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PolarPro GoPro Hero4 / 3+ Polarizer Filter Reviews

The PolarPro Polarizer filter for the GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ enhances your video by reducing glare from water and snow, while incrasing the colour saturation and contrast for a more vibrant and realistic image.
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 4.8 stars from 17 customers

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This filter is a must have item for any recording enthusiast
This filter is a must have item for any recording enthusiast. I bought a GoPro primarily to go skiing with and I had read that a polarising filter is brilliant for that kind of filming as it cancels all of the glare from the snow (or any other sort of glare created by light). Not only does the filter work perfectly but it also stays on securely and protects your GoPros lens. I crashed only a handful of times but it still stayed on regardless! Mobile Funs customer service was also great as it was very quick and it came through the post fairly quickly. It was my first time buying with them but it will definitely not be my last. If you are deciding on taking the plunge and getting the filter I would highly reccomend you do. 10/10
Makes a difference beneath the waves
I just got back from a diving trip and was really glad I had these filters. They turned underwater images shot with a GoPro Hero 4 into something you might watch, into something stunning. Really easy to pop on the lens and completely worth the investment. Without the red filter, your images will be really saturated with greens and blues, but pop on the filter and they become much more natural. You will get a lot more enjoyment out of diving shots with these filters. Two minor things that prevented the fifth star, if you don't hold the filter from the bottom while removing, the filter part will separate from rubber frame. Also, there are three filters in the kit and they aren't marked. It is hard to distinguish between the red and snorkeling filters. Apart from that, very happy with the purchase.
happy costumer
way cheaper than other sites, the payment and the delivery took a few days but arrived, and i good shape. (couse i'm from the netherlands) i contacted the costumer service about the payment and shipping and the are very kind.

overal very happy with the filters!
Good quality
Good quality
These lenses are great quality and conveniently made of a hard rubber
These lenses are great quality and conveniently made of a hard rubber that slip over the square bit of the waterproof housing. It makes them easy to change quickly. They have a lanyard to stop them from falling off and getting lost but the fit is very secure. The glass is quality and all the filters are useful. Good value 3 pack. Each lens has its own pouch for storage and cleaning.
Product as described
no issues
GoPro Filter a must
I’m new to GoPro and there’s a lot of accessories out there and some are quite expensive but when I saw these advertised for the GoPro I was very interested and looked into it further from other websites and all indications were that these filters were a worthwhile buy and enhanced your shots on the GoPro. When I received the filters I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, each filter comes with its own bag to keep it safe and protected from any scratches and each filter has its own tether to keep it safely attached to the GoPro no matter what terrain your in. I have only used the polarised filter when it was very sunny and did part of the ride with it on and part without and using the filer in sunny conditions gave a much better result. I am looking forward to using the other filters and have no doubt they will be a worthwhile purchase. I would definitely recommend these filters and MobileFun were a pleasure to deal with giving me updates about my purchase and delivery details.
Works Great!
Only used the snorkeling filter. But Results are great! Much better colors on the video.
Found the vidio very interesting,which made our minds up to buy this product
Works well
The filters fit easily and quickly. And they come fitted with fine cord safeties. I have only used the blue water snorkelling and diving filters. Both worked really well, bring real colour to the videos that I was taking underwater. They are well worth the price I paid for them.
Capture the "true" colours underwater
Not happy with the colours in those underwater pictures? Were the colours in the videos not the same as you saw when down there? Don't you wish you listened more carefully to those physics lessons at school? If the answer to any is "Yes", .... The water "absorbs" light at the red end of the spectrum, and the deeper you go, the more it absorbs. Our brains are very clever, and compensate automatically for the shift in colours. Our cameras aren't that clever. The need the help of an appropriate filter to compensate for the colour shift. This set of filters lets you help the camera at shallow depths, when snorkelling, or deeper depths in "blue" water, or deeper depths in "green" water. They help your GoPro see colour closer to the way your brain sees those fantastic underwater scenes. You will be totally amazed by capturing a scene without a filter and then doing it again with the appropriate filter on. The colours are so "real", and popping the filter on so easy. Really! Go for it! The small outlay for this set of easy to use filters will make those underwater shots so much better.
High quality lense - easily attached - enhances the most ordinary of photos, making them all look professional. Perfect for sunset time lapse photography,
Excellent Filters ! Quality built! A must for GoPro Fanatics
These filters are made exceptionally well ! Upon receiving them I tested them out ! Polarized works amazing in high light areas and really does help with sun glare and reflection problems ! Improving contrasts and saturation in photos ! Macro is amazing bringing pure detail to close objects !!! ND filters work great giving the sense of movement ! All in all amazing filters and well worth the money !! A must have for any GoPro fanatic ! Impressed !!
A must buy for GoPro fanatic
These filters excel in providing better quality footage and photos from your GoPro , enabling the camera to capture better contrast and saturation from the polarized filter, the macro works great with specific detail , and for fast moving footage the ND filter works great! A must buy for GoPro fanatic

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