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Prodigee Wallegee Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet & Hard Case - Black Reviews

This stylish Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case is packed full of features, including a media viewing stand function, detachable 2-in-1 hard case with separate card slots, and an elegant eco-friendly flip wallet case with room for 3 cards.
  • Mobile Fun ID 63549
$53.07 inc VAT
 5 stars from 1 customers

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Good case, even better customer service. worth the price.
Inner case is very nice. leathery feel, very slim and light, but has raised edges so protects the edge screens properly as well. Also had no issues with my G-color screen protector for s8 but your mileage may vary if you use different screen protector product. the small pocket can fit 3 cards or 2 cards and some bills without looking hilariously bulgy

outer case is solid also. I would personally prefer if they raised the spine a little higher so it has more room and closes more comfortably when the wallet is fully filled. It feels a little tight, but it still closes properly with the magnet enclosure. Also works as a kick stand as advertised.

The first one I received actually had a slight misalignment in the camera port. So i inquired them about this through email. without questioning further they sent me a replacement right away! I was baffled. Highly recommend the wallegee both for the product and the service.

(I posted this exact same review on ebay. I am NOT a paid reviewer. I just noticed both websites have 0 reviews on this product so I thought I would share my positive impressions.)

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