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ROCK Elegant Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart View Flip Case - Yellow Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Elegant Side Flip case in lemon yellow from Rock is an ultra thin flip case that integrates a smart-view window, which allows you to see and answer messages and calls without having to open your case.
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$20.61 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 110 customers

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Good products, very helpful.
Very good products, delivered very quickly. Will be very handy for fishing in the future.
Very good quality an best of all my friends loved it an wanted one... looks quality..very pleased.
Product not as advertised (misleading representation)
I decided to buy the item after watching the video on your website (there is only 1) it says literally "wich allows you to see answer calls and messages without the need to constantly open your case..." "as well as the ability of changing settings control your music and much more..." firstly the case doesn't allow to see or answer messages, we can see there is a new message but not seeing the content, we can't answer the messages. There is no calls settings to change and nothing more. Actually the interface on the cover is really poor there is 4 buttons to choose phone mode : normal, vibrant, silent and flashlight. The second screen has an archaic music navigator with play-back-frwd AND THAT'S ALL!
I am really desapointed because of the misleading description.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mourad

Please ensure you are running the associated app that is compatible with the case so you have all the functionality shown in the video.
Looks nice
The case looks nice but it doesn't work. After installing the App I could select messages etc. from the screen while the case was closed. Not a practical case at all. it could also do with some method of securing the case shut
Very Happy
I am very happy with my phone cover, compact but protective and love the app!
Great product had to download a app to get it to work tho proved to be a bit of a problem but the app customer services we extremely helpful and quick onto the case
Works well love it
Happy Me
I am extremely happy with my Smart Cover, compact and fun.
All that you need
Great phone case that offers all the protection you need ...originally I purchased a original Samsung case with the built in back but when dropped the back came off constantly....this case shows the original back off as it is clear
And form the front screen you can see the clock and who is calling but do not forget to download the app as it will not work correctly without
I had a small issue with the app and had to contact them within a hour they had got back to me and all was good
I had the Lovely baby pink color and was delivered in no time with mobile fun's super fast delivery as always
So pleased with the flip case once I got it working. The only issue I have is perhaps it would have been better with a magnetic fastening as the cover tends to flop. everyone who sees my phone makes a comment on how good it looks.
A little more help in connecting the case to the phone, but got there eventually. The only other issue is that since I fixed a safety glass to the screen the case does not close properly and would probably be better with a magnetic clasp.
Rock blue case
Better instructions on how to do the set up. Thankfully my Grandson sorted it for me and it works perfectly. I did read reviews before purchasing and although it looks really classy I too think it would be better with a magnetic clasp as it tends to flop open. On the whole it does the job and everyone who sees it comments on how good it looks. Delivery was excellent I ordered Tuesday night and it came on Thursday.
Elegant cover but should have magnetic clip to keep it more safe. call answering is not working with my Samsung s5 .
Rock Elegant S5 cover
This is a sleek streamline cover. I love the blue colour of the cover. However the delivery took a little while and i was unable to track the parcel.
Beautiful cover
quit good and beautiful cover.
i think certain thing can be added like metallic clip to make it more protective as i have seen wen falling the flip can open and damage the screen which is costly business in samsung.
In my samsung answering the call feature is not working and and also there in no option of reading the text.
I was in a hurry to order a case for my new phone and didn't shop around long. Found this, fine, ordered. But I keep getting compliments on it. Very classy.
Vey good product
Very pleased with the product however only one downside is it does not magnet to hold the cover.
Exactly as described!
I bought this as a Christmas present for my partner and it is great! After the installation of the app to make it work, the case does everything it says in the description, answer calls, control music etc. My partner missed the part that said to install an app, so if anything I would say to make that more obvious, other than that, Absolutely perfect for his needs! I would definitely come to you for similar purchases again in future! Very swift delivery too and great that I got a text update on my order! Thank you! :-)
Phone case
I would just like to say how pleased I am with my new phone case looked around for something nice and found what I was looking for on this site one very happy customer.
This is a great product, very use to fix and with anti slippery system.
Dropped once product broken
Had the product less than 2 weeks, looks nice and fits well however, the first time I dropped my phone in the case (lightly from about 2 feet off the floor) one top corner snapped off, the other is cracked and now the phone doesn't stay clipped into the cover. Doesn't offer the strong protection it's supposed to.
Nice and look durable
I wanted to be sure it's a good product but honestly I wasn't disappointed when I get it. It looks good and classy.
I wanted a case that offered good protection without adding too much weight or size to the phone. Very good choice and value for money.
Mobile Cover Review
I am very happy with the product it meant my expectations from the product discription
Not a very good design
Hi, I have recently purchased this case, and I have noticed couple of problems:
1. There is no space on the cover to protect the front home button, and every time when you press slightly the cover, it turns the screen on.
2. The software controlling the Sleep/Wake function crashes constantly.
3. Stay away from any smart-view windows, because the dirt collected on the inside could easily scratch the glass.
Rock smart case
I can recommend this product the transaction went very smooth and the product was very well packed very pleased with this company
Slimline, generally good, just to downfalls
Works well, and protects phone well and feels securely attached. Only two things I would have preferred....1 magnetic closure to keep the cover closed when in my bag to protect screen from getting scratched by anything else in there! 2 when scanning and downloading app to have it work so display will show through window, again instructions very limited, and phone warning me that the app wasnt safe! I still used it...and thankfully all seems to be grand :-) Just good to know this in advance
great value sturdy construction
looks and feels great, it doesn't have a magnetic lid like the Samsung which I assumed it did which is only real downside. Otherwise a great shout.
Nice design but windows issues
The design and feel is very good but the viewing windows relies on a 3rd party app that does not have the same functionality as the Samsung cases. Also found the app to cause huge battery drain so brought the official one. Nice case for the price but buy without the window
Very good
I wanted to put my oyster card and company pass card into the cover while using the phone at the same time. Therefore I found this product very useful.
All good but plastic
The cover is very a nice and neat. The quality of the front fabric is quite high. The main thing is the back plastic that protects the phone. Not sure what why, but it is surely not dropping, the plastic broke on the edges as if they just cracked or deteriorated. It's only two months old. Too expensive for the plastic quality.
All good but plastic
The cover is very a nice and neat. The quality of the front fabric is quite high. The main thing is the back plastic that protects the phone. Not sure what why, but it is surely not dropping, the plastic broke on the edges as if they just cracked or deteriorated. It's only two months old. Too expensive for the plastic quality.
Waste of money
I truly think this was a waste of money. The accompanying App was a nightmare to download I gave up in the end. The case I have will not close properly, and I also believe that in the video of the case is being held closed all the time by the demonstrator with a finger or thumb on the cover at all times. I also have a rubber ring supplied with ROCK on it that I have no idea what it is for. (to big to go round the case to hold it closed).
Nice but...
Like the case, looks ok but worried about downloading the app. It says 'could harm the phone'!! The whole point of buying this particular case was the fact I would be able to use the phone without opening. Perhaps one day I'll have the courage to download but have a new phone and don't want to ruin it before I start using it! Hope this helps.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Patricia

