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Power Support Jacket For iPhone 4S - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
By using high quality medical grade polycarbonate, Power Support has created a silicone jacket that not only protects your iPhone 4S.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33425
$38.92 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 2 customers

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Not cheap but good quality
Expensive for what it is.
Never easy puttiing screen protectors on without leaving at least one bubble. Had mine approx 2 weeks and I've noticed some air bubbles or moisture under the back cover, but it's very difficult getting it off to sort it out.
Also it attracts a lot of fluff/hairs when you're trying to put in on it's very difficult keeping it completely clean before so you end up having to take it off to clean it again.
Having said all that the quality is quite good and my phone does feel protected, plus it's nice that it's clear so that you can see the metal at the side and the Apple logo on the back
Power Support Jacket for 4S
Lovely piece of kit which is a nice tight fit onto the phone. My wife likes the shiny clear finish which shows her nice white phone back.

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