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Proporta Leather Case with Aluminium Lining for iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Apple iPhone 4S / 4 protected from knocks and drops with the luxurious black leather flip case with a tough sheet of aluminium lining from Proporta.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25184
$38.92 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 159 customers

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Very nice iPhone case
This case looks smart, it grips the phone well and with its aluminium lining gives the impression that the phone will be very well protected.
Great case... smart and effective
A well made and strong case... very smart and business like. Can charge the phone without taking the case off. Clearly well constructed and looks like it will last a long time
Great Case
Order arrived promptly . Case is great ,well designed, good quality and with aluminium provides excellent protection.
A touch of class!
Fantastic case for my iPhone. The phone fits in tightly and securely and the case is beautifully made. I like the flip cover. Only downside so far is that whilst there is a hole for the camera lens when you open the case and the cover is flipped over it obscures the lens. Doesn't bother me as I hardly take any pictures. Overall a thoroughly great accessory which i would recommend.
An excellent quality phone case
I wanted a quality phone case to protect my phone but to also look great, this case ticked all the boxes.
The case feels and looks like quality but most importantly it is protective.
The leather is soft and the aluminium is strong but light.
The phone fits in so easily yet remains held in place safely.
All of the phone's controls and feature are as easy to access.
The case give's the impression it is part of the phone and no way detracts from the phone's quality.
Excellent product and easy to recommend.
Lovely case
I like this already, a lovely matte finish and an excellent fit. It arrived promptly too.
Excellent protection
Just what I needed to protect an expensive phone from disaster should I have the misfortune to drop it. Item was as described and delivered within 24 hours, excellent service well done MobileFun
Replacement case, but the same phone.
This is my second case,and was purchased because the previous one has served me well for 4 years, its well made, and protects the phone well, as an engineer the case takes a lot of scrapes and scratches but my phone could still be sold as new. What more do you want from a case ??
Really strong and well made
I am delighted with this case which I have just received. I had previously used a really flimsy leather one which fell to bits in 4 months.This case is well made, classy to look at and the phone fits it very well. It is a little bit heavy but hey you can't have everything.
Exactly as stated, soft leather case.solid front & access to all phone controls.

Well happy
Perfect protection
Looks great,easy fit - does the job.
Just the job
Got the case in 48 hours, protects the phone well, easy to remove and replace, sturdy and stylish would recommend it to anyone with an iPhone 4S who wants to look after it
Good Quality Phone Case
The Proporta Alu-Leather Case for the iPhone 4S is a good quality case, well made and keeps the iPhone secure and screen safe with its built in Aluminium plate. A couple of negatives; the flap leather hinge could be more substantial and I would prefer if the flap hinge folded down instead of up.
Great Product
It looked good online and the reviews were not bad so I ordered one. It arrived next working day and was everything I could have hoped for! It has a stylish look and Is very well made, and offers great protection for your mobile. I WILL be buying more; for gifts and another one for myself! Almost forgot to say that I've had my case for nearly two weeks and it works extremely well. I really wouldn't want to be without it.
proporta iphone4s case
i recently bought the proporta iphone 4s case and am very please with it ,it's made from top quality materials..looks and feels great and gives the iphone great protection,i would reccommend this case to anyone it just oozes quality and style. 10/10
Perfect Proporta iPhone Case
Really delighted with the Proporta Alu-Leather case for my iPhone4. A perfect fit which securely holds and protects my iPhone. Sophisticated appearance, - looks as though it cost at least twice as much as I paid for it!
It really does the job too. Thinking of buying a few more as gifts for family and friends.
Needed to protect my phone
I needed to protect my phone in my handbag from scratches etc. This case is brilliant and easy to slip the iPhone into ready for use.
I was worried about scratching the surface and this is is the answer.

Ordered mid afternoon, delivered 8.30 am next day. Cant get better than that
Excellent quality. Perfect. Ideal to prevent scratches to iphone screen which I understand happens alot. It holds 'closed' in place even in depths of a huge handbag too which worried me going from a flip phone to a smartphone. I have seen other protection cases but wanted to ensure I had screen protected. You can still charge it and use headphones whilst in place. Cant rate it enough.

