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PowerCard Slim Micro USB Power Bank Charger - 400mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The PowerCard Ultra-slim emergency power bank will provide power on the go for any device with a Micro USB connector. 400mAh and credit card sized, while also including a built-in LED torch.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40219
$17.86 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 42 customers

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Briliant idea
Really easy to use, and very handy to have in case of emergency. I have decided to keep mine in my bag rather than purse as it is a tad thicker than I thought...but then my purse is full and not very big...so overall thik this product is brilliant and well worth the money.
slim and efficient
I like this gizmo. It is slim, the light is strong. It transfers photos from the phone without having to take out the chip by removing the back.

Only advice, be careful which way you plug in the usb. It fits both ways, but only charges on one. If the light is on, it is connected.
Power Lifeline.
What a great device this is!! Easy to use, providing a power life line to many devices. I bought this for as an xmas gift for my wife, who used it on Christmas day to provide a power boost for her ipad after taking numerous photo's and video's of grandchildren(brownie points for hubby). Device was easily recharged by plugging it into usb port on my home computer. I would certainly recommend this device to all my friends and family.
A Life Saver
I use my my Samsung Note 3 for work and by the time I get home i usually only have 10% or so battery remaining. So when I saw the powercard 400mAh for the price I thought I could not go wrong. As with all MobileFun products it arrived within a couple of days of ordering and I was pleased at the look and feel of the product ontop of which the size. If it could top up my phone and give me an extra 20-30% I would have been happy. Unfortunately this wasn't the case as the powercard failed to give me an additional 3% before giving up the ghost. I tried for a couple of times to charge it however made no difference. A device that could be used as a torch, a usb cable and charger sounded just too good to be true.
thank you and merry christmas.
Just what I needed.
Easy to order.
Easy to pay.
Easy to track.
Arrived on time.
Well worth ordering good value
Would strongly recommend this service.
A must. Absolutely brilliant
This is a fantastic product and I won't be leaving anywhere without it. It fits.easily in your wallet or purse. Instant charge for your phone. It really is amazing. It's size is wonderful. Wish I had duscoveredbit earlier
A must. Absolutely brilliant
This is a fantastic product and I won't be leaving anywhere without it. It fits.easily in your wallet or purse. Instant charge for your phone. It really is amazing. It's size is wonderful. Wish I had duscoveredbit earlier
PowerCard Slim Micro USB Power Bank Charger
Does what it says. And it is as slim as it says. Not a bad buy at all.
15 per cent emergency charge
This little beauty of a gadget slips straight into your wallet in the card section and you hardly notice it's there.

It's got strong build quality, and adds 15 per cent of charge to my Sammy s4. Doesn't sound much, but that's at least an extra couple of hours.

One weakness is that it takes a while to actually transmit that charge to the phone, but you can of course still use the phone while it's charging. The torch is a bit unnecessary, but who knows maybe I'll need it one day.

Great gadget!
amazing product
prompt delivery,amazing product, never going to be without power in my phone again.
A very neat little device that fits perfectly into a pocket in my handbag. The combination of a torch and the means to have a few hours more phone life - both perfect in an emergency!
Just what was needed
This device is perfect for fitting in my wallet and delivering power when I am stuck in the middle of know where and not a single power socket in sight!

