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Rearth Ringke Fusion Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Bumper Case - Smoke Black Reviews

Protect the back and sides of your Sony Xperia Z3 Compact with this incredibly durable and translucent smoke black Fusion Case by Ringke.
  • Mobile Fun ID 50379
$17.24 inc VAT
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 4.4 stars from 75 customers

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Good case
This is a good case, fits the phone perfectly. It's fractionally more bulky than my last one which at first I wasn't keen on, but now I appreciate the fact it's substantial especially after I dropped it! It does feel good quality.
Great case, on my second
I bought this case as a replacement for an identical one that finally fell apart. It protected my phone perfectly from several falls onto tile floors. It's well designed, with cutouts everywhere you'd want them and a sturdy cover flap for the headphone jack. I use headphones daily and it never looked a remotely damaged. The only reason it fell apart is that its not compatible with Sony's magnetic charger, which I use every couple of days, so had to take the case off all the time.
Looks good...Will put a photo in there so that {Ur two identical phones can be easily identifiable. Very light and slimline fit. Excellent product for instant access
Fits well
Fits phone well, but with all the cut outs on the left side, that side is a bit loose.
Seems to do the job
Works ok, not as tight as previous cover and areas around ports feel flimsy. It is working for now
It has fallen flat on its back an corners and came out intact
I did give it a 5 for giving me what I was looking in a cover:

Protection and fit.- the cover holds itself securely to the device. It has fallen flat on its back an corners and came out intact. The cover may not be super grippy but is a definite upgrade from the phones back glass. All of this makes me feel wireless when handling the phone.

Looks and easy access - it looks clean and sharp and If needed some color I can put any paper image in its back since it is transparent. One other thing I was looking for was no flip flop front cover hanging while I'm talking on the phone. This has no such flip flop cover, problem solved.
Exactly what I ordered. Perfect
Case in great, just took a bit longer to arrive than I had expected. Not really a problem.
Love this case
Love the case. The price was great too. Offers great protection for your phone whilst not taking away from the phones design.
Was a bit worried about the sides not being protected enough but they are.
A fab case and because of the material it's made from, even when you drop your phone (which I have already!), it doesn't take chunks out of the case.
Would recommend to anyone.
Excellent, thank you
The item was as described and quickly posted. I asked question about the item and delivery and received answer very quickly. Thank you
Prefect fit
This cover is the perfect fit for my girlfriends Z3c. It looks great and the flaps/covers for the charge and headphone ports are a great addition. Definitely recommend this cover!!! Very, very well made and looks great!!
Great Product
Fits the case really well and is a strong sturdy cover which protects the phone.

Great price and I would recommend this product.
It Is exactly what I expected
Fits the phone like a glove
Looks fine
Drop test yet to occur ?
Feels good to handle
It's just as I want it to be.Perfect.
The item its super.Very high level of value.I didnt expected it will be so perfect.
Simple Effective Product
A simple, elegant and functional product. Adds but a tiny bit to the dimensions of the phone. Have tested it's effectiveness at drop protection, albeit by accident. Phone landed on a corner. Dull, damped impact noise and zero bounce...result.
Great Product
I confirm 5-star mark reviews. Great case, all official features description are true indeed. The only small disadvantage is a fingerprint nonresistance of the back side.
Awesome case
Its amazing. Have been using it since April, my phone fell.on the floor gazillion of times. Still spotless. Have a glass screen protector too.
Great customer service
The product was exactly as described, delivered on time and with great customer service.
Good case
Very nice case, fits well and allows access to the relevant ports (including the magnetic charger).
Only spot that might become week is the strip between the magnetic charging port and the screen, it is very thin and might be quite fragile but shouldn't get any real force so should be fine.
Comes slightly higher then the screen so gives some protection around the edge of the screen.
Much nicer then the Nillkin one I had previously that failed in a couple of months.
Great match for a Xperia Z3c
Fine product
Fine product. Fine delivery time. Will buy again.
Very happy with the description
Very happy with the description and delivery, was exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
Great cover
Fits neatly on my Experia z3 compact and can charges via magtron magnetic adapter without removing cover. Gives good protection without adding too much bulk and nice in hand feel.
Excellent product
Excellent product and delivery service.
Great Product
I bought this for my wife's new Xperia Z3 Compact. Its a great cover with spaces where needed and protection where it matters. Good value for money and very slimline so it adds barely any thickness to the phone. Put it this way, Im very envious now.
Great Product
I bought this for my wife's new Xperia Z3 Compact. Its a great cover with spaces where needed and protection where it matters. Good value for money and very slimline so it adds barely any thickness to the phone. Put it this way, Im very envious now.
Poor quality
This case crinkled after just 3 days use, so I bought something else! The service was good, however.
If it was just a little bit harder on some other places like where you charger is and the magnet charger is
Because it's a soft area when it comes to the case. But overall is amazing!
Product delivers as promised. Can recommend without a doubt.
Simple and effective Protection

Slim -does not add noticeable bulk or heaviness to the phone applied to
Strong - Strong material with optimum opening.
Tight Fitting - for keeping the dust out.
Designed accurately - to protect edges that are exposed when a phone is dropped and has enough thickness at edge to raise the screen of the surface if the phone falls flat.

