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Rearth Ringke Fusion Google Nexus 5X Case - Crystal View Reviews

Protect the back and sides your Google Nexus 5x with this incredibly durable and crystal clear backed Fusion Case by Ringke.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55377
$17.24 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 24 customers

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Perfect cover for Nexus 5x
Having done some shopping around the best of the current covers on offer was this. It does however mean that if you want to protect the face of your phone you will need to buy some screen covers as this only protects all the other sides. However, it works well and is not much larger than the phone so the size does not increase over significantly
Good quality DIY case
Fits cleanly and snugly to the phone, looks great.
Comes with a template of sorts to cut your own image out to display at the back of the case, which I have done with a friend's drawing.
Practical and funky.
Great case - just what I was after
I wanted a case that in effect flattens the rear camera bump on the Nexus 5X, and this case does just that (most of the crystal cases don't eliminate the bump) - so the phone lays completely flat now, and the case also has a slight ridge at each rear corner to further raise the phone off the surface. Similarly there is a slight lip around the front edge which means you can lay the phone face down on a flat surface and not worry about scratches. The case was easy to fit. I also like that it has a headphone socket cover as these gather a lot of dust otherwise.
Nice case
Good case. Great fit with perfect cutouts. Like the headphone protector. A bit slippery but comfortable to hold. Would recommend.
Great product
I purchased the clear protective case. I did not know at the time that it also came with the protective screen. It came with every thing to clean the screen and guide tape to help you put it on. Following the instructions were very easy. I got most of the air bubbles out except for one. It disappeared after a couple of weeks. The tempered glass screen and the cover fit seamlessly. The only down side is I wish the cover did not have writing on it, but after a couple of weeks I did not notice it anymore. I have been sliding it in and out of my pocket for a month now and there still are not scratches on the screen.
Easy to apply
I opted for the clear protective case. The case is flexible and provides a nice snug fit. The one thing I wish I had of known was that it comes with a screen protector also. All the holes and slots lined up perfectly on my phone.
Phone screen still shattered despite short drop
Nice tactile case, but it failed to do the job. After many months of usage, I accidentally dropped the phone from a height of 50cm. It landed on the corner and the screen still shattered.
Great Product
I find the product really good. What i was expecting.
Great product.... as expected
Had changed my phone from a Nexus 4 that I had a Ringke Fusion case for to a Nexus 5X and went for the same, the bumpers seem to have been made thinner than the one I had before but still feel like they will give good protection, the buttons feel very high end and the cover for the headphone jack is a nice touch.

It was out of stock when I ordered but MobileFun kept me well informed and only had to wait short while in the end before I receoved the case, less time than I had expected, great service MobileFun.
Case fits perfectly and looks great
Case fits perfectly and looks great with the White version of the phone.
One thing to note is that this product no longer comes with the screen protector.
Overall, easy purchase, good communication, good price. Would purchase again.
The perfect case for Nexus 5x
This product is perfect for anyone (like me ) who likes the design of the back of the Nexus 5x as the case is completely clear and looks great. Also the material feels really good and is nice and grippy and the fingerprint scanner isn't obstructed at all however the best feature is probably how good the buttons feel as I found them better than the original ones! Also one thing I thought might happen was that dirt and hair would get inside the back but this hasn't happened for me .
Great case. Light but protects well
Great case. Light but protects well.
Important to note that the case no longer comes with a free screen protector.
Good product
It was just as described - fitting perfectly and all the covered buttons are working super good.
Good product
The shipping to Estonia could be a little faster (it took about 2 weeks) but nothing too bad. The cover itselt fits perfectly and goes on super easy!
Happy with case
They fit well, with holes in all the right places. Prefer the smoked black to the clear as it blends in with the phone more. Not sure about the quality of the protection yet and don't want to test it out.
Happy so far! Took a little longer to ship than expected (possibly not in stock, can't remember).
Absolutely great!
I discovered Ringke products after searching for a good phone case and this has proven to be my best choice. It fits perfectly, the openings are exactly where they should be and the smoke-black-clear design is pretty cool! I warmly recommend!!!
Very pleased. Has a pliable feel to it and being clear I can add different patterns on the inside if I like.
Please see short review.
<b>This is a amazing case</b>
I will have to say that this case is "fab'. The buttons have more click. The case will give some protection the the screen. I like the cover over the headphone port nice touch.
Excellent quality
Excellent quality, very clear back. No scratches.
Seems good
Good service, case seems good at the moment. Not too bulky but feeling stursy
A perfect fit
This cover is perfect for the nexus5x. Fits lovely and offers the protection you need. Great to have the screen protector too. Very nice.

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