This is just a warning on Android phones when installing an app outside of the Google Play Store. As long as you trust the app source, your phone will be fine.
Grate case fab fit,love the colour. Good quality.
Excellent phone case
I have a gold S5 and wanted a case that complimented (and highlighted) that. I found just that in the Rock S5 flip cover case. I love it! It's got a transparent back cover so my gold phone can still be seen and a co-ordinating gold leather front cover with a handy display window. I haven't worked out how to display my phone screen entirely within the window but I haven't downloaded the app to operate wake/sleep mode either so it may be related to that. The wake/sleep app is an added bonus as I didn't buy the cover for that feature but some reviewers testify that it drains the battery quickly. I can't comment either way but consider the phone case great value for money and would definitely recommend it
Right Price for the Right Solution
If you want a case to protect both the front and back of your new S5 this is it.

On the back it has a clear plastic case so you can still see that coloured rear battery cover you spent ages deciding on. The plastic case is just the right thickness to provide protection to the raised rear camera lens as well. The front cover is lightweight yet durable enough for everyday use.

Similar to the Samsung offical S view case this also has a clear window. Although this does not work with the S View App Rock do provide a link to download their own specific app which works great so you can still make and receive calls, see notifications and control the media player all whilst the case is closed.

It looks great the cover has a dimpled texture to match the new samsung S5 rear case on the front there is also a small metal 'Rock' Insignia which sets it off nicely, the inside of the front cover is really smooth with no risk of scratching the screen. All of the holes line up perfectly with the buttons, camera and speakers.

