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Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook - Letter A4 Size Reviews

Take a never-ending number of notes that can be kept safe forever with the Rocketbook Everlast notepad. Featuring 32 reusable pages, you can take notes in class, at work or on the move and securely upload them to a cloud service of your choosing.
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Take a never-ending number of notes that can be kept safe forever with the Rocketbook Everlast notepad. Featuring 32 reusable pages, you can take notes in class, at work or on the move and securely upload them to a cloud service of your choosing.
 4.6 stars from 68 customers

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Apparently I misread the description...
When I read that this was a smart notebook I thought it was a digital device like a wacom tablet. Reading about uploading content to the cloud, added to that idea.

I was very surprised to receive a wipeable book with a whiteboard style pen, and to download an app that effectively takes pictures of the pages like any camera would! On re reading the description I realized I had missed the wipeable page description.

I've given 3 stars because although I was at fault for not reading the information thoroughly, I think the product title is a tad misleading and the product to me is not worth what I paid for it.

I will still get some use out of it as I do journal regularly and don't always want to keep my pages. It does feel good not throwing lots of paper out. If the product was more affordable I would be more likely to recommend it.
Very good, very handy.
My view - rocketbook useful
I would like to be able to keep the special pen provided with the 'norebook' to be able to attached. Within the first 24 hours I inadvertantley use another pen to add a note!!!!!
Very Good
I am pleased with the purchase
Not very useful product
You can only use the pen supplied, the ink has to dry before closing the book, or it smudges. Not a great deal of use if you only want to make and save a quick note, might just as well dictate a memo onto phone, on any number of apps.
. Why no review
I am unable to write a report or review on the product as it was purchased as a Christmas present and as such has not been opened or used. As such I am unable to recommend the product
After Christmas I will be able to provide a review
Clever reusable notebook
This comes with a good Pilot Frixion erasable pen using black ink, cleaning cloth and full instructions. The pages are laminated so that you can clean the old notes easily, using the cloth dampened with a little water. You can transfer your notes to a tablet or phone for a permanent record using a free app for Apple or Android and there are plenty of pages (16 double-sided) for lots of notes.
I chose the A5 size as best suited to my needs but if you are not using it for more than shopping lists or short memos the A6 would be easier to keep in your pocket.
The only drawbacks are very minor. The instructions suggest that notes should not be kept on the padfor more than 1 month as the ink is less fully erasable after this time and may leave permanent marks on the page. Also I have no local supplier of Pilot Frixion pens so will have to send away for some but will take the opportunity to get blue and red anyway as they are easily found on Amazon or other websites. Perhaps a loop to store the pen on the notebook would be helpful.
Altogether a handy piece of kit, robustly made but slightly expensive albeit well presented with everything you need.
It does what it says on the tin.
It does what it says on the tin.
Great product
What functionality it had. What features made it unique. How other customers had reviewed it.
Excellent product
Needed something like this for work where customer information needs to be secure. The fact you can wipe it clean, saves on paper and time. Does the job perfectly.
Excellent addition
Everything was explained perfectly in the write up on this product.
Great Idea!
Works really great, bought as gift, Wife really delighted, well done
Compact, Stylish & Useful
Had not come across this product before viewing it online.
This will be fantastic for work and will hopefully reduce paper notebooks etc as I can just use this for notes and easily store them.
The compact size means it can easily fit into my handbag.
My only concern will be the pen; firstly, anxious about losing it and secondly hoping it will be easy to replace.
What a game changer...!!
Impulse buy but tried it, downloaded the App and hey presto it does what it says on the tin. The OCR works well and used it sucessfully with Adobe PRO DC.
Now I want the A5 version.
To make it perfect a pouch or wallet would be a nice option, but very pleased especially at the offer price.
Great Idea
Superb for anyone that constantly takes notes during the day.
Just the job!
I was intrigued by the write up for this product. It arrived in good time. I have, thus far, only dabbled with it. I hope to make full use during the coming weeks and months.
Useful reusable product.
My only criticism is the design of the notebook did not include a loop to hold a pen , otherwise a good product for the price.
Excellent product,can reuse pages or can store information.Small enough to fit in pocket .
This notebook is fantastic! Does exactly what it says it does in that you can draw, doodle or write notes and then store these either in the notebook (which had heaps of pages) or digitally. The app works perfectly and is accessible and easy to use. Would definitely recommend!
Good Product
This is a really great alternative to paper and super-efficient.
Fantastic idea
Great for collecting notes and then storing them electronically. Also great resource for teacher diagrams, PDF and print them out. Then save a copy for later.
OK - but overpriced
Make sure you pay attention to the size, A6 is pretty small for a notepad and I think a slightly bigger size would be more useful.
It's a bit frustrating that there isn't any sort of holder for the pen. Makes the pen pretty easy to misplace or separate and then the notebook doesn't have much use.
I must admit when I bought this notebook I didn't know about Frixion pens. You can get more or less the same result from a normal notepad and a Frixion pen, however I guess you'd get indentations on normal paper which this plasticised notepad avoids. Also you can use a damp cloth to clean off which is much quicker than using the eraser on the pen, and you couldn't do this on paper.
I haven't used the app so can't comment on that, but I can't see how much benefit that offers over something like Evernote.
Great idea - save some trees
I did my research before purchasing. But all the people I have shown it too want to have one - I should get commission!! :)
We have a world congress coming up in January 2020 and would appreciate a donation of a few books as plenary speaker gifts please.
Does what it says
Does what it says. I would prefer it bigger for making notes in meetings but it worth its money.
Very happy
Order tool a little longer than I thought to arrive but it was I'm perfect condition and is exactly as it is displayed. Thank you mobilefun
First Class
Just what it states on the box
Brill I bought all three sizes then another for Granddon
Such a good idea I love my notebooks but can land up with lots around all with a little that I’d like to keep and either way searching for a note is “vey manual” taking up time But! The Rocket book is so easy i can write, save , file and post to others THEN WIPE it clean I prefer to wipe the page clean with the damp cloth although you can dry erase but I’m inclined to think the pages will last longer from damp wiping

