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Plug N Go Stereo Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Enjoy wireless phone calls and listen to music in stereo sound with the Plug N Go Stereo Bluetooth Headset.
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 4.6 stars from 160 customers

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Does the job.
Very impressed with these headphones. Very comfortable to wear. The clarity of the sound is impressive for the price.
Ideal for me.
Lovely light headphones. Very comfortable, easily adjustable to fit snuggly. The reproduction of the sound is brilliant. Very pleased with this purchase.
Fantastic sound for the price.
I would have wanted to know if they would pair with my Samsung S7 edge phone.
As a result they do pair very well,and sound really good when paired with my S7 edge.
They pair to device real easy and they are easy to operate when lisning to music or answering phone when the phone is safe in your pocket.
There are no wirers to get all tangled up with, which is great.
If anyone's thinking of buying these headphones, I would say you will not be disappointed.
These headphones have a fantastic sound
These headphones have a fantastic sound, I purchased them for my new S7 edge phone, I was really surprised how good the quality of the sound that they produced for the low price I paid for them. I would recommend these headphones as they are so comfortable to wear with no wires getting in the way, they are a good purchase, that I would recommend for quality & sound. Great purchase I'm so happy that I purchased them, thank you Mobile Fun great product.
Amazing service + next day delivery. Stylish - robust construction - easy to connect and charge. good instructions. Would not hesitate to recommend " mobile Fun"
Wireless headset is so much easier !
The headset came with straightforward instructions, which enabled me to 'pair' the headset to my phone immediately.
Obviously a short time of charging was necessary, but since the first charge, I haven't had to charge again since, having used them at least a week, about 3 hours per day.
Great bluetooth headset, excellent sound quality, and comfortable.
Perfect for the job
I got these after looking at lots of alternatives. I wanted a pair that were not too big so that I could wear them in bed and watch streamed TV. They were a bit more expensive than others I looked at but size wise they were what I wanted.

Delivery was next day - excellent.
Charging took three hours and connection with the Xoom is a doddle.

Hard to find apart from the instruction leaflet which unfortunately is in "near English"
very pleased
First hedphones stopped charging after 4 months but mobilefun were great with their service and exchanged it within 7 days 1st class service love the headphones good sound quality and long lasting battery charge.
What I have been looking for for a long time
This Bluetooth headset is just what I have been seeking for a long time. It is comfortable to wear in bed and enables me to listen to the radio in the small hours if I wake up during the night. It is the only one of many devices I have tried that has a decent operating time (10 hours). It is the insomniac's dream.
good headphones BUT........
these headphones are good! But be careful as earpads can be a bit loose. I lost one earpad and I can not get replacement any-where, not even from mobilfun where I purchased them so I am not using them now; shame really.
Excellent Headphones
Super quality headphones. Would recommend.
perfect fit
these headphones are fantastic not to big to carry around and they fit perfectly and the sound is great i would recommend to any body to buy these
Intermittent break in reception
When headset is connected to either an apple computer,or an iPad1 or New iPad or my 3rd Generation iPod touch, intermittently there is a short break in reception lasting about half to one second. This can occur every 2 or 3 minutes. This is not an out of range problem as it happens when only one metre separates the headset from iPad. I have returned the headset and been sent a replacement which also displays the same fault. I have reported in detail all these facts but still awaiting a technical discussion.Surely I am not the only person experiencing this problem.
just what I needed.
It's easy to use connected first time and as never lost connection. Recommend this.
Not even BEATS by dre beats this headphone.PERFECT HEADPHONE
When i first paired it with my Samsung galaxy S2 it was working alright with the music but wasnt working with the phone calls.That is i couldnt answer phone calls with it.When i updated my phone software to the Android 4.0 OS everything was jus amazing.I go nowhere without my MOOR headphones.Great Bass and quality for the price.I still cant believe it.Battery life is the best i have ever seen.Takes a very long time to run out of battery.Very good mic and clear voice calls.I will recommend for everyone who wants freedom from wires!..and 1 more thing,DONT WSTE YOUR MONEY ON EXPENSIVE HEADPHONES when this headphone can give you MOOR!!!
Good.Not bad.Value for money.Compact.Nice adequate.Could do with slight padding on band.Plenty load enough.I'm a happy chappy.
Hands-free AND comfortable
I recently purchased the Moor MR002 Premium Edition Stereo Bluetooth Headset to go with my new smart phone.Firstly I was delighted to receive the product within 2 days of placing my order. The headset and phone could not find each other, the first time I ran through the matching sequence, but did connect on my second attempt. I have used the headset for two primary purposes - for hands free communication whilst driving, but also so that I can answer the mobile and chat whilst working. The sound clarity is incredible, no echo and according to people I have communicated with the speech is as clear as the reception. The headset is light-weight, the ear pads are very comfortable - delighted to get away from intrusive ear buds and painful ears - and it adjusts to sit at whatever angle I feel most comfortable.
The controls are easy to operate when you are wearing them and as yet I have nothing negative to say/
No cords!
I find that these headphones are a great design n quality. The music plays richly and is basically smooth. There are instances where it cuts sometimes similar to a skipping c.d,
not sure whether its interference or bad pairing on my part but, it plays well more than enough to keep me happy. Great for answering calls n love the last call redial feature! Good product.
Few problems.... But okay product
The first problem was that they didn't come with the earphone pad in the picture, but a different, less stylish set and secondly if you have a head that's on the large side, they're not gonna fit great and will really hurt. Sound quality is a bit touch and go at first but when you have paired with a device several times it gets better. They're really what you would expect for the price, but my advice is spend a little more on the jaybird sb2 or the Venus zync.
Doies what it says on the tin
For the price this piece of kit is light years ahead of anything similar. Pairs and connects first time, every time. Excellent clarity of sound at almost all levels.

