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Polycarbonate Sony Xperia Z3 Shell Case - 100% Clear Reviews

This 100% clear slim and shell case provides durable protection for your Sony Xperia Z3 while maintaining its slender profile.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48904

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 4 stars from 13 customers

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I love my case
After buying a cheaper case off a popular auction site a little while ago I had to replace it as it was falling apart. I found a nice looking clear, hard case on MobileZap. I love my new case. It is quite slick and nowhere near as bulky as my previous case.
Not well designed
This product has clearly not been tested on the phone for which it is intended. The flap needing to be open in order to charge the phone is blocked by the case. It nearly works, but nearly is not good enough. You have to remove the case to charge the phone. I hacksawed a piece of plastic away to make this problem go away. The plastic also feels very brittle and unlikely to absorb any impact from a drop.
Exactly what I wanted.
The product is thin and stylish, it doesn't add much bulk to the phone. It offers protection for the sides, back and corners and still allows the original style of the phone to show through. The ports are unobstructed though I am yet to use it with the Sony GCM10 controller mount and the charging dock. The surface seems to scratch quite easily and it doesn't feel very tough, but that's the trade off between style and protection. It will still protect the phone from scratches and small drops. I think it would be better if it were made of glass, however that may not suit everyone and could possibly reduce the durability of the case. But if it breaks then just buy another one, no problem. Very happy with the product.
Very happy with case. Slimline, strong, good quality.
Hard Plastic
Fitting is not 100% accurate, I need to take the cover to recharge, 2 mm of extra plastic
The plastic is hard and not flexible, with sharp edges...the only good thing is the cover is thin with very low visual and touch impact, so I am not very satisfied...
Excellent case for Z3. High quality material.
Z3 shell case
This is an amazing case n just what I wanted to show of my z3. I wanted my phone to be protected but at the same time I wanted to have a feel of it without bulky leather cases, my phone is copper coloured n the transparent cover allows everyone to c how perfect my phone is. The delivery service of mobilefun gets 5stars also!

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