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Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The sleek, ultra slim design with fully integrated wireless charging capabilities. The charging plate has a built in intelligent circuit protection design which cuts the power off as soon as your device is fully charged.
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 4.1 stars from 36 customers

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Nice piece of equipment looks nice on any desk. The blue light to show charging is a great benefit.
Good solution!
The Qi Charging Plate keeps my Note 3 topped up at all times without wearing out the USB connector. Charging is slower than with a cable, but easily fast enough. It does warm the phone up a bit, but nowhere near as much as others have suggested with other wireless plates. My only criticism is that positioning of the phone on the pad is quite sensitive - you must make sure that it is placed centrally or it does not charge.
The plate is a little narrower than the width of a DVD case and just a little longer, so quite easy to find a spot for. The plate is supplied with a UK three pin charger (Feeding 19V). The top edge is elevated to incorporate the blue LED (which indicates when it is charging). I use the plate within the front room so does not keep me awake, but if the phone is placed on the plate i cannot see the LED except if standing right over it.

It has been charging an iPhone 6 without issues at all, and by estimates is fully charged from 10% within two hours. The plate charges the phone to a wireless phone adapter (ref 49399) through a leather case without any problem at all. The distance for charging is about 7mm or 12 standard business cards. Meaning it'll charge through most cases with no problem at all.

In charging an iPhone 6 once full charge is reached it does pop a message on the phone screen about the accessory might be incompatible, but that has not been an issue as the phone is fully charged.

Using the plate is very convenient especially when the case in use incorporates port protectors, allowing ease of charging while keeping the port protected at all times.

All in all no fault can be found with the plate, besides the pop up message at the end of the charge cycle, great product.
Great device
Charging port has broken on my phone so instead of buying a new phone I thought I'd get this device, works perfectly 5 stars because it saved me about £400
It charges!
I can no longer charge my S3 by plugging it in so opted for wireless charging.

This charger does the job. Phone gets a bit hot after leaving it on there for a few hours. Sometimes I have to place the phone on it a couple of times before it starts charging. The blue light indicating when it is charging is very handy.
Not too bad for a new technology
Wireless charging is a really neat idea that is still struggling to get traction. This device is a decent implementation but I expect the concept can be improved considerably. It is slower to charge than using USB, and you waste some time jiggering around with the phone to get it into the correct position.

The blue light is very useful because it tells you that it is charging, without that you could never position the phone correctly.

Also, the charging surface gets warm during operation, and the back of the phone heats up too. Clearly some energy is lost to heat in the conversion. This is when charging a Nexus-5 phone through a rubbery cover.
Superb A Must Have Gadget
A superb gadget, no more plugging and unplugging. Simply place your device on this flatbed charger and bingo is on charge. Simplicity the word.
Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate - Black
Arrived timely works fine. Only Problem UK only AC adapter. One must source an Australian AC adapter for the plug.
UK plug- needed adapter
I bought from this site because it appeared to be an Australian site. However the product shipped from the UK and arrived with UK plugs. I had to go buy adapters and the plug takes up twice as much space on the power point now. I would have bought from somewhere else if I'd known- rather annoyed at MobileZap >:(

As for the product, the blue light is quite bright and lights up the bedroom at night- I kind of like this though. Also it stops working if it's too close to large metal objects- like a biscuit tin.

Other than this, the product works well and charges my phone fast.

Oh, and the manual had an amusing turn of phrase regarding pacemakers ;)
Great price
Hi it's a great item in a very good price! The phone charging with no problem sometime just gets little hot the charger and the phone as well but I think it's not a big problem ;). Just left your phone on the charger on night and in the morning the battery is fully charged. It's that easy and it will not overcharged your battery because when it's 100% charger automatic stop charging your phone :). Really recommend.
The charger is perfect for just puting either the Nexus 5 or 7 on overnight for charging.
good unit ,does seem to charge a little slower than ac adaptor
This product works well. Only caver is it seems to charge a little slower than ac adaptor , however I have only had phone less than a week so it could be a perception thing and not the case in reality. It can get a little warm after hours of use . it will only charge one phone at a time . I tried 2 nexus 5 on pad , no go. Also when phone is fully charged blue light that indicates charging ongoing stays on which is a disappointment because there is no easy visual sign to indicate charging has been completed. Maybe if phone is turned off before placing on charger it will turn off? Good quality materials and solid build.
What's that saying.. Any technology sufficiently advanced is indestingishable from magic? I may be paraphrasing it, but never has that been more true than with wireless charging.

It goes against everything you know about electricity and conductivity. It works though and it's amazing, really amazing. When I held the phone off the plate and it was still charging I couldn't believe it, I could see air between the charger and phone, but it was still getting power. It's insane and I LOVE it! If your phone has wireless charging capability get one now, no more plugging your phone in, just drop it on the charging plate and forget about it.
work's a treat
Bought this for the wife's nexus 5 just put the phone on the pad watch the blue light come on and it's charging.
If you want to charge an s4 you will need the wireless charging adapter for it, once fitted it charges the s4 a treat as well so only one charger for all phones now.
Works great.
Looked at several Qi wireless chargers for my Nexus 5 and decided to give this one a try with no regrets. Even works when phone is in Ringke SLIM case.