Delivery was as promised, despite the fact that it was shipped to an offshore location.
Moor than I expected
The head phone set were better than I thought they would be because of the competitive price the headband was nicely lined with what looks like neoprene making them soft n strong the sound quality is very good sharp n clear but the overall hassle free was setting the connection on Bluetooth so easy to understand and connected in just a couple ov minutes my overall thought is good bit ov kit at a bargain price good unit
Great bit of kit
Really pleased! A neat piece of kit with a good sound quality and a very good price.
Perfect Match
Having just purchased this item and used it a number of times when watching films on my iPad, it's just what I was looking for! A Bluetooth Stereo Headset. That freedom of movement is just great! No trailing and twisted cable. I can move about with great ease.
The sound quality is excellent! Just remember, if one listens to a lousy recording of a song or movie sound, this will be picked up. However, stereo reception is excellent. Sound separation is excellent!
I would recommend it to anyone.
Great for 3weeks
Bought this item cos was spending a small fortune on headphones by pulling the wires so thought MMMM they look cool and for the same price as a set of iPhone headphones can't be bad....... Yeh right to good to be true.... Worked ace for first three weeks now it's hit and miss charging it and also hit and miss turning it on.... Like I said ace for 3 weeks and now a pile of .... So glad I didn't buy more as my both my kids wanted some .... (thought twice now) ... I was willing to part with more cash but now not to sure as there is more expensive 1's on this sit but if they only last a few weeks what's the point .... I do give em thumbs up for the quality to cost ratio but as a truck driver I did expect it to last longer.... I even told the wife even if they last a month I got my money's worth but didn't even last 4 weeks .... Quite gutted really
wicked bit of kit
the moor mr002 headset are what ive been looking for, very clear and bassy. they are lightand sit nice n close to your ears which blocks outthe outside world. i would definately recommend these headphones especialy to those who get hen pecked. WICKED BIT OF KIT...
Moor Headset
Loads written about this headset so all I can say is.... BUY ONE.
Great headset..but read on.
This is but one of many bluetooth headsets I own. Having read the reviews I thought ..give it a try.
Setting up was easy, sound quality is excellent. However...if you are folically challenged, beware! Although rubber coated steel frame is adjustable and they do fit well, they have tendency to stick to the scalp with perspiration. Wearing them over a baseball style cap works but again the extra thickness of the cap makes it awkward to get a good fit. A slightly softer rubber coating would transform these into top notch class. As it is, only 4 stars
Great device
Very pleased with the headphones - i have been using a usb set but the wires were a pain.. tried these as they were bluetooth and i have to say i have been very happy with them.

