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Proporta Large Aluminium and Leather Pouch Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hand-crafted from the finest quality leather, the Proporta Large Aluminium and Leather Pouch is the ultimate luxury protection for any smartphone measuring up to 138.4 x 72.9 x 10.6mm in size.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29270
$34.36 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 42 customers

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Too big!
I bought this case after researching quite a few similar products. One review said that the case was on the big side but as it was advertised as being iPhone 3GS compatible I thought I'd take the risk. I wish I hadn't! The case is far too big for the iphone and is lost in it. One other thing the product that I was sent wasn't what I ordered. I was sent one with a magnetic flap, the one I ordered didn't have that.
Quality case
Bought this for my Nokia Lumia 925. It is a very well made product, and whilst it is quite a close fit for this phone, it is very secure in the case. Very pleased with this!
what my husband needed
Just the Job
If you are looking for a well-designed, functional product which feels good then this is for you. Delivered very speedily by www. mobilefun.co.uk
Mobile phone sleeve
Does the job it was bought for, fits very well and with the front enclosed protection protects the face of your phone from scratches etc. Would defo recomend
Cool and useful
Fantastic for Google Nexus S, it fits perfectly and mobile comes off great with the strip. Nice touch, soft leather. Recommend it 100%
Leather sleeve for iphone just the job.
Proporta Aluminium case for Samsung Google Nexus
After reading a couple of other reviews on this case i wasnt too sure about buying it but as it seems to be the only case on the market that fits the Nexus i thought i would give it a go. There is only 1 word to describe this case and that is "Superb" it is made from premuim leather with great stitch work so you know it will last and fits to the phone like a glove. There is a cotton lining which DOESNT leave any marks on the screen. The aluminium is quite sturdy and doesnt bend easily as i had a good play with it the other day. All in all i would give this case 10/10 to protect your pride and joy.
Good but...
Originally bought it because of the added protection from the aluminum. After using it for a bit, i have found that leaves marks on the screen and back of my phone : leaving me scared of scratches... This is because of the lining which is almost like cotton. Probably going to swap for the official htc pouch as its lining is made of a soft cloth... Speedy delivery though B-)
too big for iPhone
Good quality but it`s not fit a iphone. It`s too big. I don't know why its show will fit iphone when its for htc and sony xperia. Stars for quality.
I would say it offers great protection due to the aluminum... however the lining is just cotton , and leaves ( removable) marks on the screen and back of my phone... Dont know if it will stop after it loosens up a bit , but otherwise going to change to the htc official one
Came apart on day 2
Bought for my wife the tag pulled out on day two - my wife however liked the pouch and decided to keep it and not have the hassle of changing it!!
Perfect Pouch
Excellent protection for my new mobile(HTC
Incredible S)good fit,not bulky and well made.Oh! and it looks the business!
excellent item
This pouch is just right for the samsung galaxy s2, but if you have a screen protector on it - place it in the pouch with the screen facing the back as it leaves a line across it when facing forward.
Very Protective
Had the phone only a week.....this case 5 days. Then managed to miss my pocket....NOOOOOOO.

Not a scratch on it! :-)

The aluminium doesn't add bulk to the case. Its just as slim-line as the phones design so it doesnt feel a burden in my pocket.

The pull tab gets the phone out very quickly but is a two handed job.

It is a great case.

Only quibble is the red stitching. Maybe just black? Or other options.

It is more of a burgundy colour though.

One thing to note. Genuine Leather smells for the first two weeks but its proof that its real leather!
Excellent case
Excellent quality product, which is a perfect fit for my Samsung S2. The case was delivered the day after I placed the order!!
Excellent product
Great cover for my Nokia E7, the quality is very good it's well made and looks great too. Easy to get the phone from the pouch with the ingenious pull tab @ the back. Also has a hidden aluminium panel sewn in to the front to protect the glass well done, excellent product!
Xpiria Arc Slip pouch?
The case is a quality product but.... it is advertised as suitable for the Xpiria Arc which is fine for the first week and the release strap works brilliantly, the main problem arises after the leather becomes a little more supple. pick up the phone with the case upside down and the phone slips straight out, I added a couple of extra stitches to the top which resolved this problem but should not be neccessary with a quality product!
Good protection for Galaxy S2
The Proporta pouch is stylish and well made. My S2 is a snug fit but not tight. With the pouch on my S2 slips into my shirt pocket OK and the aluminium will protect the screen. Worth the extra money.
Worth the money
The Proporta Aluminium Slip Pouch is an excellent way of protecting my HTC Desire S and a perfect fit. I am very pleased with the quality of the product.
As good as I hoped it would be
Fits the Samsung Galaxy S2 perfectly.
Good quality leather as well as internal and external finishes (I think the red stitching and tab look great too!).
I particularly like the aluminium sheet as it gives a bit of extra protection without added bulk.

The product description and photos are excellent, there are no surprises when you open the packaging.
Comfortable solution
I am pleased that I was not tempted to buy a cheaper product. This pouch looks as if it will wear well and, most importantly, properly protect my HTC Desire. The pull-tape to remove the phone works neatly. The pouch hardly adds to the bulk or weight of the phone but does increase the comfort of carrying the phone in a pocket.
Not quite what I thought it was, but nice none the
I was anticipating something more than a single sheet of aluminium, more like an aluminium shell. But it's a nice case and it does fit a desire z. Overall, very happy. Excellent delivery service as always.
At last...a case that fits!!!
Been searching for weeks for a decent case for my Galaxy S2 and now I found one!!! Solid manufacturing and quality and fits my phone like a glove.
You get what you pay for
My last phone was an HTC Desire and I had used a similar design of case for that phone and found it suited my needs. Easy to access the phone and protects it in your pocket from keys etc.

So when I changed my phone a few weeks back to a Samsung Galaxy S2 I wanted the same style again.

Now my previous one cost me about £8 so was a lot cheaper than this and I wondered if it was worth the extra money.

Having now received and used this Proporta case I would highly recommend paying the extra money.

The leather is a very good quality, the inside is well lined to protect your device plus of course the sheet of aluminium and the slip ribbon to pull your device from the case is very effective.

The stitching looks strong and I see no reason why this will last a long time. My Samsung is a very snug fit but then again you don't want it sliding out.

Overall I am very pleased with this case.
Yes you can get cheaper, but paying the extra you can see the difference in the quality.

You get what you pay for and considering how much these devices cost then its a small price to pay to protect it.
Brilliant for my HTC Desire S
A wonderful case for my HTC desire S, snug fit and the extra protection offered for the screen is a big bonus in my line of work. Superb.

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