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Portable Cinema Universal Cardboard Smartphone Projector Reviews

Project your smartphone videos onto the big screen with the 8x magnifying, portable and easy to assemble universal smartphone projector. Lightweight and compact the projector can be taken anywhere and stored conveniently when not in use.
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 3.3 stars from 12 customers

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Novelty interest - with flaws
Would have been handy to know how fiddly it is to construct and to have a better video instruction available than the one or two there are on YouTube.
Once the messing about to focus is achieved, it certainly delivers on mobile phone screen magnification but even with the darkest of rooms (which I achieved) the projected image brightness is poor. There needs to be an app that can increase the mobile phone brightness beyond 10!
Good fun
Works well for what you pay. Don't go thinking this will replace a £1000 projector. But for watching videos off youtube in a dark room it's perfect!
does not work very good at all
i was not expecting much but was dissapointed
Nice little thing
I bought it as I am a gadget freak. It took some time to assemble it but it works very nice. You have a small cinema in your house. Dont expect a huge screen though.
Not bad !
You can't expect like a real project, but not bad at all !
Not bad !
You can't expect like a real project, but not bad at all !
It's silly
This projector is kind of silly. I'm not surprised.
Doesn't work great at all.
Thought I'd give it a try. Wanted it to project my photos to help in drawing them to canvas for painting.
Room needs to be pitch black to see it somewhat clearly.
Overall I'm with the projector. It a cool little gadget. The instructions are not the best as I didn't want to glue it the first time I put it together.
Paper view
I wasn't sure about the concept of this, but I had a voucher to use and thought it might be good for a laugh. It is! We did a little cinema club for the kids (and friends) and now they keep pestering me for my phone. Don't expect 4k and Dolby, but at this price, why would you?
Great novelty gift
I bought this for hubby as a bit of novelty, but it's actually great fun. You need to make sure it's nice and dark, but that's to be expected I guess. Get the popcorn on!
Ideal for get togethers
Bought this before I got married in order that I could share my special day again and also our memories of our honeymoon.

Easy to set up and use, it took me seconds to get my S5 into the projector and the enlarged screen onto my living room wall. I had to close the curtains to get a really good image, but that was no problem as it added to the show!

The construction is of cardboard, but dont be put off as it is very strong - it survived being held in the postal depot while we were away before collecting it.

Would recommend if you have a large family such as mine, or for use at a kids party perhaps.

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