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Polycarbonate Case for Sony Xperia Z2 - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom molded for the Sony Xperia Z2, this 100% clear ultra thin FlexiShield case provides slim fitting, durability and protection against damage.
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$5.30 inc VAT
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 4.3 stars from 14 customers

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Very good for its price
It looks beautiful on an already beautiful phone. It doesn't take away from the style and is easy to put on or remove for whatever reason.
It protects the phone from scratches and whatnot as long as it's on its back.
All ports except for SD card are accessible without removing the case.
great case
I hadn't had a polycarbonate case before, only soft plastic or chunky plastic.
What I wanted for my new Xperia Z2 was something that would protect it but not compromise the design or feel.
This case - a transparent polycarbonate case on a white Z2 is perfect. Very happy, will probably order a spare.
Case fits awesome and works well with the magnetic doc, looks great when you first slip it on.. Only issue is it get scratched up quite easily. I might try buy another and place a screen protector on the back which seems to be more abrasive resistant. Other than that, i'm happy with the product
Nice case but can't use with Sony Charging Dock
Good case, looked for ages for a case I could use with the Sony charing dock so dissappointed that the cut is there but when the case is fitted it is too wide to fit in the dock even with the wider attachment. There is little protection for the top and bottom of the phone but it wraps around the screen a little so should help if phone is dropped face down. Case feels nice and gives the level of protection I was looking for without being to bulky.
Definitely the Case for Sony Xperia Z2
Very fine, fitting perfect protection for Sony Xperia Z2. Leaves all the necessary ports open, including the magnetic charge port, and usb/sim port cover. The case can be used with Sony's magnetic charger. I definitely recommend this case!
Very satisfied customer
As advertised. Easy to install looks nice and screen is very sensitive. Ordering, shipping and customer service was perfect.
Sturdy and to the point
Very happy with the case, fits the phone perfectly, and has part missing where charger port cover is. Previous case had to be removed every time I charged the phone!
Decent product
This is a neat inexpensive case. You still get all the beauty of your phone at a low price. Also, the shipping time was insanely fast!
Clear Cover for Sony Z2
This cover is beautiful. Fits on the phone very well. All ports are accessable. The cover is very light and doesn't add any weight to the phone. I only wish this case surrounded the whole phone and not just the back. Very good value all the same.
Polycarbonate Case for Sony Xperia Z2
Having tried out a number of slimline cases I was still looking form one that would incorporate not only protection, but would not take away from the looks of the phone and would have the all important magnetic port access. It seems that there are only a few cases out there that provide access to all ports. As an owner of this beautiful phone the last thing you want is to fiddle with the flip cover everytime you want to charge your phone. There is a reason why the magnetic port is there on the first place, isn't there? Well, it seems that the overhellming majority of case designers failed utterly to grasp the significance of this.

Polycarbonate Case for Sony Xperia Z2
The case is exactly what ir says on the label. It envelops the phone very snugly and clips on woith perfect precision. It's absolutely clear, you can see all the glorious details of the phones' design. The case protrudes ever so slightly all aroun the perimeter of the screen, so if you put the phone face down it will 'hover' a minute distance from the surface. And yes, all ports are available for access. I've tried the magnetic dock and it fits and charges beatlifuly (look for dock with removable depth bit).In addition, where majority of snug cases have a stupendously flimsy protection strip in front of charging port, this case offers rather hard strip with minimal wobble. The only downside of this case is that the top and bottom parts of the phones front are not offered any protection beyond the raised corners. Saying that, you wouldnt be able to fit the phone in otherwise.
If you're looking for an inexpensive skinny case that will retain you r phones' look and will include magnetic port, then this is a close to perfect at this moment.
If you're looking for a bullet proof vest, well this is definately not for you my friend.
Great value for protection
At just £5.99 I was not expecting much, but then again all I needed was to protect my nice shiny new Z2 from getting scratched.

And this case is more than good enough for that, you get the holes for the main ports but best of all the flash on the back is not impacted by having a case on.

Some cases reflect the flash when going off at night producing a white glare over the photo, this is not the case here.

Very impressed with the quality and price and a great investment to keep your phone brand new

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