And finally, personally I would like to have been able to use the Samsung S View app but this is a third of the price of the Samsung S view case!
Excellent Slimline Protection
This book-style flip case is ideal for protecting your expensive mobile. The front is slim but firm, with a plastic window, and the back is also very slimline, and clips over the back of the phone, thus not disturbing the waterproofing of the phone itself. The dimpled texture of the front flap reflects the similar texture to be found on the back of the phone. All buttons and sockets are easily accessible. On a card within the robust packaging there is a QR code which gives you direct access to download the software which activates the phone's built-in sleep/wake function when the case is closed/opened. The software can be turned on or off as desired. All in all, an excellent and good-value product.
Not as good as it looks
The case looks great and does pretty much do what it says, except for the fact that when I opened it, it did not automatically open the phone, I still had to swipe the screen. The main problem was, and I did not realise this when buying it, as I did not read everything, that you have to download an app to get it to work. All well and good (and the app is not available where the instructions say) but it drained my battery so much that I was having to charge a brand new phone twice a day. I did not keep the case on for long and purchased a different one. In my opinion, really not worth the money and certainly not good for your battery.
Cover for S5
I felt compelled to agree to write a review about my new cover I purchased the Rock Gold to match the colour of my phone, I had slight reservations that it may not compliment my phone the gold Samsung S5 but with the back being clear it does not detract at all, and with the front being slightly rippled I find it actually adds to it and it helps to feel a bit more secure in my hands.I would definitely recommend it, and obviously it protects the screen when it is in my bag, or pocket as it is so easy to think when the damage is done I should have !! We have all done it, So please don't hesitate DO IT NOW BUY ONE. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED
Sassy Flip Case
Love my new flip case for my Galaxy S5 phone. It's sleek and lightweight style is exactly what I wanted for my new phone. I got the yellow which is fun and youthful. The blue is definitely my next color. The fit is perfect all around. The window lets me talk without having to open the cover. All in all there is nothing negative I would say about this product. You really hit a home run!!! Thanks
brilliant cheaper option
I wouldn't pay 40 pound for a Samsung case so I scoured the Internet came across mobile fun.co.uk lovely case very good price. Good quality products.
Just what I wanted
Arrived very quickly,very pleased with item just what I wanted,price ok would recommend
Good case but not without fault
Stylish case innovative idea being able to answer calls etc without opening but the main problem is the software that allows this does use up the battery very quickly
just what i needed
Very good price, fast service - good product.
rock elegance
I got the rock elegance cover great cover still keeps Samsung s5 very slim but the app for the cover uses up a lot of battery apart from that good cover
Doesn't Work as Genuine S View
The build quality is nice and a good design. But it doesn't activate the genuine Samsung sview screen. You have to download an extra app from Rock for the cover to work. Also I have found that about 50% of the time when you close it, the phone loads the Rock lock screen and the phone does a little vibrate (I have hepatic feedback on) so I know the home screen settings are loaded. So when you open the front cover you are presented with Home Screen Settings. VERY annoying. would have been 5 star if it used the Samsung sview settings instead of some random not greatly designed App. probably cause its written for some other language then converted to English.
Good service, product, needs a clip
Excellent case and service
Excellent well made case. Fits excellent and covers the phone, excellent service Very happy.
Lovely looking and performs well
I bought this cover as it is just like the old S-View cover I had on my Galaxy S4 except it this made by Rock.

It does exactly as it says and all the functions work well. I said on a previous review that it only consumes 6% battery power but after checking with my Battery Doctor app, it is 59.6% which is quite high. This is acceptable if you use a wireless charging set-up as it will keep the phone topped up but I found that through general use throughout the day, the battery drains quite quickly and I have to charge it every evening without fail. You can turn off the Rock app but it still consumes 10% power. The only way to stop this is to uninstall the app completely.

Makes my phone look nice and keeps it protected. Will not work with your S5 if you have the Official Samsung Wireless Charging Cover (44078) fitted as the cover is too thick.
Case is good but app drains the battery excessively
The Case itself is great. It's thin, light and seems to offer enough protection however the app that you need to download drained my battery excessively.

When running it would use half my battery by lunchtime (I normally see 90% left without the app installed) and I would need to recharge the phone late afternoon as it would run out of juice.

