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Proporta Samsung Galaxy S2 Alu-Leather Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crafted from the finest quality leather, the precious screen of your Samsung Galaxy S2 remains protected
  • Mobile Fun ID 29758
$37.16 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 24 customers

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Presentable and practical
Well pleased with this case as it not only protects my phone but looks very smart and stylish too.
Proporta Samsung Galaxy S2 Alu-Leather Case - Black.
Best user point is the flap can be used to support the phone in upright mode: landscape or portrait. It is of high quality and has now been in daily use for 2 years. The clips which hold the phone on the base can get in the way of periferal touch screen selections. They also lost the padding after a year or so and needed some repair however the case is still untorn and looks good externally. However after a recent wetting, the base part has separated. If I am able to glue it back, it should be ok.
A very good product
I must say that while selecting this product on funmobile site, I initially chose some other product. However since that item was out of stock, I ordered this Alu-leather case for my daughter's s2. But after receiving this item I must confess this is one of the best cases we have seen for this phone. I now want a similar type of alu-leather case for my Samsung Note N7000. I think the same is not available. Jowever I can wait.
Stylish and fit for purpose
Looks great and fits my phone like a glove. Offers great protection. Feels and looks like a truly quality product. Delighted with my purchase and the fast delivery service.
Didn't use my phone before it came
One of the best things I have ever purchased. I have dropped my phone twice, and the case has provided good protection both times. The real beauty is that I can use the phone with the case on. Love it!.
Not what I thought
The aluminium plate seems to shield the phones aerial so that signals are blocked and thje phone battery runs down fast trying to establish a connection.
Samsung Galaxy S2 Alu-Leather Case - Black.
Excellent product.
Someone commented that the securing strap with magnetic fastener gets in way: I have no problem, especially if folded backwards and clipped behind unit.
Also unofficially doubles as a stand for portrait or landscape viewing.
My only criticisms are:
1) the logo under the cover leaves a slight imprint on the plastic screen protector whilst in pocket.
2) Sliding in and out switches the side buttons.
Generally phone manufacturers need to get to grips with coordinating protective covers with car and desk docking stations so they all work together!
Hidden problem with Case
This case is great at protection however the Aluminium plate shields the phone internal aerial so the phone is polling for the network and the battery does not last long as this is a battery drain. Not recommended
Samsung Galaxy S2 Alu Leather Case-Black
Speedy service and a very quick return on the first item sent,which
was incorrect. Many thanks, it was exactly what I wanted.
Alu Leather case
The case looks very good, and offers good protection. However the lightly sprung pieces that hold the phone in place have very quickly weakened allowing the phone to move around a lot. This has only be rectified by putting a thing piece of pvc each side to line the holder brackets, and now the phone is held rigid.
Great accessory
Strong case, padded soft leather. Love it exactly what I wanted.
Very smart and well made
The leather case was as I expected - lovely stitches in white on black leather giving good protection, and with a magnetic catch. It does increase the overall size of the phone, but that's obvious. Recommended.
Almost exactly what I was looking for
I've only had it a week or so but this case is great. It holds my S2 really firmly, has cutouts for the camera and headphones socket, and the case folds right back on itself so the phone can still be used with both hands when it is on its side.

One star off because it occasionally feels like the clip that keeps it closed gets in the way when it is open.
Great Case for an Amazing phone
This samsung galaxy s2 alu-leather case has a good, quality feel to it, the leather is nice and soft, but feels like it will stand up to some abuse!!
the aluminium plate is a great feature that's meant to protect the screen if the phone is dropped. I haven't tested this feature yet though, and don't intend to either!!
the flip catch feels solid and closes with a magnetic popper. The only problem i've found is the 2 side clips that hold the phone in place have moved apart slightly so it isn't held as securely as it could be, although my phone doesn't fell like it will fall out of the case just yet!
aside from that i'm really pleased with the case and would recommend it to anyone with a samsung galaxy s2.
Does not hold the phone securely.
I recently bought one of these covers for the Samsung phone and it does not hold the phone securely, which is dissapointing.

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