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Power Jacket for HTC One M7 with Cover- 3800mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One M7 and provide it with increased battery level with this cleverly designed integrated battery case and cover in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39899

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 3.4 stars from 13 customers

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A very good case but...
This case is a very strong durable case but a drop in the wrong point could prove costly, parts can come lose or break easily when dropped. The charging aspect is incredible, I can get 1 full charge from 10% to 100% and another charge from around half - 3 quarters to 100%, the case itself only take an hour to charge fully allowing you to get 2 charges over all back.
4/5 would recommend. I already have to many of my friends and co workers.
I had a USB external battery for my One X. Having got the One M7, I thought I would see if an integrated case and extra battery would be better.

It might be, but not this one. As soon as I got it out of the box, I hated it! It looks and feels cheap and nasty. I wouldn't expect it to last and I wouldn't trust it not to damage my phone.
Power Jacket
The Power Jacket is an excellent product that really comes in useful when you are out of the office for a long period of time and don't have the opportunity to charge your phone.
Great idea
I wanted a case for my phone and I was also looking for an emergency charger. This did both for a lot less money. The negative points are no clip or strap to hold the flap closed and you cannot charge the phone whilst in the case. This means you have to remove the phone to charge or charge the phone always from the case battery. Overall good value for money.
very happy
very happy with product, only negative aspect is you have to charge cover and phone separately but can't complain knew before purchasing.
Great battery jacket for the HTC One :))
This was my second battery pack from mobile fun, the first one I had was faulty, was not able to charge the phone! However the guys at mobile fun replaced the faulty one and now I have one that works!
I have to say I am very happy with this product, it is very sturdy and provides excellent protection for my HTC One phone, no magnetic catch on the cover which is definitely better than an other case I had 😃 the case itself has a kind of carbon fibre look to it (which is cool 😉) and the flip out support makes watching movies and tv a breeze!!
The only minor gripe I have with the product is that it does not allow power to pass through to charge the phone when plugged in to a power socket, you have to charge the phone and power jacket separately, meaning you have to keep taking the phone out of the case regularly. Because of this I have given the product 4 stars otherwise it would have been 5 stars 😃
Just what my boss ordered
Now I can't use the excuse that my mobile phone battery was flat ,and the alarm didn't go off.

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