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Roxfit Sony Tablet Xperia Z Book Case SMT5133B - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This officially licensed Book Case by Roxfit houses the Sony Tablet Xperia Z within a black faux leather cover, keeping your device safe and secure.
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 4.7 stars from 23 customers

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Easily exceeded my expectations.
I am thrilled with the quality & the fit of the case. I find it reassuring that it provides such good protection but in no way compromises any of the tablet functions. The fact that the tablet switches on when the case is opened is a surprise bonus.
Great case
Very slim smart case, at first I wasn't sure about the adhesive strip aiving to stick it in but once it was done I found it holds the tab very securely and it's nice not having the extra bulk and the plastic clips around the edges like a clip in case. The edges overhang a little to provide some protection to the sides and corners but wouldnt offer as much protection as a clip in case. I would recomme
Great product and well worth the money
This is my third Xperia Z Tablet cover, and I've tried plenty of others. This is however EASILY the best... if I had come across this first I would've saved a lot of money, including the super expensive one that Sony had (which I fortunately did get it on a discount).

One minor setback about this - it uses an adhesive back, which means that you can't take it out from the case easily. I have no need to taking it out, but if you do for whatever reason or don't want to risk damaging the back (it doesn't like it will at all), then you're better off getting one that clips on.
excellent product
After trying various covers from other companies none of which fitted. This one however is perfect for my experia z 10.1 tablet, I chose white and it looks beautiful fitting is so easy and it is really sturdy without being bulky. Thankyoufor an excellent product and excellent service.
Perfect Xperia tablet Z cover...
I use 3 different cases before buy this RoxFit.
Super slim, lightweight, stylish, excellent quality, very nice look and touch feel, magnets for smart sleep and wake.
Can not provide high device protection, but this is normal for so thin case, I would prefer front cover to be two parts like back side.
best product ever bought
I was given my Sony tablet for my 60th birthday and I wanted a book case for it and I saw it at mobile fun and I am very happy with my purchase it is brilliant thanks.the service from mobile fun is second to none they are very professional.
Great fit! Looks good and worth the price, I first brought a cover like this for my Sony experia z1 mobile,this tablet one is excellent.
Best Non-OEM 'case'
This case is great, as far as I know it is the only case aside from the SONY one that you can use with the SONY charging dock. It does not add bulk and the magnetic closing is genius.
Best case - hands down.
By far the best case for this tablet. I've had the "official" Sony case for 3 times the price and a flawed design. I had one that broke after 3 weeks. Everything about this Roxfit case screams quality. I strongly recommend this product.
I recently purchased the Roxfit case to use on my tablet Z as it's supposedly the thinnest case there is available. Installation is really easy and the package comes with clear instructions, there's a piece of 3m adhesive which is actually very secure, this also means there no frame.on the case so it, keeps that aesthetic appeal and really does make the case look sleek on the tablet. The front and back and also reinforced by some sort of strong material which does seem to take quite some knocks as I learnt :P I've dropped my tablet a few times with the case on and it's actually taken all the force off the drops so not too bad at all for first impressions. The stand feature on the case is actually really useful, works perfectly for watching movies and video :)
just what I have been seařching for
I am really delighted with the roxfit Sony Xperia z book case,it fits the Sony Xperia tablet z snug like a glove,it also protects the tablet safely against anything being dropped on the tablet by accident and it looks extremely smart and lovely to hold.
Does what it says on the tin
This is a great cover the sticky strip hold the tablet in place really well and it barley adds any bulk onto what is a slim device.
Once its in it ain't coming out!
This is a very slim case but be weary once the tablet is stuck in it's a job to ever remove it. The 3m tape cuts down on bulk but when I tried to remove the tablet from the case the tape nearly took the back casing off the tablet. Only buy if you intend to leave in the case permanently.
Very pleased wit hthe case.
The Roxfit, Xperia Z tablet case is very well made and sturdy (enough to protect the tablet)

The case allows you to stand the tablet in say a 45 degree angle as the inside of the case is lined with and anti slip material, the case attaches to the tablet by 3M tape which at first was a but of a letdown, however I have come to realize that this allows for the case to be very slim and it only adds about 3mm to the total thickness of the tablet (so still a very thin form factor unlike other cases I have seen.

The case is held shut by a magnetic strip which when used turns the screen off and wakes the tablet from sleep, this magnet is also used when the case is open as you flip it the other way and it holds the flap firmly in place.

Overall I am made up with the case and speedy service I received from mobilefun.
This site said (changed now funnily enough) the case clipped to the tablet and was lined with suede like material. It doesn't have any of these features. Reality is basic plastic and it is taped to your device.
MobileFun Reply
Hi, we apologise that the product does not meet your expectations. A member of our customer services department will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a replacement / refund. We hope that this does not deter you from considering us for future purc

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