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Promate MotionFlux Indoor Motion Activated LED Lights - Black Reviews

An indoor lighting solution with a built-in rechargeable battery. Perfect for lighting up dark indoor areas around the house.
Price: £9.99

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An indoor lighting solution with a built-in rechargeable battery. Perfect for lighting up dark indoor areas around the house.
 4.3 stars from 14 customers

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Nothing more
Better than I was expecting
It doesn't come on if it is already light. Saves the battery but at first I thought it didn't work.
Charges quickly.
Good Light from a little item.
The light was smaller than I thought from the advert on the web site. However it gives a good light and one can direct the two beams as required. The fact that it has rechargeable batteries is a bonus. I have used this at the other end of my garage and it picks me up very easily in the dark. Very useful item.
A useful item
Slightly smaller than I had imagined but it throws a reasonable light and a good feature is the adjustable beam . A neat well made bit of kit with a big plus , the fact you can recharge the battery.. Very happy with this purchase.
I like the product. However, it doesn't alway work on "auto"!
It;s fine as it is. It's used to temporarily illuminate a staircase to save switching on a mains light for just a minute or so.
What more do you want me to say to stop the "Please fix the highlighted error"
Handy product.
Provide good light. Ideal for garage at night. Stays on long enough to be useful. Good value.
Does more than it says on the box
Says not for outside use but it works very well, lighting the gap between the kitchen and the garage doors in all weathers.
Brilliant for lighting the way indoors at night!
What I love about these lights is the fact you can turn them off in the day and have them on sensor or permanently on when you need them. Also its brilliant that they are rechargeable. The ones they've replaced just kept eating batteries and were therefore quite costly. An absolutely brilliant product, thank you.
Dark Corner lighting
The product produces poor lighting although sensitive to movement. Very poor fixing to rear plate, especially as light is designed to be in relatively inaccessible space.
Generally disappointing for a MobileFun product
Handy Lamp
Previously purchased a white one for our hallway.
Was so please with it, I purchased a black one for our wardrobe.
Works fine. Hall light requires charging once a week. Wardrobe light lasts a while longer.
Would certainly purchase another if needed.
Does just what it says it will
Good bright light. Responds to movement.

My only problem is the non standard charging port. It means I have to use its charging cable to charge it, not a generic one.
Works great
Very useful lights
Motion activated lights are ideal to solve my storage cupboards in the hall and save me from using the main hall light. It took me a little while to get the hang of taking the lights on and off the base but I am now a dab hand. The fact that they are adjustable and I can aim each light where I need it is perfect for my needs. The lights have a good life until they need recharging - which takes only a couple of hours. I love them.
Works great!
Does just what it says on the packet.
Very sensitive to movement and no too bright to blind you at night when popping to the rest room.

Would certainly recommend and would buy again.

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