Good sound quality, comfortable and easy to set up

for the price, a very good buy and highly recommended
Should of got some a long time ago
What a wicked set of headphones they are loud and bassy you cant hear anything else but music. They even drown out the mrs when shes naggin. I would definately recomend these headphones to those men that like myself get hen pecked.
Super easy
First time ever for Bluetooth headset and wish I had bought this earlier. The set up was so easy and quick that I was totally amazed.
The sound not,the very best I've heard but still very impressive for such a reasonable priced product. The fitting at first was a little awkward due to its small size but once sorted it was no longer a problem.
This product I highly recommend as great value for money and versatility.
Great Headset
I have to say that I had an older in ear moor headset which i loved until i broke it as i used it mainly as a handsfree kit for my iPhone, so when i see these better in my opinion Moor MR002 headset I jumped at the chance as when i tried to get them a while ago they had sold out. I got these for an unbelievable £20 an email offer and all i can say is these are great headphones, they work great with my phone too for hands free calling. Now i have had them for a while the sound quality has really improved as they have bedded in. I use them with various devices, all of them Apple and i am very happy!! I am going to try and get some more of these for my kids and wife to use with their devices.
THe build quality is also pretty good and battery life is great, i have not measured the time they work for but they seem to last for ages.
Comfort is very good also even after wearing them for hours and hours.
Get yourself some of these as they are amazing value for money, even if you pay £30-£40, still worth the price.
I bought these for use with an iPad2.
They work perfectly and were very easy to set up. It is a real pleasure not to have any trailing wires and the iPad unit does not have to be "tethered" to you. The quality of sound is superb and I have experienced a long battery life. I would not hesitate to buy another paid should the need arise.
mr002 blutooth headphones
Easy, value, quality ok... For this price buy them. Not Bose of course but a neat and stylish kit I am well pleased with.
Very Good Value
Very Very good Value for my money.They work nice very easy to set up and use.And the price was excellent,impossible to find cheaper.The service and delivery was very fast I will recommend to my friends and family.
Thanks very happy customer.
Nice and light,good sound
First off this item is just the bees knees! Value for money with these headphones is second to none.
Very comfy when u get them in the correct place,the sound is perfectly fine as I have used them while walking beside a busy road and also in the gym with no problems,the charge is long lasting so no problems there,where I did have a problem was if I have my iPhone in chest pocket of shirt on left side and I turn my head fully to the right when looking to cross a road,I noticed the sound dropped out but it was only for a fraction of a second and only happened as I say when u fully turn your head not in normal use,great having no wires,I have Shure e2c,Sony on ear and sennheiser earphones but they all have the same problem-bloody wires! Just get a pair of these and enjoy FREEDOM!!!!
BUT .... No radio!
This Moor bluetooth headset seemed perfect for my Nokia. It was listed as a bluetooth accessory for my phone, and I chose it because I was fed up of headphone wires getting tangled and broken.
The product arrived very promptly from MobileFun, as usual a very impressive service.
I managed to pair up the new Headset very easily with my phone. However, although my downloaded music worked, not a sound came from my FM radio. I use this all the time whilst walking my dogs, so it was a big disappointment that the Moor headset could not pick up the sound.
I rang MobileFun and I was told that only wired earphones work with my Nokia, which act as an antennae. There is no inbuild antennae in the phone.
I feel annoyed because this did not appear in the description of the Moor MR002 Headset, although it was listed as a Nokia E72 accessory.
I am now forced to used wired headphones again.
Best buy to date
Exactly as described. Connection to ipad was straightforward and the range good enough for me to do the gardening with the ipad in the house - probably 15 to 20 metres.Battery charge life looks to be good and reconnection after a period of shutdown is automatic.
More then hundreds review of satisfied customer with 4 / 5 star rating on this product can't be wrong. Furthermore the price tag is jaw dropping. Easy pairing up to 8 device, sound quality is superb, simple to use button. What more can i ask for. Kudos.
Moor MR002 Bluetooth Headset
Excellent value, sound quality and build quality of a very expensive pair, after a week of occasional use the battery still does not need charging.
very comfortable and easy to use
these over the head headphones are extremely comfortable and easy to use with all the controls on the headset you do not need to touch your phone
Perfect size
These earphones are not too big and not too small, sound is good, very pleased with them
How this unit has managed to stay under the radar as a top notch piece of kit for 20QUID!!....I will never know??...build quality,punchy low down tones,mids & tops!...SWEET!!!....I,m in the process of ordering 2 more for family & friend....Just to add to my joy...Mobile Fun made my transaction smooth & simple...SWEET!!
Moor MR002 Premium Edition Stereo Bluetooth Headset
What a fantastic piece of kit easy to use easy to set up set to my phone and ipod in less than ten seconds after learning how to use
which just meant browsing the instructions so good going to get another set for mrs
Comfortable, easy to set up
These are fine for quiet environments but don't expect background noise to be excluded. For the price the headset is solid enough although the earpiece covering is quite flimsy. The set is not heavy on the head so comfort is good over a long period. I have connected the set to several Bluetooth devices with no problems. The volume controls are easy to use.
Prompt delivery as always. Pleased with the purchase as a second headset.
great headset
great headset sounds good, got them in under 24hrs well chuffed....
Brilliant headsets - and a tip for Samsung S2 owners
I endorse all the praise. Great headsets at a great price.