Even without the app running but just installed it seemed to be running a process in the background that drained the battery life in the same way.

1 star because I like the case but can't make use of the window as I can't run the app.
Very good case; practical and light. Also doesn't a make the phone bulky like other cases. GGo quality and good price
Very good and uses little power
Unfortunately, I think Kay misread her battery consumption for this cover as it only reads 6% when in use, not 60%.

The case and app works fine including being able to answer calls and read notifications without opening the cover. I would be very happy except the cover was cut on the slant so the window and logo are not straight.

MobileFun give very good customer service and are replacing the case FOC.
I'm happy with my galaxy s5 phone cover and the colour is just as I imagined
So disappointed with this. After three days the cover had got grubby abround the corners (after being in my pocket) and due to the soft texture it cant be cleaned! The metal rock logo also came unstuck and now looks awful.
Good, solid product, yet some software required for the full experience.
The case build quality and design is excellent.

To get the full S-View functionality (answering calls without opening the case and date/time preview) extra software needs to be downloaded from the Rock website.

The plastic cover which protects the preview part of the screen when the case is closed is a nice touch for extra screen protection, but does affect touch input when answering calls while the case is closed - A clear, deliberate touch is needed.

Overall, those issues are minor if you really like the look of the design. In fact, the case doesn't need extra software if you're happy with opening the case to answer calls, and choose a suitable widget for any info you want to see through the preview window.

An excellent buy for those who like the design.
Samsung rock elegant smart view flip case 5S phone case
I purchased this case in anticipation of getting the new samsung 5s phone. I unfortunately am still awaiting my phone. My Rock Elegant Blue smart view flip case is awesome, very strong and has easy access to phone so l wont need to open the case to answer my phone etc. I looked around at different phone cases but found the Rock Elegant smart view case to be the best in value and the best for my phone. Colour and description was exactly as advertised. I am very happy with the case and would recommend the product and company to anyone.
Excellent value for money
This case has a good solid plastic back with cut-outs in all the right places to allow the camera, pulse monitor and speaker to work perfectly. The front cover is solid with a clear plastic window, perfect for keeping the screen scratch free. The phone fitted in perfectly with a good solid click but is easy to remove if needed unlike some cheap third party cases.

At a fraction of the price of the official flip case this provides excellent value for money.
Battery killer!
Case looks greats and fits my new S5 perfectly, no problem with access to any of the ports or functions. However ...... The clear part on the front of the case is next to useless other than just being able to see through it despite downloading the app, and having the app running drains your battery! My battery life was really disappointing so when I checked consumption details the Rock app was accounting for 60%+ of my battery usage!!!!! I'm now in the process of looking fora new case despite only having been using this one fore a week. Not recommended.
Vodafone shop assistant had a few problems initially installing this for me but quickly sorted it out.The cover works perfectly, thank you.
Purchased this cover in hope it done exactly what it says. Receive / reject calls without opening cover. Mine does not do this. However, there's an app apparently allowing you to do so but it wants to access all ur info on phone?? I got a warning msg on my phone say in installing app may harm ur phone??
Excellent Service From Mobile Fun
This is case offers a good protection for the S5, however the video is misleading when it states that this case works with the smart view function, only the official Samsung case works as it replaces the rear cover of the phone. So you have to download an app from Rock to use the smart view function! Also flip cover has a habit of opening on its own, can be annoying at times could have done with a strap to prevent that? Overall good value for the price and
Fits really well, looks great.

Bought 2, one for me and one for my wife. Neither cover worked with the samsung s view, it wouldn't awaken at all when opening the flap.

Bit of a downer but will make do with it anyway.
MobileFun Reply

It would work with the S-view function if you installed the Smart Cover Rock app by scanning the QR code.
Nice looking case
I cant deny that this is one of the better looking case for S5 but i do have some gripes.

To enable the Sview function you have to download a 3rd party apk file from rock website and allow your phone to install 3rd party app.

The permissions for the app give it access to everything on phone and allow it to bypass security.

I have a Spigen screen protector fitted and found i had to apply a fair amount of pressure to register through the rocks transparent window.

The settings window ocassionaly froze up on me and had to unlock phone and start again.

I think I will be uninstalling the app for this case for now and using it as a simple case. I just dont feel comfortable with the permissions but maybe thats just me.
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