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Rearth Ringke Slim Case for Google Nexus 4 - Blue (Version 2) Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Provide your Google Nexus 4 with thin, snap-on protection with this Ringke Slim blue polycarbonate case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37486

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 4.1 stars from 52 customers

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Good quality, well packaged, fast delivery.
A great pity that I chose this good looking phone case!!
The case does not completely cover the sides of the phone and allows the glass face to be proud of the case edge and guess what........................the first time that the phone was dropped onto the carpet it managed to crack the edge of the glass cover on the face. I would not recommend this case for a Nexus 4 and would be surprised if the design was suitable for any phone.
nexus popped out immediately, useless
Great slim case, slow shipping
The case fits great on a nexus 4. Very slim. Shipping to Seattle took 2 weeks.
The best case.
The best case.
Saved my phone several time by protecting it from the crash with the floor.
Great Product
Ringke make the best smartphones cases, comfortable and endures hits (unfortunately...).
not bad
Great fit and finish, smooth and sturdy. The case sits flush with the display glass, and I kinda wish it sat a millimeter or so proud to protect the display if it falls face down, but it comfortably protects the nexus 4's problem area of thin, weak display glass edges.
Would buy again. :-)
Perfect case for needs
Not many cases are now available for the nexus 4, but this Ringke slim is great. Keeps the back fully protected and has raised edges so front doesn't touch table if phone placed upside down. Most importantly is slim so reduces bulge so many cases give. Would recommend. Mobilefun.co.uk stocks when others don't. Glad they do!
The best
I try a lot of cases but this one is the best.It is too slim with great quality.
Very good!
The case fits perfect and looks very nice.It's all in all pretty slim and protects my N4 in the corners. The only negative thing is, that you can see every dab.
Looks good, but bad protection
I had this case for a few months. It looks lovely, slim and doesn't detract from the looks of the phone.

However I dropped my phone from waist height and the front screen completely smashed and phone is now unusable. So if you are prone to even the most infrequent dropping of your phone (I only did it once!) don't skimp by getting this case- it does look very nice, but due to the slim nature provides no protection at all if you drop it.
great case...
Great case, very slim, do not worry about negative comments, this is worth the money..
Nice and Elegant back case for Nexus 4
The case is of very good quality and looks very elegant. The black color gives a mattish sophisticated feel.

Fits nicely on the Nexus 4 phone and is very light weight.

Made a good choice.
Top product
Superb product, fits perfectly and has a lovely quality feel to it. I considered several other cases but nothing comes close to this for style, quality and usability and price. Highly recommended.
Beautiful Case
The best case I had in any phone. Thin, sturdy, feels nice in hand. Small issue with the plastic around the volume buttons, as it moves if you press it. I think this was the main issue in v1 of the case, in v2 they addressed it, but still there is a minor issue.
nexus4 phone cover
Easy to clip on. Looks great. Got four compliments within the first hour.
Now my friends wants one too.
room for improvement
Personally I don't like it for one simple reason ; on the side where volume rocker switch is case doesn't feel right. When you grab case on that side it feels springy, obviously due to cutout for volume switch case is not strong enough and it gives that feedback when you hold case
ok but..
similar experience to previous anon review

grip is good, its nice and thin but....

around the plus of the volume control it wasn't quite right and moved and flexed a tiny bit, enough to keep drawing my attention to it and become annoying esp as its near where i rest my thumb alot.Its a rev 2 and imo isnt quite right yet.

i have read on xda forums people are finding the white and gray cases are a lot better, though some are fine with the black one. So i guess its see if you get one that dosent have this problem.
Nice and slim but...
After much waiting this finally arrived last week. The cover is very slim as promised and seems to be made from a quality plastic. I was looking for something to provide more grip and prevent scratching on the back especially around the camera. It's smooth but the grip is okay and the edges aren't too sharp. It has cutouts in all the right places. Do not buy this if you want drop protection as the top and bottom edges of the front of the device are exposed (as the pictures show).

Sadly the plastic picks up fingerprints easily and they are difficult to clean off. Also, although the case fits well, it creaks on the volume rocker side (something I thought version 2 was supposed to have fixed) making the device feel cheap, which is constantly irritating me.

Overall I am disappointed for the price and will be looking for something else.
Superb case with one little issue.
The Ringke Slim for the Nexus 4 is a superbly engineered case, the fit is as tight as it can be, it isn't going anywhere. Of course this case is mainly to prevent scratches, it isn't going to offer drop protection.

The case is soft touch and herein lies the problem for me, in this instance soft touch doesn't offer any extra grip which is a shame, the case does feel nice in the hand but it is pretty slippery.

Overall a superb case with a second nature fit, just a shame it isn't a bit more grippy (hence 4 stars).

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