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Power Support iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Crystal Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protection from scratches is a must, and Power Support's crystal film for iPad 4 / 3 / 2 is the perfect solution.
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 4.2 stars from 13 customers

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I should know .. This is the latest in a series of Power Support screen protectors I have bought for various models of iPhone and iPad and all through MobileFun. The screen protectors are fantastic ... easy to put on and they stay on. MobileFun have provided a top-notch delivery service every time. Couldn't ask for more and wouldn't shop elsewhere.
There was a small mark on the original,so I sent a email and got a returns reference Sent it back and had a replacement in a few days.
Excellent Service
Peaks & Troughs
Thanks for delivering so fast - the order had hardly left here before the charger arrived! Great job.
The 'Crystal Clear' was clear in everything except the instructions though; all in Japanese. After giving up on t it the job seemed simple enough to fit though, so I peeled off the protective film and applied it carefully to the iPad, only to find (after rubbing away lots of bubbles) that I'd put it on upside down. Result - a smudgy, sticky film which was useless and impossible to rectify. So I'm back to where I was before - no Crystal Clear. So how to rate it? 4stars for the charger, 2 stars for the film. therefore, 3 stars.
Just works
Know this product from using on my iphones & found it the best so was interested to see how it would fare on my new ipad3... as mentioned on previous posts you can get a few dust bubbles but be patient. Switch any desktop or laptop computer off as the fans circulate dust!! For the larger screen of the ipad it is a must to have some sellotape doubled over & round your finger to 'pick' any dust particles off the screen or back of the film if applying & notice a small bubble...draw the film back slightly & easy to pick the dust particle off. Another trick I find useful is to blue tack the device down to the desk (a blob of blue tack on each back corner & press down) before starting process so you can reposition or draw back the film without chasing the device around!! The beauty of Power Support film is that 1. It's thin, 2. it can be easily repositioned whereas some films are too adherent & impossible to reposition without putting creases in them, 3. it IS crystal clear & doesnt affect the look of the beautiful ipad screen (I dont like the anti-glare versions of screen protectors for this reason), 4. the finish is tough, resistant to smudging & feels nice to use -there is some slight resistance initially but quickly becomes like using the device without a protector -finger glides over screen with ease. Hope you find tips useful!
Do not buy a waste of money
I thought I had bought the best product for my Ipad2,paying £30, but this was not the case.
The very basic fitting instructions on the envelope were in Japanese without any printed instructions in the package.
We found it impossible to put on the Ipad without hundreds of bubbles.We tried to apply it to a brand new Ipad so no dust worries.
After trying for over one hour we threw the screen protector in the bin and will not buy another one - I prefer to use the Ipad without a protector rather than pay for another one.
For that kind of money I would have thought it would be a good idea for Power Support to give the customer some good application instructions in ENGLISH which may or may not have helped.
We did check You Tube for assistance before starting to apply but they did not help - they just showed four easy steps on how to apply and made it look easy but I can assure you this was not the case.
Forget this screen protector.
Nice Product
I cannot complain about the quality of the product it does what you expect it to do, provide a good quality screen protector, however you need to be very patient when applying it to your ipad. Getting it to line up square and avoiding dust particles during the applicatioon process are very hard. It would be nice if some english instructions could be provided.
Good, not perfect, but suits my needs
Easy to fit, but as the product comes from Japan with poor instructions you will need to view the installation video on the Power Support (US) website.
Best to fit with a second person present who can ease out any bubbles as you are applying it.
One corner didn't stick down properly which would be a problem but as my iPad 2 is in a case, the case stops the corner from lifting.
Note: - the screen will feel slightly different once applied. There is a little more drag on your fingers when you are swiping.
Expensive, but absolutley brilliant. Easy to apply without air bubbles.
What can I say
What can I say this product is just unbelievable. I used my iPad for a few days with a screen protector (live dangerous) and I must say the screen feels amazing. I wanted a screen protector that would ruin that feeling. The power support is just what I was looking for. A friend of mine, like a mug, walked into phones4u the minute after buying his pad and bought a griffin film. Well I must stay civil do I won't say what I really thought but lets just say it didn't last long and we both got ourselves one of these. And what a difference; firstly I applied the film after a shower. Having the steam in the air meant the room was at least partially free of dust. Secondly I had my friend at hand to make sure it remained straight as I applied it. Went on with very little effort with a few dust specks but with a great technique using scotch tape and watching a video on YouTube (or even the power support website I think) they were dealt with swiftly. So good I replaced my screen protector on my phone with a power support version.

One thing to take into account I really don't think ~£20 for a piece of plastic is a bit much but nothing else does the iPad justice.
As described.
Product was as described.
Instalation was moderately easy, alignment easy, but one always captures some dust, so need to use some tape to remove the odd spec.
As for durability time will tell, so rating is speculative on that somewhat, espacially given the cost.
Top Quality
The protector is very easy to apply, just read the instruction, get some sellotape ready and take your time. I used one from Proporta, it left with quite a few bubbles but none with the Power Support's. I used a rubber edged grout spreader to lay it making it eaier.
just brilliant
One of the best protectors on the market - so good my friend told me off for not having one on the ipad! 5 Stars... though a word of warning, like all protectors its a faff to install but once its on, it will prob outlive the life of the technology its protecting:-)

Brilliant customer service from Mobile Fun also - top notch - thanks guys.

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