I first connected my headsets to a Toshiba Thrive tablet -no problems.

I then really struggled to get any sound from my Samsung S2. In desperation I decided to phone MobileFun. I was wearing the headset at the time and suddenly the messages at MobileFun came through the MR002. It was the first time I'd had any sound from the S2.

I disconnected the phone call and went back to my music on the S2 and the headphones worked perfectly. I have no idea what has happened - but it did the trick.

No problems since then....

Fantastic buy!
I bought the Moor MR002 Premium Edition (there is a difference to the "standard" edition) and a set of iCandy Freedom 180's. I bought the iCandy's purely because I thought that the Moor MR002's might not look quite "manly" enough for me to wear out (yes...I'm probably a bit vain like that, unfortunately) but I needn't have worried. As well as being very well built and sturdy, they also look very stylish once on and don't look too...girlie...at all, with quite a low profile for an "over ear" set of headphones. They fit snugly, even with my rather large head, and also fit well over a beanie hat, (although, I'm not sure if they'd fit over one with a full head of hair underneath, as I'm shaven quite close to the wood!) The set is very comfy to wear as the pads are very well cushioned (one of the differences with the "standard" edition) and there was no discomfort when wearing it for long periods (typically 5/6 hours so far). The sound quality of these headphones is also very good, with a consistently good range heard for all types of music, actually, what really surprised me was just how "punchy" the bass was for such a small set, and the volume was equally as impressive (one of my biggest issues with the iPhone 4s and many of the wired sets I have tried) with it being quite deafening at the top end of the scale without distortion. In fact, that leads me to my only criticism of the MR002 and it's not one easily overcome by most "over ear" sets, and that is the sound leakage. It's quite easy to hear what the person is listening to if your sat anywhere close, which may be an annoyance on public transport (although, with the amount of "chav's" quite openly playing their music out of the speaker of their phones at quite a high volume these days on public transport, even this is a mute point...in fact..some people may love the fact that you've at least attempted to keep the music to yourself!) All the controls work well and are laid out in an intuitive manner, so you won't go forgetting which button does what, when it's on your head and you can't see the controls. (on a side note...I found that you can activate Siri on iPhones by holding the "previous track" button for two seconds and can then send messages, get weather reports, or call someone, just by speaking normally....this isn't in the instructions!) and the mic is well placed for voice calls with a nice audio quality being heard on the set and by the person on the other end (don't know if there's any noise cancelling circuitry working it's magic here, but the person on the other end said it was very clear with virtually no background noise, which considering i was stood just outside a busy pub doorway, was quite an achievement) As for connecting, it really is easy, and once done, will automatically connect to your device when turned on next time (as long as bluetooth is still "on" on your device) The instructions say it will auto pair with up to 8 devices, I haven't tested this, but it connects to both my iPhones and my iPad easily, so I don't doubt this would be the case. The range on these headphones is another impressive point. Can't say that it is actually 10m but I can leave the phone on the table and walk to all rooms of the house and still receive excellent audio quality, it even works part way down the garden (it does drop out now and again though, I've found at distance, if someone operates the microwave, but maybe that's just my crappy microwave!) This may be because of the new and improved chipset that they have put in the new Premium edition headset (yet another difference to the "standard" edition) At this moment in time, I struggle to find anything not to like about this headset apart from the minor niggle raised above, which as stated, is a problem for nearly all "over the ear" headsets and nothing major in the slightest. I am absolutely loving mine at the minute and can't believe they only set me back £20. Just an awesome headset all told!
excellent product
I bought one about a year ago and was very inpressed. It's amazing how long the battery lasts between charges. I've recently bought a spare headset just in case something happened to my original. The quality is very good, I regulary use it when i go walking.
Meets all my requirements
First bluetooth equipment purchased. Connected easily and works perfectly with my Galaxy SII.
Also charges with the USB connected to a USB 13 amp mains adapter. Am buying a second one for my wife.
Good product for the price
Reasonable price, good sound, battery appears to last for ages, couldn't ask for more. The only slight hitch is if you have a massive head like me they are not quite big enough they just need 1mm more extension to be truly comfortable
Moor BTH002 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
To be honest I didn't expect much for the price but having Iphone 4 I wanted to be able to listen to music whilst working in the garden and in the Gym. My current wired pair of over-the-ear cans end up getting tangled with tools or in bushes nearly every time I use them and it can be painful when they accidentally get pulled off or you hang yourself with the cord! They were also quite expensive so there was always the risk of damaging them.

