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Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate - White Reviews

Introducing the revolutionary solution for USB charging, the Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate. This intuitively designed product allows you to charge your mobile devices while keeping your precious plug sockets free for other devices.
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 5 stars from 50 customers

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! WOW ! ~ Should have changed over to these 13amp/USB Sockets ages ago !
Swopping over from standard dual 13amp Sockets to ones which come with built in USB sockets was easy peasy (5 mins) and something I wish we had done before...!
Keeps the socket in use while charging my iPad and phone
A quality replacement for my ordinary double socket to allow me to charge my phone and iPad while still using the socket for other items.
These sockets are so useful - 5 star purchase
These USB charging wall plates are so easy to fit and I tidy solution to phone and tablet charging. I bought a couple and my wife wants them fitted all over the house!!!
Great function and looks tidy
Love it. It fits perfectly where the existing wall socket was. Wires are a lot easier to keep tidy without all of the plugs attached. Hubby even moved a socket so he could use this in a more convenient location. Great bit of kit and great price.
Very handy and neat. Looks very smart.
My husband had been looking at these for a while and when I saw them in a 2 pack I thought I'd give them a try. My husband said they were really easy and quick to install and they work great. No more hogging the plug to charge our phones etc. The work surface looks a lot neater without all the plugs hanging around. I'd highly recommend this product.
Free Up Your Plug Sockets
What a brilliant product. Just frees up your plug sockets from phone and tablet charges. Doesn't work with my Asus transformer but that is due to the power required. Works perfectly with HTC One (M8), Sony Xperia Z3 Mini and a Hudl tablet.
Fantastic product
A truly brilliant product, iPhone plugs are bulky at the best of times so this not only gets rid of the need for these but frees up the sockets for others items. My daughter had 2 chargers in her room , one old type iPhone and one newer iPad type so both sockets were used now she has the 2 sub cables and 2 free sockets for he hairdryer and stereo. So god I bought one for the lounge a s well. Simple to fit and cheaper than anywhere else that I could find. Truly a 5 star item.
Better than competitors and better priced
The unit by mobile fun is great. Solid switches and slim enough to fit a socket recess without the need for a shroud. Which means it sits on the wall very sturdy. The USB sockets create a good connection with the USB cable too. Can't recommend these sockets enough. Would definitely buy again. A great addition by the bedside table to allow for phone and kindle through USB and a bedside lamp in the plug and one socket spare for whatever.

