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Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set - iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Power Support’s revolutionary anti-glare film is what every iPhone 4S / 4 needs to be equipped with.
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 4.6 stars from 27 customers

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Just perfect with no bubbles
I was a bit hesitant spending so much money on a screen protector because you can get 5 on eBay for about £3..so I decided the phone was so expensive I would put a proper protector on it..So I went for the anti glare because i would be using in outside.most of the time.i watched the video on you tube about fitting the protector correctly. it went on easy and without any bubbles Amazing and the quality is second to none.Money well spent.
Quality Product!
I read the previous reviews about this product and decided to go with the flow. I'm really glad I did. As previously stated, it gives a nice matt finish which does disguise ugly finger prints which mar the looks of touch screen devices. It also gives a nice, rich looking tint and feels nice to the touch.

Unlike previous screens I've tried, this one went on pretty easily, and looks very good indeed.

I'd definitely recommend this cover!!!
Really works!
I was a bit sceptical about the anti glare element to this - but pleasantly surprised. if there's an Ipad one - I'm going to get it too.
Great for anti glare
I had no problems fitting this to my iPhone 4s - so it's great that there is a spare. After a while it's amazing how many scratches appear on a screen cover - which would otherwise be on the glass of your phone if it wasn't there! It really does take the glare out of teh screen, without diminishing the touch use. I would really recommend this. I'm hoping to get the same for my iPad. I hope they make one!
It worked
Unlike a lot of protective films which are lubricated first to allow the film to be positioned by sliding this one has a peel-off back to expose the adhesive which makes you think you have to get it right first time. You do but it's a lot less hassle than you think. Peel a little back first, enough to cover over the black part of the screen, ensure the film is lined up with the top and sides and peel the rest off slowly, smoothing as you go. Perfect.
The high gloss mirror screen has gone and been replaced with a dull shine which really does anti-glare, plus I am not constantly cleaning the screen of finger prints as this has been virtually eliminated.
A simple piece of kit that actually works.
Peace of mind.
Anti-glare front and back film set, good added protection for iPhone. Can be tricky to fit perfect. I messed up the back cover when fitting, air bubbles and dirt under film. But by removing the film and giving it a good clean and a scrape, and cleaning the phone, I was able to re-apply it. Perfect fit now. Would highly recommend.
Amazing, no reflections,no glare
It took two attempts the first front film had to disgarded due to me dropping it on the carpet, the second attempt was perfect and looked like it was factory fitted.
I used a debit card to expel air bubbles as I laid down the film, well worth the money the films seem scratch proof too,If I need another I would definitely order a new one to replace it without hesitation !
Good product
Both back and front protectors were extremely easy to put on with no bubbles at all. Just take your time and you'll get a perfect result (I took my time doing it and had both front and back on within 5 mins)

The front screen protector looks great on, gives the screen a nice clean matt finish. As others have mentioned, finger prints are a thing of the past. However, the anti-glare qualities do impact on the clarity of the screen to some extent. When viewing emails etc with small fine text, the resolution of the retina display does suffer, some of the sharpness is lost due to the granularity of the film. It's not that bad though and it's worth it to know that you screen isn't gonna get scratched in your pocket.

The back protector is a clear glossy film which for me is perfect. I'm not sure why some reviewers would want anti glare on the reverse of their phone unless it's just for matching the finish on both sides of the phone.

They are pricey. I chose to buy them as I've not had a good experience with screen protectors in the past, I always had bubbles and it would drive me crazy as I like the finish to be perfect. The reviews suggested that applying these screen protectors was easier, they weren't wrong. I've now got a protected phone using this product and not one bubble in sight. The fit/alignment is also perfect.

I'd highly recommend them
good product
Easy to apply and protects my screen well, you do need to press a little harder on the screen but not a problem really.
Does what it says on the tin
I have to say the power support anti-glare film set does exactly what it says on the tin and would thoroughly reccomend it. (althugh cost is high)

Ive been using it now for a couple of weeks in a variety of conditions from tropical beach to darkened Laser Lab (I come from photonics industry myself).

It works - no glare, and so far no scratches.

It does not pick up finger prints easily - very usefull.

If you use it after eating a greasy sandwich then obviously you will have some problems.
But the good news: even then it can be cleaned with carefull application of just tap water (being carefull not to swamp your i-phone).

In pricipal you can detatch the film - but I would not reccomend it!

Although expensive this is in my opinion worth the money.

One minor point - the supplied backside film is a standard 'crystal' type - which does smear, and pick up fingerprints.
Initially I was tempted to go for this type both sides (as much cheaper) but now am glad to have gone for the anti-glare front film.

The application is not as simple as other reviewers on this site made out. It pays, to experiment first on the back-side. Also read the supplied pictorial instructions - may help.

You only get on chance to apply the film - second time it will be at least partly ruined.
That may be why they supply 2 sets for front and back in the pack.