It's not a quick charge by any means but ideal for folk like me who charge their phone during the night.
Good product
I bought the white one for my nexus 4. The plate is very light but the adapter is slighty heavy, the charger has a nice look for its price. When you charge the phone for the first time, the two devices take a while to adapt to each other, then the blue light appears and the phone begins to charge. A wireless charger is not something that you must have but its cool.It's slightly slower than your wired charger and another downside is that you have to keep your phone at a specific position for it to charge unlike more expensive qi chargers on which you just keep your phone anywhere on the plate but you will get used to it once you figure out where you should keep your device. The pros of this charger are that being a qi charger it has a very low power consumption when there is no device on the plate. It is convenient and does work with the bumper case, looks cool with battery widget screen saver. It does preserve the port over long run. Its a good product for its price. 4/5
Excellent Service From Mobile Fun
I bought a Qi Universal Wireless Charging Plate from Mobile Fun in April, the unit went faulty in September and I requested a replacement as it was still in the 1 year warranty period. Mobile Fun requested that I take it to the return point in my area and within a couple of days I had a replacement unit.I consider this to be excellent service as I expected the unit would be sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired. I am very happy with the working of the unit and will be ordering another from Mobile Fun for a member of the family.
Strangely, it seems to work
Tried it twice now, and it works. It makes a better connection than the micro-USB cable supplied by Google/LG - which always falls out during charging. Unfortunately I have to remove the phone from its new Case to make the connection - but it's still an improvement on the cable. And it's neat. I wish the light came on when the Qi Plate was powered-up, rather than when it connects to the phone. This threw me at first.
Good purchase
The charging plate is nice and ready to use if you have a compatible phone. You have to align the charging coil with the qi symbol on the base plate. But thats expected.
very impressive
Just received my charging plate, delivery was very quick, ordered it yesterday, the product is very impressive, even looks smart and it nice to be able to just pop phone on top to charge.
charging plate
does exactly what it says on the box. its brill
Works well
No complaints. Works well.

Note that the base requires a somewhat odd 19V DC power supply. I was hoping to use this unit in a bespoke setup in a car, but the 19V DC power supply requirement makes this a bit trickier than hoped.

What is more impressive to me is MobileZap's service. I had originally ordered this item along with a bunch of other things but when I received my package this item was missing. I contacted MobileZap, half expecting to be politely told to go to hell. Instead I promptly received the missing item by courier at no extra charge! Excellent service, MobileZap!
Nearly brilliant
The pad does what it says, is convenient and stylish.
The instructions talk about following 'the magnetic guidance ...for correct charging area' which neither I nor the help desk can understand. It is not clear whether the alignment is important, but it does seem that the position of the phone on the pad makes a difference.
Also, the blue 'charging' indicator is quite bright in a dark bedroom.
warranty terms
hi! i wish to buy this charger for my phone. but before ordering, i would like to confirm whether or not this product comes with an year or more of mfg. warranty? also, if the product comes with some damage proof packing?
wireless chager
very handy no wires,
coming place on plate,
only draw back is if you leave phone on it and it starts again the phone sounds a tone so do not leave on at night in the bedroom.
Works as it should
Tested it with a few devices now and even the fussy nexus 4 works fine on here. Going to order the white version for my office
Excellent product
Item arrived promptly.
No setting up other than plugging in.
Charging light is good as it doesn't overcharge.
Perhaps the laze persons way of charging a phone.
Great product shame about just being placed in a box with no padding. item arrived scratched and the box was broken.. seems like you got your money and I got the scratched item in the broken box!
Item was power connector and charging plate.. it seemed like the prongs on the charger power pack scratched the plate..
Works a treat but like having a Disco on your desk
I am using one of these with my Nexus 4 having searched long and hard for a Qi charger that would work (The Nokia plate did not work with the Nexus 4). And work it does. When you first place the phone onto it, nothing might happen for 10 seconds or so while the devices seem to acclimatise with each other. But then the MASSIVE blue light starts to flash and you are away.

But I have to be honest - a 'beautiful clear LED indicator' it is not. At about 2 inches wide it is a very big flashing blue light that would not look out of place on the top of a fire engine. You won't be having this next to your bed shall we say.

But it it does charge the phone - no more micro USB plugging and unplugging. It's about the sixe of a sheet of A5 and the phone can sit anywhere near the middle. I also have a (at leat 1.5mm thick) rubber case on the phone and the charger still works through that. It does get hot too but not uncomfortably so.

I like it and it's virtually the only one out there at the moment while we wait for Google and LG to pull their finger out with all the 'official' Nexus 4 accessories. I've docked it a star for the big light which looks tacky, cheap and daft.

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