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Prodigee Handsfree Vent Mount Universal Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your phone close at hand and safely in view while driving with the Prodigee Handsfree Vent Universal Car Holder. A truly stylish and ingenious in-car mounting solution.
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 3.3 stars from 5 customers

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Really good quality but ...
Because my phone has a case on it it did not fit so had to send it back
Easy to use, only 1 tiny hiccup.
I love this product as it is small and easy and doesn't obstruct your view of anything, whilst still being able to enjoy the function of the air condition. I purchased a phone holder onto the air vent. The only small hiccup with my product I have, is that the adjustable arm it has, to fit any product, has a very quick spring with it. This means that the arm retracts quite quickly. If you're not careful with the product when removing your device, it may scratch your case when you take it out. I haven't had this problem as I saw this straight away, but best to be careful just in case. Overall a great product in my opinion.
Good but a few limitations!
This vent mount is quite a good product.

My only qualms are that the springs are a little to strong but it certainly grips the phone firmly. Requires two hands to put the phone in after removing it from the vent. Once the phone is in it, it just attaches to the vent very easily.

The lugs at the back are too thick to fit in between the vents on my Renault Espace but do fit the Peugeot 207 though.

Before buying check the compatibility with your car. Else is is simple well built and practical.
Design excellent
Best I have found, it's sleek, easy to use & is quite unassuming.
However, my ventilation things don't take this item happily, it requires a lot of pushing to get it to hold & then often the ventilation cover implodes.
My phone 4s is just about OK, in or out of a case biut I have a concern that at any time the whole mount & phone are going to fall off. So far that hasn't happened which is good.
The problem seems to be that of my car not the mount itself.
Need a different car maybe

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