This pair paired first time without fuss, they're quite comfortable and the sound quality is surprisingly good . I particularly like the built-in volume control and the option to pause the music if required.

They also paired first time and functioned correctly with my Nokia phone, although I doubt I'll ever bother to use them with that, I just wanted to see if it would work!

Fully charged batteries will last for 12 hours according to the box which I think is pretty good but I've yet to test that claim.

Overall, 5 stars - well worth the money.
Spot on.
2nd pair of these I have bought and they are just as good as the first. Light in weight but great sound quality, very robust battery life. Watched 11 two hour movies on holiday and they did not need charging until I got back. Excellent.
Great product
Despite taking time to wrap up the cables, every time I used my HTC headphones it took me 5 minutes to untangle the cables. I spent time deciding on which Bluetooth head phones and decided upon the Moor BTH002 Stereo Bluetooth Headset as they offered value for money and a neat design. I haven't been disappointed, they link up to my HTC phone with ease,they are light and comfortable and the sound quality, for both phone use and listening to music etc is good (could be a little better hence 4 stars).
excellent headset
I have doctor beats headphones I bought these headphones just to try them out I've got to say I'm really happy with them for 30 pounds they give you good all round sound they have good bass excellent for watching movies on the go the battery life is very good too and to answer a call on the headset it's crystal clear as well I'll recommend these headphones
Moor BTH002 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
The reviews are all spot on, the quality of these headphones for the price is amazing, connected to my HTC Desire immediately. Sound quality excellent, very robust too. MF is a fab company to deal with. Highly recommended all round.
Excellent Price vs Performance
Excellent price vs performance on these headsets.

I bought mine for use with PS/3, Sony Erricson X10i phone, LG 32" TV and also with my Acer Aspire laptop so I have used these extensively in multiple environments and I will analyse one-by-one below.

Starting with the PC. Excellent, I bought a Belkin mini-bluetooth adapter as well as my Acer Aspire laptop running Vista does not have built in bluetooth and device detected any sync immediately. However, two devices are found:
"Stereo headphones"
You do have to manually disable the headset and setup as "Stereo headphones" in SOUND control panel otherwise totally rubbish Once done it works like a treat but this was very fiddly to get right.

I play a lot of games so have game sound and also SKYPE with players in game whilst playing and it can easily handle these tasks simultaneously. After setting Windows sound settings you also manually configure SKYPE to the speakers / mic which takes a little getting used to but once there it's works well and stays there! You do have to manually change back to laptop speakers / mic if you disconnect but this is skype not the headsets. Reports from skype users is the mic is very good, clear with noise cancellation as cannot hear a lot of background noise.

Stereo sound is excellent, volume is easily enough without hurting and also very very good range of bass during "boom" of explosions in game. On max settings it does start to distort but thats also too loud to be comfortable at that stage! Top end tweater range slightly lacking but I prefer bass to top range. Mid range for vocals in songs, superb when playing music / MP3 / Spotify streaming.

