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Rearth Ringke Slim Samsung Galaxy S6 Case - Gold Reviews

Provide your Samsung Galaxy S6 with ultra-thin, tough snap-on protection with this Ringke Slim gold polycarbonate case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52570

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 4.6 stars from 39 customers

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Slim case perfect for my Galaxy 6
Þhis case is a perfect fit for my phone. My phone is gokd colour and the case matches exactly.. The quality of the case is really goof. Well pkeased with my purchase.
Fantastic case
I was looking for a simple, good quality case since the last one broke down easily only 2 weeks after purchase. This time is not the case. This case is robust and comfortable, and at the same time light and not disturbing, exactly what I was looking for.
It was exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for my phone cover
I got the item I was looking for without any bother. It was exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for my phone cover so I was delighted to find it. I tried a few sites before this one but this had the better items to choose from and was very reasonably priced. I received my item before its due date. Have already recommended this site to a few friends when they commented on my phone cover. I'll definitely be back!!
Item was actually nicer when it came and looked great
Item was actually nicer when it came and looked great I'm very happy with my purchase. The delivery was quick too.
Product Quality is good.
I like this product and the service is good , delivered on time.
Hope the Price is little high.
Good quality but hard to handle
The case is of good quality and feels undeniably solid. But since it is very rigid, it gets hard to extract the phone once it's inside. I had to apply more stress to it than I would like to and did not feel very safe, since the case rim has sharp angles than might have scratched the phone. I'll definitely opt for a softer gel case, which should be much easier to handle and also more immune to fingerprints...
I like the cover, very elegant. Great customer service too
I love this case, honestly no joke, it still makes my phone (Galaxy S6) look really slim and doesn't make it look bigger like other protective cases do. The case is non-smudging and so doesn't leave any finger prints. The case doesn't scratch or damage the phone and is very very easy to put on. Oh and it's definitely worth the money. Great product.
Not very tough
I bought this case because its slimline, clear and has an attachment for a lanyard. However, after being on my phone only a few days it is already scratched in numerous places and it always seems to have a grubby sheen to it. Add to that it is supplied with a clear protector which you're mean to stick to the back of the phone to 'prevent a rainbow effect' but it looks absolutely dreadful!
Just a plastic case
Not a lot to say about this. It's a plastic back cover which protects the edges of the phone and the front if it fell face down. I used it until I could find a case I liked, it done a job for a couple of days but it's not for me as it wouldn't protect my phone in my bag or if it fell onto something that wasn't flat. Tried it but not for me. If you want a plastic back that offers a bit of protection and still shows off your phone then this is ok.
very please with the product. recommended to everyone
Great case for Galaxy S6
This case is a great accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S6. It doesn't add much to the slim build of the phone yet provides solid protection. Being clear it still shows off the great design of the phone, especially the gold model which it was bought for.
Beautiful case, fits perfect colour match.
Love it....
Just what I needed
This is the perfect case for those like me that want a case that offers minimal protection against scratches and minor bumps and still feels like a bare phone.
gold case for galaxy s6
Excellent case looks really good with the gold s6 plus besides looking great it adds that extra protection to an all round great phone.
Hassle free to purchase and quick delivery would definitely recommend to anyone with a gold s6 to give it that finishing touch
Solid case
Solid clear case that offers good protection to the back in main and partially to the front. It includes covers for the corners. It is a smooth plastic finish so is a little more slippery in the hand compared to a rubber case.
Great Product
Great product as described and fast delivery! Will be recommending this site :)

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