Ordered late afternoon received next morning - by normal post.
Have used mobilefun before and as per usual 100% brilliant service and products
Timely arrival
Superb timely delivery within 12 hours. This is a high end luxury item of quality. The case fits really well, looks great and I'm impressed with it's quality, have already shown off this case to my work colleagues. I think if you buy this stylish item you too will be impressed.
Proporta iphone leather case
Excellent product and super quick delivery - perfect for the iphone 4 and 4s. It gives your phone full protection whilst allowing you to access all important parts.
The perfect solution
Having searched high and low for a suitable phone cover including airports and the apple store I then asked the question on google and up came mobile fun and the name immediately appealed to me as did the cover and the rest is history .....I am more than satisfied........
Very satisfactory product
I am delighted with the well constructed case that holds & protects my iPhone to my entire satisfaction
Perfect cover
I love this cover. After reading countless reviews on other cheaper products, I decided there was no point having a great phone in a cheap cover. This holder & cover keeps the phone held safely and securely, keeps the screen free from scratches in my bag but is quick to open when it rings as there's only a magnet catch. I think it's worth every penny & looks good too.
Quality Finish
Fits like a Glove and the cover stays closed and in place when required. Practical, well designed, detail stitching and high quality leather finish. If I had a 2nd choice I would choose this case again for my 4S.
Really nice finish
Allows use of all features of the iPhone 4 and looks livery smart.
xmas present
I bought this product for my husbands xmas as he recently got iphone 4s. This fits like a glove and he thinks this cover is great. It fits perfectly and is well padded but not bulky.
Proporta Alu-Leather Case For iPhone 4S
Although this case is more expensive than some others, my example is very well made and better quality than almost all of the other cases that I have seen. I have also not had any of the other issues reported here; the iPhone 4S fits perfectly and I have not had any problems with the case flap operating the buttons on the phone. It does however make the phone a little bulky due to the thickness of the case. Overall a very good product.
exactly what i wanted
After paying out a lot of money for the iphone 4s i needed a good case to protect it and would not hamper the use of the phone,i think i have found the best available one on the market,not only does it protect the phone it also looks so stylish
Looks good but can restrict use
The product is very good quality and looks good, but can restrict the use of the keyboard due to the side strips (which are used to hold the case to the phone) unless you rotate the phone on its side.
No Good
Purchased in july, I have got to return it after just 4 months due to inner sheathing peeling off. Not the cheapest of cases to buy, so it represents awful value for money. Not good at all, I would have a look at some other cases.
Great cover
I first purchased this cover two days after getting my new I phone, I had been told off everyone how easy to break the I phone is so thought I best invest in a substantial case. After pricing them in the apple shop etc and being shocked at how expensive they were (some were over £50) I was thrilled to find this case on amazon. When it arrived I was so impressed with quality etc the leather is excellent quality and looks much more expensive. However, after only having it for ten days the leather trim started to come away down the side exposing the aluminium inside, I contacted mobile fun who were outstanding in there response I sent it back using there free returns and had a new case by return of post. Touch wood up to now this case shows no wear and is a lovely as the original. I like this case so much I am going to order another as a Xmas present for someone. I honestly believe the first one was just a one off faulty case and mobile fun dealt with it all excellently, 100 percent for customer service.
A step backwards
Having used a Proporta case for over a year which has been a good buy but showing it's wear I ordered this as a replacement. There has been couple of redesign features. The case now holds the phone in a neat cradle - a definite plus. But a piece of moulding has been added over the Home button. Unfortunately if you keep your phone in your trouser pocket, as I do, it is far too easy to activate the Voice Control function. Whilst it is interesting to discover who IOS thinks you are trying to call it makes this case useless for me. This is sad as in other respects it is well made, very protective and stylish.
I just want to be fair this from the best website ever i dealed with for many reasons,firstly the item very suitable for the price ,secondly quite fast delivery ,finally good quality ,honest

