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Pudini Book Flip and Stand Case for Motorola Moto G - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Pudini Flip and Stand Case in blue offers high protection for your Motorola Moto G. It provides a perfect fit and stylish design as well as a built in stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43141
$17.25 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 22 customers

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As described
I wanted a simple case without a magnetic catch. This is just that. The colour wouldn't suit everyone but is fine for me!
best phone cover
bought like 6 covers for my phone in the past year since buying my motorola moto g.this cover is clearly the best one.looks like a big piece of gold.it fits my phone perfectly.opens and closes easily.best of all its much cheaper than a motorola cover but the quality is better.
Does what it says on the tin.
Non magnetic case which doesn't interfere with the compass facility on the Moto g phone. The phone is held firmly within the case but the front cover will not stay closed as the 'sucker' barely works. This doesn't greatly bother me as it stays shut to protect the screen when in my pocket.
Magnet free case for moto g/4g
I was looking for a magnet free case, I also own a Nexus 7 and know how magnets can interfere with and mess up compass apps starmap apps etc. Not wanting this to happen to my Moto phone I searched for one without magnets and found this one. It is the perfect answer. If they make one similar to this one for the Nexus 7 it would be great. I have since bought another one for my wife's Moto g, what more can I say!
Just what I was looking for
I sometimes use the an azimuth compass app on my phone and any case with a magnetic catch renders this unusable. I had been looking for a flip case which does not employ a magnet and these are few and far between. This black case is attractive, has pleasant tactile qualities and affords good protection. The cut-outs align well and, after a bit of practice, it is still possible to get a screen capture using the on/off and volume switches. It is still just as easy to use the camera and the flash functions as it did without the case. The speaker is as clear with the case as without. I was a bit sceptical about the sucker fastening but it actually works really well, keeping the case safely closed when the phone is not in use but also offering minimal resistance when opening the case. The notification light is covered which may bother some people - but not me. I would recommend this case to anyone who is suspicious of magnets!
Moto g case
Excellent product, plastic sucker prevents problems with apps using a compass as seems to be the problem with magnetic cases.
Case gives more protection to camera lens.
I would have preferred the inner case to be black similar to the outside, but that's nit picking.
All in all extremely good.
does the job a treat
This case does what it says. I like the little sucker pad that keep the case shut because it doesn't mark the screen but just holds it shut. It's by no means a 'popper' click that holds it securely but does the job in my pocket. It's a little bit plasticy but then again its slim and neat. The hard case surround on the phone is a good fit but the buttons for on/off and volume are tucked away a little bit, just like the camera lense of which I like. I mention this because if you have pork chop fingers you may find a little fiddly. All in all I'm very pleased with it and it doesn't look bad at all and does the intended job well. Swift despatch and arrived on time
Good case
This case is decent quality and fits well, the little sucker does leave a slight mark on the screen/protector but no more than my fingers do.
Neat Case
I wanted a phone case that was unfussy but offered good protection for my Moto G.
The Pudini Book Flip fits the bill perfectly, I particularly like the absence of a magnetic catch which I know can cause problems for mobiles. very pleased with this product.
Good cover
Good cover which protects screen and reasonably light as well. Great alternative to magnetised covers. Delivery a little slow ,however delivery date was close to a bank holiday weekend.
So Simple - So Effective
It was important for me to find a cover for my phone that did not have a magnetic catch as it might have created problems when using the compass facility. I had also read that some people found magnets would interfer with the operation of the Moto G phone. ~This cover is brilliant in that not only did it have a small suction pad to keep the phone closed, it also formed a support to watch videos etc. It was a perfect fit and the service from Mobile Fun was prompt and for a change realistic postage charges. Very pleased with my purchase.
Neat phone cover
I am really pleased with my Pudini book flip cover. It fits really neatly around the phone and looks good. It is light and flexible. The cover folds back on itself if you want when making calls. It does the job really well. I have a black one with textured look - I like the look of it.
This item arrived promptly and well packaged.
I love the case, its exactly as it appears in the images I viewed on line.
One thing I didn't realise about this item is that it has a little suction cup on the inside of the case which sticks to the phone screen to stop it from flapping about which is fab!
Good value!!
Book flip/stand case Motorola Moto G, gold
Perfect fit for phone, compact, lightweight. Attractive faux leather grain matte finish, not too bling-y. Folds for standing will need some wearing in; a bit stiff as yet.
Very good with one exception
This phone case cover is great, it's light and not bulky at all. The only issue is there is no hole/gap for the notification light.
Very nice case, but...........
Chose this case because it had no magnet. Fits the Moto G very well and I like the textured effect on the outer casing. Only thing is it doesn't stay closed - the sucker meant for that purpose is useless. I have to use a elasticated band around it to keep it closed when not in use - not good for the price!
Great case with no magnet
After looking for a case without a magnetic clasp this was ideal. Designed to protect the moto g whilst leaving all ports (on/off, volume ,headphone and charger) acessible. They all line up perfectly and the camera is useable with the case on too. As a bonus the back of the case has a section which can fold , allowing you to stand up the phone! I am sure the plastic backing will protect my phone well and the front is thinner but will still prevent scratches from keys etc. The front is held close by a little suction cup. finally the design on the case is very nice to look at. All in all a great case at a great price. I am very happy with it
does the job
just received my moto g fone case it is a very good fit but i thought it would have a clasp to keep it shut tight and not flap open not that great.

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