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Qi Wireless Charger With EU Plug - White/Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
When you're travelling Europe, you can now easily and wirelessly charge your smartphone with this QI Wireless Charger in White and Black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41024
$41.70 inc. VAT
 4.9 stars from 22 customers

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Brilliant - Third time lucky
After sending back 2 Zens QI chargers that each went wrong after a few weeks I decided to try this cheaper one.

What can I say - it just works. Charges as fast as a cable and so much more conveniently (the S5 has a waterproofing flap over the charging port which is a pain to undo every time you want to charge)

My son's phone wouldnt charge at all with the Zens charger (I can't remember what phone he uses) However with this one it works perfectly.

I note that the Zens charger is no longer available so I suspect this was a known issue. Shame that Zens couldnt be bothered to reply to any of my emails.

Mobile Fun on the other hand have been very good and have changed the chargers with no argument. I will buy from them again
It just works!
The micro-USB connection of the Samsung S5 is a bit fiddly (because of its double socket, and the covering waterproof flap) I decided to try out wireless charging.
I use a Samsung Qi charging cover, together with a Tech21 case and it charges without any problem, whichever way round I put the phone on it - even at right angles!
The unit shows a red light when not charging and a blue when when charging.
This unit just works, as intended, either from a USB plug adapter or from my laptop USB socket.
Summary: simple and effective; makes charging effortless.
Works just as advertised
As others have said, don't worry about the fact that this comes with an "EU plug" - it's a travel adapter that fits onto the end of a usb cable. Just plug it direct into a laptop, or any other charger you have lying around.

The Charger works well, doesn't get too hot when in use and the charging zone doesn't appear to need the device to be positioned exactly on the pad.

The face mat of Silicone really helps the devices stay put on the charging plate also, so if you need it to be at an angle, it can be with no issues.
Great wireless charger
When I first took the charger pad out of the box I was disappointed to find that it was another device manufactured in china, with a dodgy english translation manual which notes at almost every point (including leaving it plugged in) can lead to an electrical fire. Not put off completely by this I took the charger pad out of it's little plastic bag and was pleasantly surprised at the build quality.

As this charger was to replace a cheap ebay one which whistled and hissed when charging, I immediately plugged it in and sat my phone on top, not a sound - perfect!

on top of that the silicone feet and main surface of the charger ensure the device stays put and it charges in lots of odd out of alignment angles which the cheapy one didn't.

as a final bonus as it lives on my bedside table the power/charging indicator LED isn't too bright, it doesn't illuminate the whole room at night!

Overall very happy, shame about the chinese to english manual, but really who needs a manual for a wireless charging pad?!
Excellent product
Excellent product and speedy delivery. Thank you
A must have
If your device is capable of wireless charging them a wireless charger is a must. I use mine at work where I would normally place my phone on my desk - now my phone is being charged at the same time. The charger itself is slim and well designed. The EU plug is handy if you travel as it can be used for usb charging of other devices. The charger can be plugged into any usb plug.
Great item
Worked straight out of the box for my note 3, highly recommend why pay 3 times as much this is perfect.
Great product
Bought this for my girlfriend to avoid the fuss of finding the cable on the bedside table before bed - does exactly that. Works fine with non-standard bumper case fitted to phone.
induction phone charger
good bit of kit
Brilliant Charger
I bought this for my Nexus 5. It works perfectly with the Armourdillo case I bought here too. Don't be put off by the euro plug statement. It's a USB cable that plugs into a euro adapter, so will work with any USB adapter plug (like all phone chargers are these days!) I plug mine direct into the USB on my computer anyway, so there's no problems. Highly recommend to you all. Once this was in stock and shipped, it arrived next day. Top marks again for mobile fun's delivery process.

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