If you want a great quality well made case this is it
Stylish practical cover
An excellent case for the iPhone 4. Fits very snugly and no danger of the phone falling out. Good quality leather and very stylish with contrasting inside. Apertures for camera are not obscured by the cover. All controls are easily accessable. Excellent prompt service from MobileFun.
Good sturdy case but......
I bought this case as I need extra protection for my iphone during working hours. The case is sturdy and very well made and I wouldnt have hesitated to give it 5 stars except that when you slide the phone into the case it digs a big groove into my screensaver / protector at each side, which if it wasnt fitted could possibly scratch the screen. All in all ok but if the above problem was overcome it would be a best buy.
Bought this to make sure my new phone stayed looking that way and have been impressed as this wallet does just that.
A well made and good looking case,
offers good all round protection, without smothering the phone.
I really like it !!
Just what I was looking for
I am very happy with the case for my iphone 4. It looks the biz, really good quality leather and I think it compliments my phone. It is money well spent. I can be clumsy at times and I have already dropped my phone a couple of times! Thanks to the case my phone has been protected. I hate to see scratches etc on mobile screens and this case is brilliant for protecting it.
After reading some of the comments I was a little concerned that my phone would slip out of the case. There is no problem of that. Also people have commented about obstruction to the lens and ports. All I can say is, are they talking about the same cover as mine fits really well! As for the comment about the phone falling out of the case when held upside down, who would want to hold it upside down!ridiculous comment. My phone fits in it a treat and feels secure. The cover does fit a little over the edges of the screen and is a little close to the keys on the edges but you get use to that. The only other little prob is I do tend to put my phone in the back pocket of my jeans when walking my dog and a couple of times the phone has unlocked and called a random number however, who's to say it couldn't have happened without the case.
I have never owned an iphone before, so I don't know about bad signals etc. I can only say I have not found a problem with this. The pros outway the cons and I would definately recommend this cover to anyone, and when I change my phone in the future I will be looking for another proporta cover to fit it. Excellent value for the money and a quick delivery too.
Excellent Case quickly delivered
An excellent and good quality case that gives outstanding protection. My iPhone4 fits very snugly into the case and the magnetic cover closure seems very secure. As in the video the aluminium strengthened front cover will protect my screen forever I'm sure. The case does slightly intrude over the bottom and side of the screen but not too much, and I see that as a good compromise for getting a good fit. Must also add a great delivery - ordered at 5:45pm and came next day.
Not practical
Great leather and fantastic screen protection but not pratical if you put it in you pocket or bag as the flap turns on you voise control which calls anyone on your contacts. Because of this I feel this is money lost. As I'm unable to use it.
Great case
Protects the iphone well & looks good. The case holds the phone safely and has also seemed to help with the signal because your hand is not directly touching the phone. Overall I am very pleased.
Great product and great service. Not the best if you take a lot of photos.
Classic case to protect iPhone 4
Having bought a Proporta case for a PDA several years ago I had no hesitation in opting for this case for my iPhone. It is well made, looks attractive and affords great protection to the phone's screen. When reading previous reviews, I was a little concerned about how securely the phone would be held in place and how easy it would be for it to fall out. However, this is not so and looking at some photos it looks as though the case has been re-designed slightly as the sides that grip the phone now appear to be made of a covered metal rather than leather sides and so will not stretch and reduce grip over time. The overall look of the case remains the same though. I have had no difficulty taking photos whilst the phone is still within the case although two hands are needed to ensure the front cover does not obscure the lens. For decent well focused pictures two hands should be used anyway. Similarly, I have not experienced any difficulty when using the keyboard's extremities, even though I have quite chubby fingers. The case also seems to improve the signal quality of the phone which was a problem for me before I bought the case. This case complements the great looks of the iPhone and increases the size very little. I have no hesitation in recommending it for serious consideration by would be purchasers.
Excellent protection; just the job!
1) Well made
2) Exceelent fit - all the right cut-outs
3) Very good quality for the price
4) Looks very neat/smart
5) Only slight problem is that the flap can get in the way of the camera
6) Super service from yourselves
i-phone cover
A great cover just what I wanted.
Excellent Case
Good quality, fits well, looks great and protects well. Highly recommend.
Great case
Really pleased I decided on this one as it's great quality and fits the phone really well
Nice case for the iPhone 4
This case is very nice, it feels good and is well made. The phone fits nicely inside and all the controlls are easily accessed. The phone is easily removed if necessary and it feels as though it would give good protection if dropped. Shame it does not come in other colours.
Good quality case...
Overall a good quality case...only minor issue is: sometimes voice control gets activated if front cover pushed against phone e.g. if phone is in your pocket.
Exactly what I wanted.
This is an excellent bit of kit. Good quality leather with an excellent finish. The Iphone fits nicely inside and all the controls are available. I regular dropped previous phones so needed a case that would offer full protection. This case does exactly that. Two minor irritations are that the flap gets in the way a bit when taking photos having to hold the flap,the phone and push the camera button is a bit fiddly. It is also awkward to type the letters close to the edge due to the housing. However these are minor and I would recommend to anyone wanting great protection.
alu leather case
Brilliant case;iphone4 fits nicely inside,keep the plastic cover in place having cut out for ear piece & Camera, then phone would not fall out even up side down
just what the doctor ordered
As a farmer my phone is my office !!
when outside all day my phone gets everything from dust dirt wet and being dropped so this case is just the ticket!!

