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Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Earphones with In-Line Mic & 3x Tuning Filters Reviews

Rebuilt from the ground up, the Alfa Genus V2 Earphones from Rock Jaw take over from their award winning predecessors to provide you with exceptional, customisable and British engineered dynamic sound. With 3x tuning filters you have total control.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55079
$58.72 inc VAT
 5 stars from 15 customers

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Very impressed
First time user. Upgraded from Sennheiser cx300. Beautiful sound and clarity and the earpieces are perfect in the ear. Nice bass and the vocals of the songs are precise 10/10
Great value for money
Have had them over a week now the sound quality is execellent for the price
For my Daughter
I bought these for my daughter and she has not taken them out!
She loves her music and listens to it all the time, if the buds were bad she would have told me.
I first became aware of Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Earphones from a review in the magazine Computeractive. The review gave the product as "Buy-It" and so I did.
At that time Rock Jaw gave an introductory offer through the magazine. I have had and enjoyed these earphones for over twelve months and they are the best I have ever owed. Recently, my wife needed an upgrade on her earphones and it was only natural we opted for the Rock Jaw phones. MobileFun offered the most competitive price, so we purchased from them. She is delighted with them. They are very well made, sound quality is absolutely superb and you can customise the earphones to your own sound choice with three different sets of filters. The earphones also come with a variable choice of earbud sizes to suite most peoples ears, plus a small carry pouch to protect them.
Great service from MobileFun, although a stronger Jiffy Bag would be recommend as the one we received had been damaged, but the enclosed product was fine.
Thank you.
Great fit with very good reproduction - service great as always
Bought for my wife who has yet to decide which filter suits her best- brilliant fit so here's hoping they last a bit! Website great delivery as promised- always appreciated as a customer :)
brilliant sound
I've been using Bose in-ear for a long time now, the wires taped-up but still very good. I saw the ad and thought these look ok for a back as I thought the Bose wires would break and any time. When I tried them I was amazed, the sound is crazy. I might even say better than my Bose, certainly cheaper about a third I think. So If you want or need headphones, go for these.
Great fit with very good reproduction - service great as always
Bought these for my wife cause she keeps finding her earphones are uncomfortable- sorted this time- sound brilliant she's still playing with filters to decide which are best for her
Website as always very simple delivery on time as always- thanks :)
amazing earphones, great service
After several orders from mobilezap i can say there products live up to their description and arrive on time. Aleays answer queries. Will use them again.
It were good and quick!
Headphones came. Thanks.
Good Value and amazing sound
I really enjoy the sound of these headphones and with 2 extra tuning filters and a couple of ear buds in spare, there is a lot more to look forward to.
Great value for money buy althought I found that the headphones sound a lot better on a iPhone than a Android.
After reviewing many earphones in the past I tried these. All I can says is what exeptional quaklity out of any earphones for tihs price. Superb sound, wide stage simply wonderful :-)
Excellent value for money
These earphones are excellent value for money. The sound signature is very good. By changing the filters you can get 3 types of earphones in one package. This type of facility is unheard of at this price. Well done Rock Jaw.
A great find
These earphones represent amazing value - the quality is excellent and the sound far better than one should expect from earphones at this price.Tuning filters actually work and change the dynamic. A great find indeed. Go on grab a set!
Truly great sound
Cannot recommend these in ear headphones enough.

Arrived in a nice presentation box with more than enough earbuds to find your size.
The filters are a new one on me, but they really make a difference and I have been experimenting with them.

Also in the box was a pouch to keep them clean and a shirt clip for using your mic when on mobile calls.

Great headphones, you will not be disappointed

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