Another thing I'd like mention is that I bought a metal 2 usb plug from a competitor for £25 (1 unit) and it came with a shroud as the back of the unit was too deep to fit the wall socket box. This made the plugs slip around and not fix to the wall as I'd hope. Another thing after 4 months it stopped working. So i gave up on it and binned it.
Great item - but longer screws needed!
A great idea for getting rid of USB chargers and extension leads around the house - I bought three to replace existing sockets and they work perfectly. Especially useful if the guest bedroom, where visitors no longer have to worry about bringing a phone charger and rooting around for a spare mains socket to plug it into.
Fitting the first one of these was easy - the second and the third not so much, though. Although these fit nicely into an existing pattress box without any problem (I was worried the depth of the fitting on the back might be a problem but it's anything but) the problem came with the thickness of the socket plate. As this item protrudes from the wall about 5mm more than the sockets I was replacing, the two screws supplied to fit it to the wall weren't long enough. I needed to get some which were longer than the 30mm screws provided. Not a major problem, as longer screws can be bought from DIY places - just a pain that I had to leave the job half-finished and go out to get them. These screws are relatively cheap, so if the supplier put in screws that were 40mm rather than 30mm (or provided both!) then that'd make the product so much better without putting their price up by more than a few pence.
Do it you won't be disappointed
I looked at these for a while,and so pleased I bought one it changes up my phone much quicker than using the normal socket, well worth the price and hubby fitted it in about 10 minutes no problem. I will replace all my sockets with these.
If you are undecided then just do it you won't be disappointed.
Brilliant bit of kit.
Saw this brilliant bit of kit & decided to get one for the kitchen to replace a socket full of chargers. Now have free sockets to use whilst still charging 2 devices. Easy to install (once electricity shut down). Would recommend to my friends without a doubt.
Brilliant device
This item is not so much a gadget but more a necessity. I have done away with lots of transformers & use only this socket but don't buy one get two!
Socket with USB Charging
Not only does the enCharge allow you to charge USB devices, but it also ensures that the mains sockets stay available, even while the USB sockets are in use. This means that you do not need to sacrifice the use of a power socket in order to charge any of your devices anymore, allowing you to use the free socket(s) for your bedside lamp or for charging of a laptop. Easy and quick to install Features built-in surge protection to keep your devices free from damage Complete with built-in surge protection, USB Charger Colour: White
Must have's.
Makes a massive difference to charging Mobile's etc. easy to install but get an Electrician if not sure what you are doing. This product is worth every penny & you don't have lumpy plugs hanging about.
Very nice product
Very nice product, let me remove chargers from a wall.
Twin gang 13A socket with built in usb charge
An excellent well thought out product. It saves having your sockets cluttered up with an assortment of charges. Very easy to fit and the average DIYer could easily fit it. Summing up a well made quality product
Excellant purchase
The USB element is super fast at charging , the socket is shallow enough to fit in existing back boxes. Only regret is that I didn't order more.
A great product
A great idea and a great product Easy to fit and use. I will be upgrading other twin gang sockets in my house in the future
Great space saver
This is an excellent product. It was easy to install, but you do need a deep back box. It has freed up two plug points as my wife and I can both charge our 'phones from the outlet just using the usb cables. Mobilefun was the only place I could find a white one and delivery was, as always, very fast. I would recommend this product without reservation.
Great replacement for a standard socket
With many devices in the house needing charging we were forever taking out the lamp plug or adding more and more extension cables. The addition of the two USB ports means we can keep two charging cables in the wall as well as two plugs for other devices. It took minutes to replace the old socket and is a great addition to the kitchen or living room. Highly recommended.
Brilliant idea!
A superb idea to allow 2 devices to be charged from the mains without using a socket. Easily fitted by anyone who has ever changed a plug.
Power Adapter Killer
This easy-to-fit replacement for a conventional double power socket means you can throw those power adapters away. On second thoughts, probably better to keep them stored away for a rainy day!). You have two free 13amp plug sockets and two usb power sockets all in the one unit. You might need to pop around the local hardware store though for longer mounting screws since the ones supplied were too short for my socket-mounting box.
Good product
Bought this as I had looked at similar products but not all of them fit in the existing back box but this one fits like a glove. Took me 5 minutes to fit it and it works a treat. Well pleased that i no longer have to search the kids bedrooms for my phone charger.
does the job
Works fine, charges the devices and powers other appliances. I am an electrician so it was easy to install, but anyone with basic DIY knowledge could do it. Only downside is that in the description it said it will supply the correct power the devices as they require, (so its not to damage the device / battery), but it doesn't say that on the information that came with socket, so I guess I will just have to take there word for that.
this is a must haave
one of the best ideas to charge I have ever had worth fitting in every home
The best invention ever
This has revolutionised my life. I mean, who can't fail to be wowed by USB charging wall ports?? No need to make do with a dodgy second charger when your device runs low on battery at the end of the day! No running upstairs to get your charger! Great idea, well made, brilliant!
Great space saving device
Like most households I now have several mobile devices that charge via USB connector. I usually use an extension lead with two or more chargers permanently attached, which is untidy and takes up quite a bit of space. So when I saw this unit on offer I thought I would give it a go. The build quality is good and the low profile of the back makes it easy to fit. (If you are not sure get an Electrician to fit it) Although the output is only 2A (Max) it is sufficient to charge most devices. The plus side is that it frees up the mains sockets and I can charge my mobile devices at the same time. Great product!
Every Home Should Have At Least One
There are other sockets like this on the market but this one is the best. The first thing you see is that the two USB sockets are positioned as to allow the two mains sockets to be accessible so do not lose the use of the sockets for other devises. The back of the socket is very neat and has nothing to hinder wiring it into the mains. The size of the screws and the depth of cable access will give you a rigid firm grip of the bared mains cables and may give you a better job than the socket you have replaced. So why stop at replacing one double socket where you had your old chargers plugged in? What about in the bedroom near your bed? You do not loose a socket for the bedside lamp and radio, you can charge your phone your tablet etc next to you text your loved one or children "good night" and never leave your bed. Use your imagination bring your phone etc to where you are.
This is a brilliant idea, surprisingly long in coming.
The device is built into a standard twin 13A socket, with two USB power sockets nestled between the standard 13A sockets. The documentation is ambiguous, but each socket can provide at least 1A, which is double the output of a computer USB socket.

It was a simple task to isolate the old socket at the fuse box (VERY IMPORTANT), remove the two screws, disconnect the wires, then reverse the process to fit the EnCharge socket - two minutes. Obviously if you are at all unconfident, get an electrician to do it!

With this gadget we now don't have to unplug the lamps to charge our devices, don't have to keep the chargers nearby, and of course devices charge more quickly though this because of the higher current.