The Best!
The Proporta Aluminium reinforced leather Iphone 4 case is stunning to look at and yet provides a degree of protection not afforded by other cases.

In my work I come across a whole range of mobile phone accessories, the majority of which are 'middle of the road'.

I wanted something special but not ludicrously expensive for my own phone and the Proporta couldn't be better.

It holds the device snugly, reveals all the ports and switches, provides knock and scuff protection and looks a million pounds!

Thoroughly recommended.
cool safe protection for iphone
Received order today. There is no comparison to other covers. From flimsy, to good looks at double the cost, this case offers value, plain but really nice lines, and above all, armour plated without showing. Thin/sleek. I would, and will recommend, and I have,nt used it yet. I don,t think i,m wrong. Thanks guys.
just what i needed
Very good cover fits the iphone 4 very well.
Alu-Leather Case For iPhone 4 - Black
I tried buying clear plastic shields and side and back surround case for my new iPhone 4 ... forget all that ... I am more than happy with this leather case. It protects the iPhone's glass case with the flip lid, and the all round padding ensures that the rest of the phone is looked after as well.
Nice looking!
Great cover which doees protect the iphone. Fit is looser now after a few months use which has meant a few near misses with phone falling out. I take iphone out of the case to take photos which can be abit fiddly. All in all a good case for the money.
The case for my iPhone 4
This case I bought from mobile fun. It's arrived next day well done mobile fun
Case it self is very good quilty leather is very good
My iPhone 4 fits in so lovely and case is slim nice fitting I am very please with case and service
The best iPhone 4 case I have encountered
Perfect fit, hardly increases size of phone and with a flick of finger, entire phone face is available as if no case fitted. All mobiles should have cases like this.
Fantastic case, great service
Lovely case, just smell the real leather. Offers very good shock protection given the aluminium under the flap. Really well made.