The film actually has a pre-applied adhesive layer - which gets messed up if you get it dirty or touch it - hence you need to get the application right first time.

You cannot detatch the film and clean it as others make out - but you can easily clean the front side in-situ.
Great product
I have been tired of crap screen protectors, so I'm delighted to have found the best.
I was worried about the effects to the retina display, but it's fine and actually makes using the touch screen easier.
Easy application as well means I have found the ideal screen protector.
Power Support Anti-Glare Front and Back Film Set -
Takes time to apply correctly but its not difficult to achieve perfect results. The film is better than the original screen! Easily the best I have ever used on any phone. Faultless and well worth the money.
This is the best screen protector I have ever had it is really easy to apply in looks really good when on, would highly recommend this product and the service by mobile fun item arrived super fast, fantastic product and service.
Quite impressed
The anti glare film makes a huge difference in reducing slimy finger and ear marks etc. whilst taking nothing away from superb quality of the display. I found the fitting instructions a little lacking in clarity but got the film fitted pretty easily non the less. You should note that only the screen film is anti-glare but the back film is high gloss "crystal" and marks just like the regular phone but does provide scratch protection.
It really does it job
I really like this product.
It really does the job and I even prefer the touch of the cover rather thant iphone's glass.
Just be sure about bubbles when you put it.
Once put is almost invisible
Best screen protector on the market.
I had a Power Support Anti-Glare film for my old iPhone and was extremely happy with it but when I first upgraded to an iPhone 4, it was almost impossible to find one for my new phone. I decided to try Zagg's InvisibleSHIELD instead but found it was messy to apply and the surface has a rippled effect, plus it did nothing to protect it from smears. Finally I found Mobilefun and was able to purchase the Anti-Glare film which in my opinion, is the best on the market. Very easy to apply, smooth surface, does not impair the iPhone 4's 'retina display' and is fingerprint free. It may be on the pricey side but it also includes a film to cover the back which is great if you don't use a cover or worried that sliding a cover on and off the will leave scratches. Highly recommended
Fantastic, I really like this
I found this really easy to apply. I like the anti glare front it's very effective, better than the original screene. I also really like the texture, it does not show fingerprints and the surface feels great. I would highly recommend this and would definately buy again. Worth the money.
Nice clear glare free screen
I read loads of reviews and this came out quite high. I liked the idea of a matt screen and I must say it was the perfect choice to really maximise on the iPhone 4 retina screen. You can see the screen clearly even in direct sunlight something I have not found with run of the mills screen protectors. Power Support Anti-Glare Front and Back Film Set along with Case-Mate Tough Case give the security of knowing my mobile should withstand most of the wear and tear of everyday life.
Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set iPhone 4
Although quite expensive it works very well and looks good. If you take your time you'll get no unsightly bubbles.
Best film set for iPhone
I have tested a lot of protection films for iPhone and Power Support films are really the best. Easy to apply and a very good surface for the touch screen. Only drawback is with the anti-glare version which actually makes the retina display on iPhone 4 look a bit worse than it is (but still it's lot better than a iPhone 3GS without any film).
Dissapointed with product
The front part of the anti glare is on my phone now and is great. How disappointing the rear screen is not actually anti glare. A lot of money for one protector.
I've had several Power Support screen protectors for other iPods. Once again this is perfect!

The only issue is it's cost.
Fantastic Product
Another brilliant service from Mobiel Fun. Ordered in the afternoon, received in next day's morning post. The product itself is fantastic. It really does stop glare on the screen, which makes it easier to see in high level light conditions. And it stops fingerprints showing on the screen too.
Anti Glare HD Screen Protector
This is not the cheapest screen protector, but, is by far the best. I had numerous different ones on my 3GS and the feel and look of the power support persuaded me to go for it again on my iPhone 4.

It's fairly easy to apply, I am the worst at applying them, which is why I used to always go for the wet application protectors, but even I can make an ok job of these.

I love the feel of the anti glare, and it makes fingerprints on the screen a thing of the past.

It, obviously, detracts a little from the crispness of the screen, but you have to weigh that up against the fingrprint issue.

In my opinion, the best screen protector available.
Good anti-glare but issues
Likes: Anti glare film is great. Really cuts down on smudges and finger marks and keeps your phone looking new and clean.

Dis-Likes: The back flim is not anti-glare, it's crystal. Checking on the manufacturer website they don't seem to do an anti-glare back which is very disappointing. So description of product is mis-leading in that sense. Not surprising as it seems to come from Japan and all packaging is in Japanese. Not a big problem as it's pretty obvious what you need to do with it. It does mean you miss out on useful tips though. Like you can take the protector off and re-posisition it by simply using a bit of plastic sticky tape on a corner. Also, if you had one of these for the 3G/S you might be expecting to get a pre-installation film. Not any more as this didn't come with one. It did come with a cloth but if you clean your screen with that it makes it worse (drops fibre all over the place).

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