What would be good is someone invent a better Apple spellcheck hhhhh. But this product is BRILL !!
Scribble away
I bought all thee sizes for different purposes and I am really very pleased This little Scribble book (the smallest size) is so handy I keep it in my work trouser pocket (builder) and I jot away and catch up later and all the useful stuff I upload “Brill” as I can scrub the pages and not have torn grubby notebooks stashed all over the place but able toner-use
What a great idea
In the Old day’s lol I bought the electronic pen and pad But this is so simple to use and “re-use. I keep the A6 in the pocket of my work trousers and it really is useful and not complicated at all giving me a log of everything to the point of no longer trying to rememberca complex day if events. 10/10 I bought all the sizes and the A4 for my poems and song writing the A5 my business invoicing sending copies back to the office “brill”
Very pleased with purchase thanks
Description was very accurate, true to details
Happy Customer
The description of the product was accurate and matches my research online. I am happy with my purchase - the Rocket Book works wonders for professional notes.
Fast delivery
Not used it yet - but so far so good!
Fast delivery
Delivery on this was very quick - all good so far - hadn't reviewed because I haven't put it to use yet!
Neat & Compact
Nice and handy and does exactly as advertised
Product is excellent. Just what I wanted for short term note taking and not using paper.
Excellent notebook Very useful.
Does what it says on the tin. Download Download app.take photo. send to app. Now can become email etc for distribution. Very useful.
Handy little pad
The pad works pretty well; I think of it as a little portable whiteboard, more than a notepad, which seems to fit well. Easy to categorise and keep different areas: one for the next shopping list (just add items when you think of them, then go shopping and wipe the list for next time), one for to-do items (wipe and re-write when it gets too full of crossed out items)... very handy.
Amazing use of technology
I purchased the A5 pad after having the smaller one the large pad allows for more info per page
Rocket Book
How it worked. Really. I was intrigued..
I think it’s wasting paper..very important..! I am delighted with really well. and pages clean really well when using the
damp cloth to rub out.. really like the product!!
Best Regards
Future of Paper
Nice and small; writes both sides; fairly robust; can use pencil top as rubber; becoming part of the post-paper revolution!!
Great idea
Personally I think it'd be good if these notepads had some way of attaching the pen, given that it is a specialist pen.
Rocket Book
It is not what I thought but I will get use to it after some use
Brilliant, very useful
Got all the information I needed.
Very handy
Handy note book to have at hand pen writes nice and clear and the pages wipe clean very easily just a bit pricey though .
Its Okay
it will serve its purpose but nothing to get exited about
Neat Gift
A great way to always have notepaper and pen available.
Simple but brilliant
During my working carreer I must have used literally 100's of policeman's notebooks. What I would have given for one of these.
I was using this item within minutes of receiving it to jot down packing notes for a holiday starting next week. Once I'm packed I will simply erase the notes. I am so impressed that I have ordered another two. One to give to my brother who is an avid note taker and one to keep on my boat for passage planning and pilotage notes.
I haven't tried the app yet and it's unlikely that I will use that much. But I think the rocketbook is a brilliant piece of kit. It's well made and appears to be quite robust and absolutely perfect for my needs.
Could be good. but not for me.
I was very disappointed that the note book does not work with any other pen. Therefore the pen and note book cannot become separated. There is no way of fixing/clipping the two together. I need a notebook to keep reminders and there is no way I'm ever going to remember to take the pen everywhere with me.
Also very disappointed that the note book app was advertised as compatible with windows one drive and windows notes, yet the app is not available in the Microsoft store, so the notebook is not compatible with my windows phone, so I have never seen the digital advantages in operation and can't comment on them. But it had originally sounded like the perfect idea to me.