Ordered this yesterday, and it arrived today - nice one, mobilefun.
Top case for iPhone 4
Excellent case I bought a few before I found this one and it is the best by far, I would definately recommend
pleased with quality
Ordered as a birthday present. The quality is very good and all the controls can be used without removing from the case. Would recommend to other i-phone owners.
Very well made iPhone 4 case
Buying a leather case from just a picture is risky but this is a creat case, very good fit to the phone but everything is accessible. Very good quality and finish. Great balance of protecting the phone but leaving it usable. Recommended.
Alu-Leather Case For iPhone 4 - Black
A lovely quality case into which the iPhone 4 fits perfectly. I have a very thin bumper on the phone to improve reception and the phone slips in and out without hassle. Looks good and feels good and easy to use all functions while in the case.
iphone case
Excellent. Snug fit, good protection. Looks good.
Cool case.
Good quality leather case, can be annoying at times trying to enter digits close to the edge as you have to move the case a wee bit. Be care not to rotate the case with the flap open as the phone will fall out, the case will loosen after a short while. Good protection all round, in general satisfied...
Very nicely made but .....
.... the thickness of the retaining leather can make pressing items at the edge of the touch screen difficult.
Made from good quality leather
Just right after slight adjustment
Noticed from previous reviews that the case slightly big, which was great because I wanted to keep the sock on as extra protection for my iphone. Now fits just right and camera view fine
Good Quality, however
Quality is excellent as ever with Proporta, however the iPhone 4 fits very loosely and will slide out if you are not careful.
First class service again from Mobilefun.
Splendid piece of kit
Fits perfectly. Other reviews have said that the fit is too loose, but I thought it was fine. Allows easy access to get the phone out to clean the screen etc. and the bright silver Proporta label on the front cover should tell you which way up it is so you resist the temptation to open the case upside down to let the phone fall out. Don't see why it doesn't work with the camera as one reviewer said. Just don't fold the cover all the way back! Can personally say that my phone survived a seven foot fall in the case without a scratch. Not the cheapest case but very well made and protects the phone well.
Easy ordering, fast delivery and delighted with the Alu-Leather case for iPhone4. Excellent quality, professional looking and fits like a glove! I love it.
Just perfect
Excellent quality and a very good product. Fits the iPhone 4 perfectly well. looks nice. I recommend this product
Useful case
I needed a case for my new iPhone4 so looked first to MobileFun. I'm very happy with this case although, at this price, I didn't expect, or get, an expensive look and feel.

My iPhone3GS case is in a differently league altogether but there again, it was considerably more expensive than this one. Pity it's a little too big for the iPhone4!

So well done, MobileFun. Fast efficient delivery as always and great prices!
Everything I expected
This iPhone case is superbly finished and has a very luxurious feel about it. The phone fits very snuggly and all the buttons are nicely accessible. Nice one!
Good - just one gripe
I have used this over the past few months and am satisfied with the quality and appearance.

However, one thing that I have found annoying is, when the case is open, the phone can slide out of the top. There have been occasions when I have been using the phone, got up without closing the cover and the phone has fallen on the carpet (luckily not concrete yet!).

If they add added something to stop the phone being able to slide out, this would be the perfect case.
Excellent protection
I have been using Proporta cases to protect my tech equipment for some years. My Palm pda, all of my previous'phones, and now my iPhone 4. I can't praise them enough for the quality and peace of mind that it brings. Buy Proporta.
This case is good quality leather, looks very smart and protects my lovely new Iphone4. Could not have found a better one for style or quality.
Very pleased with case & the service, I will use you again. Thanks.
Alu- leather Case for iPkone 4
Good fit, but beware if you open the case in any direction other than vertical as the phone can slip out.
Well made, smart and good value.
Good better than many cases I have seen for the iphone4, can be improved, top end to keep phone not to slide out from the top. I am happy with it.
Review of Alu-Leather Case For iPhone 4 - Black
I have had a number of cases for the iPhone 4 and this beats all by miles.
Excellent value and fantastic product.....well done.
Exactly what it says on the tin...literally
Has a quality feel, fits fairly well although could be a little tighter. Looks are stylish, & is well built. My only complaint is the product badge on flap operates the back button on the phone when in your pocket. If you face the badge side away from your body in your pocket it stops, but then it's back to front. Minor detail I suppose.
Very good product.
Perfect fit for Iphone4 with all the cut outs.

