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Proporta Alu-Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Proporta's signature case, you can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Case with Aluminium Lining for the ultimate in protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35158

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 4.4 stars from 23 customers

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Very sturdy case
Very sturdy case holds the phone securely.Only problem is when you try to take a photo you have to hold the flap of the case up as it gets in the way.Apart from that I'm very pleased with my purchase.
good gear
ordered 5pm on thursday delivered 10am the following day, great service and a very good quality case with decent protection for my s3..
Broke after a couple of days
The case certainly seemed premium, and it is genuine leather and feels sturdy. The manufacturer clearly believe they have created a durable product, since they offer a lifetime warranty. However, there is a major design flaw. A single plastic tab is what the base of the phone rests against, and this has snapped off after just a couple of days. The case received only a minor impact, which would not have been sufficient to damage an uncased phone. But it was too much for this case. So, I cannot recommend this case to anybody. It will not last!
Quality Protection
Having spent out on an expensive phone I wanted to find a case which offered me protection without making the overall package too bulky, after all the manufacturers sell their phones on the merits of its slimness.

I was impressed by most of the reviews and so decided to take a chance on the Alu-Leather case.

I wasn't disappointed, very easy to put the phone in the case, it's held there securely and the aluminium within the leather cover helps ensure that the important screen is well protected.

The case construction just screams quality, from the quality of the leather itself through to the positioning of the headphones socket hole and the cameral lens aperture.

If you've spent out on an S3 then this is the case to get.
Great buy
Nice cover-bought it as a gift and he loves it. Easy access to all charging and plug in facilities and the metal protection is great, sturdy but not bulky. Nice quality material too, interesting pinstripe on the inside! I would recommend it.
Good Quality
There is no question about the quality of this case,However the size of the case is quite bulky and it is possible to switch on the phone when closing the magnetic case clip.
I also would like the case to be a little better fit to the phone on the case i have there is a question of fit.
My 2nd Proporta Alu-Leather Case
I had one of these cases for my old phone, an htc Desire. I had the phone for 2 years & the case protected it from getting scratched & battered in my handbag. Equally, the case itself was in good condition for the use it had. When I got my Samsung Galaxy S3, I was really pleased that Proporta made the same case for my new phone. The cases are well-made and the leather feels really nice. I like the way the case is hinged at the top, but that's my personal preference. I got both cases from mobilefun & was very pleased with the service.
Must have case for Galaxy S3
Having used previously the proporta leather case for a galaxy S2 I Knew that I was ordering a good quality well fitted case for my new Galaxy S3 and I was not disappointed exactly the same case obviously a little bigger the only difference that was not mentioned in the original description of the S3 case is that a small plastic L shaped clip has been added to the bottom of case to help support the extra weight of the S3 but it is really not really needed as the case grips the phone well and with the quality leather and aluminium insert in the front cover this protects the phone all round especially if dropped at any time the phone is much easier to hold with this case and with fast access to calls via a magnetic press stud this makes for one nice looking and functional case and the materials used are top notch and compliment a top notch phone in my opinion well worth the price and highly recommended.
Very smart
I wanted a leather case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 purely because it would be sterdy, made to last and actually would look better the more worn and older it gets, unlike a lot of other material cases that would also get grubby. This case has the added bonus of having metal plates inserted each side, unknown to me on purchase, which pleasingly makes it a lot harder for fraudsters to copy personnal details from the phone when enclosed in the case. Brilliant!
perfect fit
Having already bought the proporta case for a HTC desire 2 years ago, I knew that this case would be perfect for the s3. Simple yet effective. Sturdy case, snug fit and well made... my last case is still going strong, with no pulls on the stitching. The old case may be dirty but that's about all.
The s3 case make the s3 easy to hold too.. definitely recommended.

If my current case lasts as well as the last one, then I will be buying another one when it's time for a new phone.
Almost what I needed
Excellent buy, condition, and receipt from order, BUT would have like exactly the same WITH some sought of belt attachment eg. loop/Clip etc. protect my phone but have to carry this large item in my pocket, would much prefer to have it attached to my belt.
Smart protection
Watched many of the videos for hard protective cases but then decided on this one that not only protects all round but looks very smart as well with its beige inside cover and beige stitching on the outside. Magnetic catch works fine. A recommended buy.
Perfect Case for S3
The case is perfect choice for Galaxy S3. The bare phone I found a little difficult to handle (easy to fumble & drop) because of its slim design. The "very" good quality Proporta Alu-Leather case overcome's this whilst not being too bulky. S3 & case still fit in my top shirt pocket easily (a criteria for me) Well done MF for Stocking this!
Very Nice indeed..
First of all I didn't get the comments about design flaws at all. This is a quality product and my personal opinion is that this design is much better for taking photos etc. If you are a bit of a technology freak like me and also appreciate high quality products designed for grown up adults, this is a very good choice for you.
Proporta Alu-Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
Fitted the phone well although made it quiite bulky, so much so that it would not fit in my specific mobile phone pocket.

The real issue i found though was that it turned the phone on when snapping the case shut!

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