The small peel back plug that slots into the earphone slot. Very good idea, because this part of he phone is where most dust gets into the phone.
Great case
I like this cover, looks good on the phone and keeps it well protected with having the lip.
2 honest down aides though, it does end up with quite a bit of dust behind it and also the only flimsy part is where the magnetic charge point is. Good protection for ear phone jack port though.
Would recommend
Horrible waste of money
Bought this case as one of the reviews stated that it's the best they had ever tried and even fits the Sony charging dock.
It doesn't fit the charging dock. The case is horrible with sharp cover's over the buttons, looks OK but nasty to hold.
A complete disappointment after waiting so long for it to arrive. Straight to the rubbish bin, will stick with my old $10 case.
It's an awesome case cover for sony xperia z3 compact and also it has some extra features. Like at audio jack it has small protective cover, corners are hard to cover accidental fall of mobile and design ur self is a best thing for self art select.
Finally I found what I was looking for...!
The best case ever!
Walking with my phone without feeling any change... Very slim and clear case that keep my phone safe and sound..!
Phone cover
I need more protection hard to hold
Great slimline case
Read a lot of reviews about various cases that didn't quite fit the Z3 compact and finally settled on this one and very pleased I did.

It is an absolutely flawless fit; the jelly sides make it easy to put on but once on it fits like a glove; there are no gaps anywhere and it doesn't move even slightly.

It is incredibly slimline and that, combined with the fit, makes it look practically like part of the phone design.

All the buttons and port and cut outs are in exactly the right place and work perfectly. I don't have a dock, but the magnetic charging cable works fine too.

It's not a "rugged" case, but for general unobtrusive day-to-day protection I can't recommend this highly enough.
Ringke fusion case
Fits perfectly, great quality, excellent protection.
As described
Bumper case is a solid case. Not too flashy with the grey sides. Also, the option to cut out any picture inside the case is a plus.
Great product thanks
Great product, as described, fits perfectly. Delivered on time.
Good Case - But!
Bought this case as it can be used with the Sony Magnetic Charger. However, it does not fit into any of the adapters provided with the charger. It can be used with no adapters fitted, but it is not very secure. Otherwise I am happy with the case and the extra waterproofing protection provided by the earphone socket plug and the on/off button cover, which also makes turning the phone on and off easier than when I used the Roxfit case - which cannot be used at all with the Magnetic Charger.
Good basic protection for the phone at reasonable price
The Xperia is a very shiny, slippery phone, which I almost let slip out of my hands several times. This case makes it easy to grip as well as providing basic protection without adding much bulk or weight. It also makes it possible to stuff it in your pocket without accidentally pressing the buttons (on/off, camera, etc.). I don't use headphones much so the cap on the headphone socket fits snugly and is useful, though I suspect it will get loose with a lot of use.
phone cover
Loved the phone cover, I can customise a different one whenever I please with the stencil included :) quick delivery too!
best case for z3c..
Great case
looks good
Provides a good grip and decent protection
Buttons are working well very clicky
it got openings for the ports and a seal for the headphone jack
Z3 Compact Case
I ordered this just a couple of days before Christmas and was advised that delivery may be after. It arrived on Christmas Eve ! Brilliant service from Mobile Fun. The Case is Ok and offers a good grip as the phone is quite smooth. It has a scratch resistant finish so will still look good. You can see through the back and if you want to, there is a stencil included so you can put your own picture between the back of the phone and the case itself. The edge of the case is quite thin where the flap for the charging port is and it may potentially wear with use but all in all, it seems like a sturdy item that will prolong the life of the phone.
Very nice
The case looks really good, hard case on the back, silicone on the sides.
only thing I didn't like was that the cover for the 3.5mm jack for headphones flaps and it doens't look good...
also looks like it get all of hands marks on the clear cover
Easily the best
Have tried a few different cases and this is easily the best it is perfect and also works with the charging dock

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