price for how little it covers and how the case behaves when you are actually using the phone.
I do like the clear plastic back covering, it doesnt hide my Luminous Chrome XZ Premium phone compared to other non-clear cases.
I have since moved to a cheap $13 hard silicone case and feel that this case protects my phone more than this Roxfit Sony Xperia XZ Premium Pro Touch Book Case - Black / Clear.
Elegant and stylish
Great for business.
Not impressed
If you want to buy this because you think it's the same as the Soft Touch Cover Sony had for the XZ, you will be just as disappointed as I was. The cover maybe allows you to answer the phone, but you are not going to read anything on your phone, as it's a black plastic, not clear. The back cover also fits past the fingerprint reader and is not flush against it, making it feel awkward and harder to detect. Mine is still lying in the packaging I received it in
Love it, very cool design
Love it, very cool design which allows you to see the screen when the case is closed, you still have full use of the screen through the unique cover.
Wish I knew about MobileZap before, I seem to buy phones that no one stocks cases for....except MobileZap...Many thanks to you for stocking hard to get cases and great customer service
Good service
Quick and willing to resolve any issues. I purchased a Sony phone cover and the Australian post office did not deliver. Mobile Zap were very quick to respond and fix the problem. Will definitely shop again. Thanks Mobile Zap.
It's nearly excellent but just fall short
Plastic case feels brittle(like old CD case) will see how it fares
It also doesn't protect top or bottom of phone well
Touch screen cover is awesome idea but again doesn't quite feel of decent quality and actually digs into your finger if folded behind phone when held
All in all it looks cool and has good intentions , but for the money I would want it to feel more robust and of a higher Quality
Really happy
I really recommend this. Protect very well the device and the clear back cover it keeps your device visible which it's good. Really happy with it!

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