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Power Jacket Case 2200mAh for HTC One X - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One X and give it increased battery level with this cleverly designed case in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35789
$37.16 inc VAT
 4 stars from 10 customers

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Absolutely Brilliant - so good I bought two
I have to say it is a God send, the power jacket is exactly what you need when the phone battery needs a top up! I was that impressed I bought another for my friend's birthday, and he's pleased with it too! It gets you out of a hole if your phone dies and charges it upto around 60%, which I think is brilliant. A well thought out product that does work!! I've given it 5 stars as I believe it is a great product.
So near, yet so far
Having just been given a HTC One X for work, I felt I needed a case, and whilst I tried a couple of cheap cases from Amazon, which were appalling and went into the bin without even getting on my phone, I also noted the battery life on the HTC is terrible. So this case/battery backup seemed to be just what I needed, particularly as it also had a built in desk stand.

So having received it in double quick time from Mobile Fun, as ever, it appears to be well made and I charged it before putting it on to the phone.

It's a very good fit and the phone is secure in there, yet can be quite easily extracted if you need to.

The first problem I found is that the desk stand arm was initially difficult to get out, but that seems ok now. But I don't think it will be around for very long as it is really thin and is just asking to be snapped, bent, broken off.....

The other problem with the desk stand is that it requires the phone to be stood in landscape mode on it's charging port. No doubt you can charge it through the case's charging port, but based on other reviews, I wanted to charge the phone independently. You can, but not whilst it's being used with the desk stand.

So having taken it to work yesterday and used it a few times throughout the day, the case makes the phone BIG. It just felt like a throwback to the 90's with big phones in your hands. You will know if you've dropped it, which is good I suppose, but it's a very bulky case.

With all this in mind, I'm now at work with my phone, but the case is left at home. I'be not yet decided whether to return it for a refund, but another option is to use it as a battery back up - leave it in my bag and when the phone runs out of juice, I'll slot it into the case to charge.

So all in all, I think this was an expensive mistake. As a case, it's very disappointing and I won't be using it. As a battery backup, it's ok, but bulky and - based on other reviews - won't give you a full charge.
very good
standard battery lasts 2 days on phone-use, or about 8-10h on tablet-use. this power bank recharges up to 60% when phone is on or better if you switch the phone off. It is robust and comfortable (and cheap!)
I think it does work
When charging using the battery in the case it is best to do it when the phone is switched off. When the phone is on it never seems to get full, as it is constantly also depleting the battery. The product text should make this clear but it doesn't.
Doesn't live up to expectations
Will only charge my htc from 20 to 60% so not the advertised full charge, very nice case though and it'll get you through the rest of the day when the htc one x's useless battery goes flat.
gr8 but not perfect
i like this case very much but i thought it would fully charge my one x however it managed to charge it up to 60%.and i wasnt using the phone so im guessing it would charge it less if i were .its still a very handy accessory though ..

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