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Rearth Invisible Defender Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector 3 Pack Reviews

3 pack (plus one extra free) of multi-layered optical enhanced high definition screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Features new 'TouchTech' properties for a natural touch and allows for perfect touch screen precision.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52538
$13.26 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 5 customers

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As if It doesnot exist
the protector was easy to fix , instructions very clear , follow them and you will get it done in no time, the screen protector does not even appear as if it is made to fit exactly on the mobile screen.
Easy to fix
the protector is very easy to fix and does not need any special tools, it fit exactly to my phone, happy to have it
The screen protector went on really well but I was surprised to find how small it is. it barely reaches the edges of the actual screen and is very obvious. I even bought phone cover and screen from the same manufacturer thinking they'd work well together but I'm not really impressed. Also it has scratched in several places already.
scratch proof titan
I have dropped my new phone on countless occasions. you name it I've dropped it there. This screen protector has served it's duty and I'm still on protector number 1... it has 1 scratch to it.

strong durable and acts like a shield. highly recommended.

yours sincerely the clumsy giant. genuinely I couldn't have asked for a better screen guard

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