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Replacement Aluminium Metal Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Cover - Black Reviews

Ideal as a replacement or to add some style and class, this black aluminium back cover provides a perfect fit and look for your Samsung Galaxy S5
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 4 stars from 58 customers

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Solid cover that won't start to fall apart in the way my old one did, so a big plus for that. Somehow the phone doesn't fit my case now, this cover appears to be slightly too thick, so in that way a disappointment.
You get what you pay for but it takes forever to come.
The quality of the product is exactly as advertised and it is better than expected BUT it takes forever to arrive. When you ask customer service what's up, they really mean allow 20 BUSINESS days for the product to arrive. They will milk those 20 trust me!
great transaction and item
I am really happy with the cover, Arrived timely, fits perfectly, good quality.
Very good product
Very good back case I mean you will lose all water resistance so if you are fine with that I highly recommend this product
Influence wifi and GPS signal reception
Navigation on mobile phone unusable due to slower GPS, WiFi signal reception weakens so at bigger distances you might need to take off the body. Apart from that very nice.
I ordered this cover on Tuesday, was impressed with the delivery speed and how nice it feels in the hand. Was a bit disappointed that it removes the water resistant back but otherwise I am extremely happy with this product
Rećieved in good condition
Received in a timely fasjion
Awesome service and product
I purchased the back case for my Samsung Galaxy s5 a couple of weeks ago as the original one was falling apart so far I love the back case it definitely makes it more sturdy and it fits perfectly and it looks great I give 5 stars for service and postage thanks again
Very Good
The product was of good value and in great condition and was everything it promise to be. It arrived quicker than was expected. I was very pleased with this service.
Stylish and durable
I ordered this backing for my phone because the stock one broke after rough usage (just as the case that was protecting it did 12 months prior). This new backing looks really flash, is made of metal (read more durable) and inspires a premium feel in a phone that was once top of it's class.

Do note however that it isn't weather sealed and will add weight to your phone. It's also very thin metal so taping on it actually feels like plastic, however you notice is when it's cold and you pick up your phone due to the thermal conductivity of metal vs plastic.
Doesn't include the part that locks the case completely to back of phone
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jess

Can you please contact us so we can investigate as you should have everything to attach this replacement back cover to your phone.
Very happy with the quality
Very happy - thought I wouldn't be able to find a replacement back cover for my Galaxy S5 but Mobliezap had one, better than the original, Not much colour choice, but very happy with the quality, price and prompt delivery.
Looks good
Happy with product
I purchased the red metal S5 backing cover as the one I got with my phone started cracking immediately. I am so glad i got this item. It is much stronger than the atokc standard, fits like a glove, and is a really great colour also. Great way to tell my phone apart from friends with the same one also.
straight forward no messing
Smart and well present and well packaged. First class
Super, good quality for best price
Really Pleased with this
Is far better than the one provided with the phone (Which cracked) it gives the phone some extra weight. Its smooth and sleek like the phone is. I'm surprised Samsung don't just make the phone with this in the first place
Great quality productime!
The Samsung Galaxy S5 back is a very nice looking product which fits the phone extremely well, it made my phone look better! I had no problems when ordering or using the website and the delivery was very quick. Definitely recommend this product, and the website.
Really good
I really like it, feels like i have a brand new phone! The only thing is, but not an issue, is that the back sits a little bit further out on the phone than the original (at the back not the sides), but i still love it and that would never change my mind!
To anybody looking i would definitely recommend it!
Much better than the provided cover
This cover is brilliant - sleek and stylish and much better than the original case provided
i don't get reception real good
i received my back cover relatively quickly in the mail and was happy with the look and style, but ever since i have been using it, i don't get reception real good, dropped back to 3G, i know it is the cover because when i take it off it works fine.
It's magenta not red
Color isn't red it's more pnk
It is a good quality cover for the samsung glaxy s5 phone. Thank you.
Galaxy cover great!
Got a new cover for my phone. Love it, I think it will withstand the constant falls!

Thanks heaps, great customer service.
The case was pretty, It did not have the rubber gasket on it and after using the metal cover my phone would not hold a signal and the battery drained rapidly because of this. I would not recommend to anyone.
Great product and service
The product arrived as the estimate delivery. Product is great quality. Great service. Would recommend to others.
No signal
The aluminium cover does not allow the phone signal to go through. Useless cover but with a great design
Almost completely useless.
Not only does this metal cover not fit very well (or rather it fits too well - I nearly lost a fingernail trying to lever the damn thing off my phone before eventually resorting to using the blunt end of a spoon) but it also blocks GPS and phone signals, rendering it almost completely useless. I've rated this as one-star only because the scale doesn't go down to zero.
Fashion over function.
The sexy metallic cover looks great & wow'ed the T-Mobile sales rep. It has a nice sturdy feel, but the sleekness also reduces the grip. Unfortunately the rubber gasket is missing from the inside of the cover, so your phone will no longer be water-proof. Also, this cover will slightly increase the thickness of your phone, making it harder find a protective case that will fit well. Basically you're giving up function for fashion.

+ sexy look
+ sturdy feel
- less grip
- increase thickness
- no longer water proof

NOTE: Water proofing gasket can be purchase seperately & installed on this cover.
Very good backing. Was pretty tight to fasten to the phone but otherwise ok.
Good quality product
The metal backing that I have had for a few weeks now is just what I wanted. It came quite quickly and is exactly what you expext. It gives your phone a high quality feel and look making it just what I was looking for as I did not like the original backing. The main problems that I have found with it, is that it does make it slightly thicker than usual and doesn't keep your phone waterproof. It can also make it quite slippy when holding it in one hand and can make it hard to put phone cases over the top. But it is exactly what it says on the tin and therefore I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to make there s5 look and feel better.
Kills cell reception
This is a nice looking piece and I love the way it looks on my phone. Unfortunately when I have it on my phone I get no cell service at all. It blocks my phone from getting any bars of service making it useless for calling and texting. so I bought a 20 dollar battery cover
I'm going to command the other colours. Very nice cover
good product except?
Good quality product and perfect fit except that the metal cover interfere with phone reception.
Samsung 5 cover/Gold
I like the look of this cover very much. but the drawback is that due to it being metal i guess it does cause your phone to get very hot. it doesnt seem to have any ventilation. i take the cover a couple times a day to cool it off.
Great Case, Few Downsides
The one thing that always put me off getting a Samsung was the flimsy plastic back. When I saw this cover, I went and upgraded to a Galaxy S5.

The case is sturdy and makes the phone look and feel more classy, and makes it less likely that the screen will smash if dropped.

The only downsides are that this case is not waterproof like the stock version, and also that its slightly more bulky profile does not fit custom rubber bump covers. Still a worthwhile compromise.

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