Eventually new houses will be fitted with these as standard, but I couldn't be bothered to wait.
''No need of plugs''
I bought 2 enCharge UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate, and it's the best investment I've made. No need of plugs just USB cable and it's done. They are very easy to fit, make sure you turn off the power for sockets before fitting. The only problem i encounter was the screw supplied with these plates are slightly shorter than the original, so i had to use the one's i took off. I would recommend this to anyone.
UK Power socket with 2 USB
Great item I can now charge my phone and Ipad at the same time, a little slower on the ipad but gets there all the same. Had no problems in replacing the existing socket and it probably took me all of 3 minutes to install. Highly delighted, and can't understand why this item has only just appeared on the market
Excellent idea
A socket that meets all your needs. What more could you ask. Excellent. Buy one...or two!
Does what it says on the tin
Fantastic, 13A sockets still free while I charge things.
Excellent product
How someone didn't think of this before is a mystery. Thanks for a great product...speedily despatched.
Very useful
Have been looking for something like this forp a while and it
Is excellent
Looking for this for some time
Absolutely marvellous. I wonder why this has not been thought of before. Being able to charge both the iPhone and iPad at the same time and still have the two 13 amp sockets free for other items is wonderful.
UK Power socket with USB outputs
Absolutely marvellous. I wonder why this has not been thought of before. Being able to charge both the iPhone and iPad at the same time and still have the two 13 amp sockets free for other items is wonderful.
Great bit of kit.
Fast dispatch and delivery.
Very easy to fit, charged up S4 and Nexus 7 in normal time frame.
Often wished there was something like this
Well made but worry if the outlet for latest ipad is enough,looking into this but perfect for samsung mobile.
Overall a smashing bit of kit.
Brilliant space saving big of kit
With 2 phones, an iPad and assorted other USB powered devices to charge this is a big space saver in our kitchen.
Clever in concept and application.
Straight replacement for your existing UK double power socket. Takes only a couple of minutes to fit. You can then leave your phone and tablet chargers in your laptop bag or whatever as you now only need a couple of USB leads to charge your gear. Output is 2A which is marginally less than the 2.4A supplied from the 12 watt Apple charger supplied with the iPad Air, so the charging time may take a little longer for these devices but negligably so. Excellent product and I've had no issues at all in the two weeks I've been using two of them.
Best idea yet and bs rated
As everybody knows some of those none official chargers on the market are causing concern! Well this item is the answer BS rated and easy to install and then all we need is the original charger and a USB cable to plug in to this USB port within this socket works great! I bought two and installed one in my shed to allow me to charge mobile and iPad while doing things in the shed other than the phone running low just as I need to to a call! Best idea yet, worth the money hands down, installation required but if you can wire a plug you can do this just remember isolate ring main powers socket and then check power is of on the socket BEFORE attempting installation!! Cheers dale
Simple and sensible technology that works
An amazingly simple device that is easy to fit and connect up and which really does exactly what it is supposed to. It charges my phone very quickly with no sign of overheating and is extremely useful. This is one of the best devices I have come across recently and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others. I am only surprised that nobody has thought of producing a similar piece of equipment before.
Tidy the kitchen!
This is perfect for removing chargers for a load of devices and replacing with a few cables. I use this in the kitchen and with an Apple 30 pin cable (& lightning converter) and a dual mini and micro USB cable can charge everything from iOS devices to bike lights and GPS.

The 2A output (shared) is able to give a quick charge to a phone or hold its own with an iPad.

The plate is standard, so is a direct swap with the old; the only watch-out is the USB converter inside means that the input wires could be a bit tight and squeezed in if they were long. I tidied mine up fine with no cutting.
Amazing 13 amp plug and USB plate
Not only does the wall socket allow you to charge USB devices, but it also ensures that the mains sockets stay available, even while the USB sockets are in use. This means that you do not need to sacrifice the use of a power socket in order to charge any of your devices anymore, allowing you to use the free socket(s) for your bedside lamp or for charging of a laptop.

Easy and quick to install

Taking a mere 6 simple steps to install, the UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate can be fitted in minutes. Using a traditional layout and format, the enCharge makes upgrading your home or office sockets a breeze.

Intelligent amperage split

It features an intelligent amperage split, that divides up the power between the connected devices depending on the device’s power needs – so your device will always charge at the optimum rate.

Features built-in surge protection to keep your devices free from damage

Complete with built-in surge protection, the wall socket has been specifically designed to filter out high voltage surges and spikes from the mains supply, thereby preventing potential damage caused to computers and sensitive electronic equipment.

Some Technical Specifications:

Working temperature: -20 - 80oC
Maximum USB output: 2A, 5V DC combined
UK 3 pin socket output: 13A, 250V AC

Charger Type: Mains Charger, USB Charger
Colour: White
Excellent, useful device.
Another excellent bit of kit from Mobile Fun. This item does away with extra USB socket extentions. The USB ports sit between the 13amp sockets so are easy to use. I find the device most useful.
Just what was needed
This item gave more flexibility as no need to remove other items using sockets. So easy to install ideal instruction enclosed. I would certainly tell friends and family to look into getting 1 or 2. Very happy with purchase and quickness of receipt.
A Must Have!
Turned off electric at fuse board and
ten minutes later I was charging my tablet. Very simple to install and excellent delivery service from Mobile Fun.
All in all, 10 out of 10.

Easy to fit, works perfectly
As soon as I saw this I wanted one, my only concern being fitting it. I read as long as I follow the correct procedure then I don't need an electrician to do the work so I headed off to Youtube and found this excellent video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f7P-NySwJs 10 minutes later it was fitted and working fine. It was only a few screws and the video shows many ways to make sure your socket isn't live before you mess with anything. It gives me 1 more plug, less clutter and looks so much tidier. Even the wife loves it so it must be good! Only thing I didn't like was the black 2a marking on the front but thankfully it rubs off nice and easily.
Where have you been all my life?
What an amazing idea, ordered 2 and fitted one in the bedroom next to my bed and another in the kitchen. No buzzing noises from left on charges or usb chargers hanging out of the wall. Amazing. Just need a single plug version now ;)

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