Excellent sevice.
Great case but has one fault
This is a really well made, smart leather case and gives great protection to the screen. However, do not tip upside down when the case is open or your precious iPhone will slide out and end up crashing to the floor! My simple solution was to just place a rubber band between the back of the phone and the case, stopping the phone fro sliding out if tipped upside down. Such a simple solution I don't understand why the manufacturer was not able to come up with a similar solution??
Serious protection
Having been very satisfied with 18 months hard wear of the Alu-Leather case on my Nokia (including no damage to the phone when it bounced out of bike bag onto the road) I immediately ordered one for my new iPhone 4. It arrived as promptly as usual from MobileFun, fits perfectly and allows access to all buttons and ports. OK, it makes the phone a bit bigger and heavier but that's a small price to pay to avoid a cracked screen.
Great looker, minir niggles
Case arrived exactly as promised on time. It looks great, and fits the iphone 4 well. A minor niggle i find using the keyboard difficult if you want to type Q P, 1 and 9 and - and the leather case gets in the way
Recently bought this for my dads iPhone and he is amazed at the quality of it all looks real nice around the phone defiantly the best choice !
Alu Leater case i phone 4
The leather case is made to a very high standard easy to use and gives fantastic protection for iPhone 4
Alu-Leather Case For iPhone 4 - Black
Excellent product, very well made & stylish. Good value & next day delivery.
Tremendous service & very good product range, continue the great service, will definetley use you in the future.
Alu Leather case for i-phone 4
I bought the Alu Leather case for my iPhone recently. The case arrived within two days and is excellent quality and protects my new phone as described. I paid much more for my cover for the iPhone 3GS.
This one is recommended.
Exactly what I was looking for
A nice look and feel to this case; well put together and nicely packaged. My minor dislikes are: the top edge of the inside part is not connected to the back so looks like it might flap about; there's a screw-head on the back which appears to serve no purpose (could be for a belt non-existent belt clip); and the fact that you can't take a photo when it's in the case so the camera window is pointless.
Otherwise it'll do!
Great BUT......
Great case, like the one I used for the iPhone 3 BUT the iPhone 4 case the phones falls out too easily AND the top left hand corder nees more strengthening
Proporta-Alu Leather case for Iphone 4
When my Proporta Alu-Leather case arrived it made all my searching worthwile because I was holding a quality leather case.
The Alu-Leather is made of, what feels like, high quality black leather with a nice grained effect. This is complemented by the contrasting hand stitching around all the seams and the cream leather on the inside of the flip cover. The Iphone 4 sits nicely in the case, the rear of the phone protected by pinstripped material. Secreted in the flip cover is a sheet of lightweight aluminium with the manufacturers name embossed and reveiled through a cut out. This aluminium provides a good level of screen protection but adds no bulk or weight to the case itself.
The Proporta offers a decent level of protection whilst not impeding in the use of the phone.
The case is equally suited to daily use as well as business as it is a quality item that sets the Iphone off beautifully.
The case is not cheap in comparison to some of the other leahter cases available but you get what you pay for. I can see the case easily lasting the life of the phone.
Well done Proporta on your 5 star case.
i phone 4 case
Was very impressed with both delivery service and quality of the product. Whilst protecting the phone through everyday use it also enhances the appearence. Very pleased with my purchase.
Very stylish
Very stylish, execuitve looking case for your iPhone. I was very pleased with the quality and look at a good price when compaired with the plastic ones available
Excellent Quality Leather Case
This case is excellent quality, very well made and sets the iphone 4 off perfectly.

The case is very sturdy and you can tell it offers good all round protection especially where the screen is concirned with its aluminium screen protection.

Genuine leather with high quality stitching throughout and as a extra sign of quality all these cases come with a lifetime warrenty.

If you want a high quality all round protective case that covers the screen, back and not just the sides / back of the phone then this is the case for you.

The only negative thing with this case is when you come to use the rear camera you need to hold the screen cover out of focus, other than that its perfect.

Overall 10/10
nice product
This is a lovely case and does protect the phone. The magnet on the front cover is strong enough to hold it shut whilst not in use. Phone fits very well in the case and the phone, once in the case feels very secure.
Alu-Leather case
This item was received three days after ordering.It is very nice,genuine leather and it makes my iphone 4 look a million dollars.
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