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Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enable wireless charging for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without replacing your back cover or case with this Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter.
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 4.3 stars from 15 customers

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This is excellent way of charging the phone.
I had no Problem attaching this to the Note 3 and and started charging.
Now i have a note 3 with wireless charging capabilities.
Good solution!
I purchased this together with a Qi Wireless Charging Plate to reduce the wear on the connector on my Note 3. Installation is simple and the combination works well. I have the plate on my desk and simply drop the phone on top of it while I'm working. It keeps the battery topped up and I'm not wearing out the delicate micro-USB connector. The phone does warm up a bit, but nowhere near as much as other reviewers have suggested for similar solutions.
GOOD NEWS: It really works, and you can keep your original backplate, without a fuss.

BAD NEWS: It gets really HOT - phone and charging pad, makes me pretty concerned about battery's long term health.

OVERALL: A useful purchase for those who prefer or fancy wireless charging.
Great Idea
The product is a great idea and to be able to fit it without changing the rear cover was a bonus. I did find that it got extremely hot in use even when only toping up the battery and was concerned it would eventually fry the battery.
Works but...
I bought this with the Qi charging pad and used it in my Note 3. The unit looks good and works BUT.. the charging is so slow that I couldn't get a full charge even overnight...

This might help keep your battery topped up if it's almost full and you need a place for it on your work desk.. otherwise not OK for regular/fast charging.. The technology is not mature enough yet and not the fault of the charger..
I love it as long as it has a compatible QI cherging pad.
Absolutely Perfect
This adapt is perfect. You can wirelessly charge your note 3 WITHOUT having to change the back cover. That also means that your phone case will fit too. Exactly the reason why I bought the product. Works perfectly but ONLY works with a QI charging pad.
PROs and CON'S
GOOD NEWS: AS ADVERTISED, this is so small that it fits under the original cover and it fits with 3rd party protective case and holster.

MEDIOCRE NEWS: Delivery is not fast. We all understand back orders but from date of shipping 10/25 to delivery 11/4, (10 days to the USA) isn't terrible but it also isn't great.

BAD NEWS: There are no installation instructions. As simple as it appears, there is a way to do it wrong.
The charger has two terminals and the phone has three.
Which two phone terminals do I align to?
What happens if I get it wrong?

FORTUNATELY I guessed right. Using the TOP TWO contacts on the Note 3 (Left side of battery) worked and the phone is charging on the stand.

Happy to do business with Mobile Fun

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