It was perfectly priced as well
Gadget for Gadgetears
This is emergency power for smart phone is perfect for those unfortunate times when your no so smart phone battery is empty and your boss or wife wants to know what you are doing.
Perfect discreet fit in wallet, hardly takes up any noticeable room, and makes wallet feel healthier. Only slight drawback not enough power storage.
Buy it now! Fits Wallet, always there for a quick boost
Took phone from 28% to 41%,Size is incredible, about 4 credit cards stuck together, easily fits in my wallet, plus can use as a torch if pushed!
Mobile Fun excellent delivery as usual (just need to accept paypal to save me digging out credit card!)
Buy it now!
My reservation about Nexus 4, was not being able to charge the battery. Solved!
Mobile Fun usual excellent delivery, thick credit card size, battery with light. Should give enough charge for emergency use. Very pleased.
Buy it now!
My reservation about Nexus 4, was not being able to charge the battery. Solved!
Mobile Fun usual excellent delivery, thick credit card size, battery with light. Should give enough charge for emergency use. Very pleased.
Slimline, Simple to use, Super idea
This handy little gadget is a must. Either for the car, wallet or bag you have power wherever you go! Easy to charge and feed your phone with instant energy to make that important call. The LED light is useful too, especially with the dark nights coming in. Buy one, you'll love it too!!
well worth
This product is very portable. It's unique and well made. It's a product worth buying for.
Exceeded expectations
It is rare to find that something that you bought on a whim online exceeds your expectations but this is one little device that did. I have a power hungry Note, and frquently get to the point where I will run out of power before I can get to a charger. So I bought this as an emergency battery.Firstly though be aware that at 400mah this is not going to fully charge your phone, unless you have a tiny battery. It will give me an extra 16%, but it is the size of 2 credit cards put together and fits nicely in my wallet. The bits i like best though are that 1) it has a torch (I'm a bloke I like torches)which actually works while in my wallet, and 2) it charges from USB, and wlill charge both itself and the phone at the same time, and finally 3) it works as a data cable so it does three things at once when I expected one. So overall, great little gadget that isn't overly expensive, and does lots of things including turning my wallet ito a torch.
does not work with the experia z
Works with every other mobile but not with the experia z due to the attached port cover on the experia z
A reliable gadget
The PowerCard Slim Micro USB POWERBANK charger - 400m AH is there when you need it most especially when your phone battery arrives to its last bar of power!! Just slide in the adapter of the powerbank and you have instantly another power source that lasts for at least another four hours of power, depending the use of your phone! Great value for money and for more power.....to your phone!
Fantastic card sized power pack!!
Great product
Fits neatly in my wallet so I would never know its there unless required.
Holds charge & quickly charges my battery when needed
Highly recommended
Fast, prompt delivery as always
How can anyone be without!!!
a godsend
slim enough to carry with you, never be without charge again.
Looks like a good idea
This looks like a good idea for dealing with the unexpected low battery situation but it did not work on my Nokia 6700
Great idea, but .....
I ordered this as it looked like just what I was looking for - a lightweight charger that I could keep in my bike bag as an emergency charger to charge my phone when out on my bike. The only problem is that the connectors are much too wide, so you have no chance of charging any phone that is in a case (which most are these days), even if they have cut outs for the various ports. So had to send it back.
So good I bought a second for a friend
Absolutely smashing device that is now a permanent emergency fixture
in my wallet. I have tested it and found it a great power back up for my phone
I purchased this power card to use Ada backup when my mobile may be low onower when I am out and about, superb, it also has an excellent Led light which is extremely usefull whenever you find yourself in need of light, added to the fact that the Powercard fits onto your slim ccreditcard wallet as it is almost the same size as a credit card.

I highly recommend this product
Oh dear!
This has got to be the biggest heap of garbage I have ever spent money on. After charging it, I used it on my phone which was down to 48%. left it for an hour, when I came back phone still on 48% charger dead. DO NOT, whatever you do, waste any money on this.
Just what I did need
I purchased this as it looked small and easily carried. When I received it it was charged so I thought nothing more of it. When I tried to use it, the plug didn't fit easily into my phone, it didn't fully charge the phone, and it ran out of juice. When I tried to charge it, it wouldn't charge, so was returned for a replacement. I am expecting it shortly and am hoping for better things
Exactly what I have been looking for.
I rarely run out of power when I am out and about and I have a charger in my car for most occasions. However, I have run out once or twice when the car was not nearby. The powerCard is ideally small and convenient with its built-in leads to keep in my wallet and gives a sufficient emergency charge until I am able to fully re-charge. I Thoroughly recommended it.
Power Card Charger
Purchased this charger for just in case moments, very small and convenient to carry around, Smart Phones always seem to want a charge! and if away from home and you find the phone down, usually happens at most inconvenient time! However this item obviously requires charging itself, silly question but what kind of charger does it require? not made obvious at the time of purchase, maybe in future this could be a "together purchase"?
Simple variant on credit card
I watched the video and rad the reviews and I was intrigued. I have carried round a small but phone-sized device for a year or so to help out those annoying "low power" issues we can all do without but an additional credit card was much sexier. So I ordered two one for my wife as well who has more of those annoying moments than she should.
And two credit cards arrived, were charged and set to work in a surprisingly short time and I waited..............
Only good things to report - sufficient power to help minimize the annoyance, small enough to be remembered not to be left on the desk and a fighting chance to be in the same place as the errant phone.
My laptop bag is lighter and the family happier with the increased cover!!!!
the best
This is the best it goes every why with me it takes up no room at all in your pocket it's simpley the best that i have bourght for my galaxy s3 i would not be with out it

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