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Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5 and provide it with almost three times more battery level with this cleverly designed integrated battery case in black.
Price: £36.99
Protect your iPhone 5 and provide it with almost three times more battery level with this cleverly designed integrated battery case in black.
 4.5 stars from 34 customers

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Exelence it's a brilland device
Is it compatible with my phone. Does it have a switch so I can control when I want it to charge up my phone. Is it powerful enough to fully charge up my phone. And the answer to all my questions turn out to be yes which was great.
Great piece of kit. Must have these days
When most of the time these days, you're thinking have I got a wifi signal, you're also thinking how much battery do I have left. Smartphones just use loads of juice and you leave yourself wondering 'where can I just plug my phone in for 10 minutes'. Not anymore.
This power jacket is the solution to that. It's neat, fits nicely on the device, doesn't add too much bulkiness, and most of all works!!
It has lights on it to show you how much charge is stored and the capacity is huge. I can get two or three full charges out of it.
The fact it has a USB port in too is great meaning you can charge other devices too.
Brilliant device
Good feel to this case it is quality and functionality at a good price.
iphone charger
If like me ,you panic when your out and about and your battery starts to run low ,then this is the answer ,switch it on and your iPhones charging up while in your pocket ,i would recommend this product,nice design, does what it says on the tin
Excellent Device
This battery jacket works exceedingly well and adds some bulk to your iPhone, but having the available battery power is great. Never fear of running out of juice. Less bulk than Mophie
Super convenient!
At first I was quite skeptical of the item, I didn't think it would work properly or it would be busted withing the first few months of use. But it's actually pretty amazing!
I've had my iPhone for 5 months now and the battery life has gone way weak; this item is a lifesaver! Of course it could only charge your phone up to 3 times if you charge it at the right time (before battery reaches 20% and not after it goes up to 80%). Seriously, it's so useful!
It isn't as bulky as I thought it would be, I got used to it after a while. Although the only problem is that it doesn't charge once the casing gets to only a quarter of its life. But all in all, if you've charged the casing to it's max, you would never have to worry about running out of juice ever again!
Poor quality product
I have had two of these cases in less than 5 months. Both have performed well to begin with, but downside is that the case has to be removed to update from your computer. Also the headphones do not plug in the phone with the case in place. Most distressing is the failure if the charger, once the case has been removed twice, to charge the phone despite the charger being fully charged.
4200mah iphone 5 case
This device performs as expected. I'm not disappointed. I love how it uses the lightning cord to charge it.
super battery life .... Amazing !!!
bought another case from a different site which the fuse went after one recharge. invested the extra £10 in getting this off mobile fun, a good reliable provider I had used before and wished I had in the first place.

again brilliant delivery and the power case comes in a smart plastic casing similar to apple boxes. the battery case itself, takes a while to charge from empty to full but theres enough juice in the case to charge my iphone twice yes twice and still have another 25% in the tank which is more than enough to get me through a weekend away camping. brilliant product, tad bulky but if it wasn't then you wouldn't get two charges plus out of it.
definitely recommend product and company
External battery for iPhone
Not only does this battery clip on to the base of the iPhone, but it has a USB socket which can be used for charging an iPad or a Satnav, or even another mobile.
The only downside, is that my headphone plug is too wide to go through the case.
I have not been able to find out whether the presence of the battery attenuates the signal from the iPhone, but maybe because it is not metal, it has no effect.
Some users might find the battery heavy but I like it because it disguises the fact that I use an iPhone and is therefore less likely to be stolen.
Good product
Handy little thing to have, doesn't make your phone to bulky but the case is smooth so not great for walking around with but does the job of charging your phone when you're out and about.
Very useful piece
Power Jacket's massive 4200mAh battery has managed to give me three (3)! consecutive recharges on my iPhone 5. Solidly built (although a bit bulky and heavy compared to the iPhone but this is due to the massive capacity), can be extremely useful on mountain hiking (GPS) or long flights (video). The Mobilefun service was excellent and very fast.
Great Accessory
As accessories for the iPhone go this Power Jacket ranks up there as one of the best. Once fully charged the battery backup can charge the phone to full at least twice with it's massive 4200mAh of storage capacity. The case fits the iPhone snugly and complements the look and feel of the phone. The power jacket even has a USB out socket to charge other devices using a standard USB cable. All in all a really great piece of kit to carry around as a back up power supply.
Fantastic - I can now talk & text all day and night and not worry about my phone going diff charge
First time I have dealt with this company - what a pleasure - I have also ordered 1 other product which is yet to be dispatched but I have been informed all along about stock availability and constant communication. I would give 10 out of 10 for customer service and would highly recommend this company

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