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Promate Premium Solar Powered LED Light with Intelligent Motion Sensor Reviews

Increase security and safety around your property or business with this solar 200 lumens powered security lamp. Detects motion of up to 5 meters with a 120 degree wide sensing range.No wiring or batteries required.
Price: £14.99
Increase security and safety around your property or business with this solar 200 lumens powered security lamp. Detects motion of up to 5 meters with a 120 degree wide sensing range.No wiring or batteries required.
 4.8 stars from 19 customers

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Very Happy
impressed with this item,bought 2 for front and back of house had to try them out before leaving review , they work fine and much brighter than i expected, all in all good value for money
Very bright
Always concerned about the brightness of solar charged lights. Many don't perform well. These lights (two in total) were mounted on a brick wall and work very well. Motion detected and lights come on. Then it's suddenly daylight out back
Excellent neat Light
It is surprisingly small and neat, with really bright light directed downwards so not annoying to neighbours. Only fixed it temporarily at the moment as covid 19 lockdown has meant I cannot tell if it will light up when I reverse car up the drive at night (which was what I wanted).
Perfect and discreet
Nothing. Advert basically has everything I needed to know prior to purchase.
Nice and bright
The sensor responds well and the lights are brighter than I expected so.. Good buy!
Simple solution
Easy to fit, bright light.
No hassle light
We needed a light to light up by the waste bins. This does the job perfectly and no wiring is required.
Works really well
Easy to set up and works really well .
I wanted an outdoor light just so I could see what I was doing when putting out my recycling in the evening, so didn't want/need anything too fancy or expensive . This is perfect and even though we don't have much sun during the day to help it charge up, it lights up lovely and bright. It was an ideal purchase and I'm very happy with it.
Excellent reliable lamp But!!!!
Great light which works well on our patio. Only negative comment is that it goes off when another lamp 5 metres away comes on.
Such a pity as the objective is to have the walkway to garage rear door access door well lit. ????
A very useful outdoor light
Siince it has no cables it is very quick and easy to fix. I have had it in place now for a couple of weeks and am impressed by its brightness. I just hope it last longer than a previous one of a pair of similar design. One of these continues to work well but the other ceased to function after three months.
It works
We have a larger solar powered light above our front porch but it didn’t light up the front door under the canopy..These two small lights placed either side of the door under the canopy work wonderfully well to allow me to unlock the door but also completely light up the driveway as I get out of the car. Well worth the price and better than the more expensive one
Great LED light!
This LED light is brilliant and very bright for its size.
I bought it to initially light up my driveway and as a bit of security too, so I can see who is coming up my driveway as well now due to the good range of the sensor. Item is small and very lightweight too but produces a decent amount of bright white light. Easy installation even for a non DIYer like me lol. I do think the price is slightly to high and feel it would be better priced at £8.99 instead, but that's just my opinion.

All in all it is a good product and I would recommend it.
Excellent product
Really easy to install, excellent lighting
Confusion in instruction details
Instruction details provided says Kindly use an original charging cable provided to charge the product, No cable provided and cannot find a charging port on the fitting, 1 unit purchased works ok after placing in sunshine location 1 unit not responding to same treatment.
Very good so far
Light does not stay on for long BUT its very bright I will order a few more to improve saftey around the home
Great set of lights
i have them all around my garden. some have been there 2 years.
very useful for illuminating the drive and the garden and quick to install, no wires just 2 screws and its done.
Excellent lights for size
When I received them I first thought they were rather small but I was blown away by the amount of light they emit
Good light coverage
Easy to install and worked that night. A good spread of light.
very good is as described
for the price work well no complaints would buy again

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