My recommendation to the makers would be to make the A6 size slightly smaller so it would fit in the credit card holder of a phone case and have a smaller pocket diary pen attached, or have a surface that will take other inks.
exactly as advertised
Very satisfied with with how it works - will save me losing little notes. Wish I could have splashed out on a larger version.
Would have liked the option of a holder for the pen at the side.
Pen very stiff to unscrew for the refill.
Great concept
Before purchasing, I did investigate its features and capacity, and after using it for a few time, it has more than met my expectations.

Using my phone to capture the pages was easy enough, but best results come from positioning the camera directly over the pages, and also, avoid bright light as the notes pages can tend to be a bit light reflective.

If there was a down-side, it would be that I found the covers too soft. If the backing was a little stiffer, then it would be easier to write on in the hand.
good product
I bought this for my wife, who is not particularly technically minded and doesn't have smart phone. So she is dependent on mine for scanning the pages into e-text. The OCR seems to work quite well, though it would be good if it could cope with letters not in the English alphabet.
Amazing reusable Notebook
I find it shading that I can scan my notes in and then reuse the notebook. This helps also saving paper and is good for the environment
A great idea.
Would have been 5 stars if the pen was attached to the pad in some manner.
It's a good product
The use of the app and tracking of the parcel There is difficult in taking the photo 📸 of the pad
Great piece of kit
Bought as a present for my son who is in software support. He is absolutely delighted with it. Thinking of buying one for myself.
Very Good
Pity there is no way of retaining the cleaning cloth without devising your own. No big deal - devised my own.
Prompt service
I was impressed with how easy it was to order and how quick my product arrived . The rocket notebook is easy to use and will save me from having to buy so many notebooks.
Simply a great product.
This is a fantastic piece of kit. Easy to use and re-use. The app is user friendly too. This product is so good I've ordered the A6 version too'
This is so usefull. It’s pocket sized so easy to carry. You can save the notes you want to keep and erase the pages so you can reuse it over and over again.
Looks a good product and was a good service
It grows on you how useful it can be.
I’ve found it very handy came into its own almost without me noticing it, I found myself using it automatically. It’s so handy and useful. I can’t imagine being without it now, I use it more and more as time goes on. Magic.

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