PS3 - It does not work. It was never in the design or advertised on the website at PS/3 compatible. It is detected by the PS/3 but there are two different bluetooth modules (see PC review above) and the PS/3 picks up the wrong one. So it's detected and works in the TEST environment but in game there is no sound to listen or mic that works in games.

PHONE - Bluetooth connectivity for my phone was excellent, very easy to pair up and music excellent as per PC noted above. Because phone drivers are not as good as PC you can run max volume without distortion and tweater range is better. As noted above, mic during calls is very good with noise cancellation and not much background noise.

TV - connect to LG 32" TV is very easy to pair and sound is superb. If the girlfriend is out then I will always watch movies with headphones rather than built in TV speakers as much better or at home if I want to watch football then I can do so. Bass, mid-range superb, top end very tiny bit lacking. Again I can run at full volume without distortion with the TV.

Final GENERAL comments:
It will last over 3 hours of continous use and you can charge whilst listening. You do get sufficient warning of about 5 mins if battery dying with intermittent beeps in ear. You can charge and listen at the same time, however, the charge is NOT sufficient once it starts beeping it is low too much power out to power in at that stage I'm afraid.

Headphones are comformtable over head and also around the ears. To start with over about 2 hours continous use it would start to ache a little on the ears but I have got used to this now.

Overall for the price vs performance I dont think there is ANYTHING BETTER. The only reason not a 5 star is for fiddly PC setup and no Playstation compatibility for me.


As a final thing, this my first purchase from mobile fun I was VERY happy wtih mobilefun delivered on time and as expected and communication excellent. Will definately buy from these guys again as well.
excellent product
I wanted some headphones mainly for watching films & video on laptop but was concerned about possible lip-sync issues. No need to worry, these headphones work perfectly,they connected easily to laptop and to nexus s phone, but only listened to music on phone and not tried them for calls so cannot comment on that.
These are just brilliant headphones
and are quite well made too. If you're in doubt,dont be,buy them.
Good value for money
These headphones Are just what i needed, i was fed up with wires always getting caught & tangled, i read the reviews on this product & they were all positive so as you do I bought 2 pairs 1 for the wife to stop her moaning !!! they connect easily 1st time evrytime they are sturdy & stay in place even while walking briskly.A great sound with clear tones & deep base are great listening on my I-phone or my laptop. Your music pauses & the phone kicks in then automatically starts ur music on ending the call all in all 10/10 in my opinion for this product & the service from Mobilefun.
I have never been able to get on with earplugs, they don't seem to fit my ears and constantly fall out. This headset is perfect. Not only can I hear in comfort, I can answer and make calls as well. I have waited a long time for such a device.
Amazing value !!!
I picked these due to the reviews i read, all positive, you wont be disappointed!! a good sturdy feel, & stylish, not intrusive. Important note read the instructions this unit has an MFB which requires timed pushes for different functions so when turning on & off & pairing you need to be aware of this or you might get annoyed when it does not pair 1st time i tried mine 1st time paired to an i-phone 4 no problem.Excellent sound & good bass even works on calls perfectly mutes ur music & starts back where it paused seemlessly. i also ordered these 3pm wed arrived 9.30am Thurs amazing turnaround well impressed Mobilefun ....in a word "impressive" for product & service.
MR002 Bluetooth Headphones
Received today after ordering online at 5.30 pm yesterday. Paired up with my IPad 2 immediately (after charging). First impressions, absolutely brilliant! Sound is far better than I imagined would be. For the price they are a steal.
good quality sound at reasonable price
Bought these after listening to a friends, and was impressed with the sound quality. Couldn't believe the price. Amazed at the speed of delivery; ordered on Monday evening and they arrived Wednesday morning.Easy to use and set up with my Nokia N8 once you have read the instructions properly (I didn't the first time). Good quality sound with healthy bass. Very pleased.
good quality sound at reasonable price
Bought these after listening to a friends, and was impressed with the sound quality. Couldn't believe the price. Amazed at the speed of delivery; ordered on Monday evening and they arrived Wednesday morning.Easy to use and set up once you have read the instructions properly (I didn't the first time). Good quality sound with healthy bass. Very pleased.
Does what you'd want it to do!
It worked perfectly with my Galaxy SII first time I tried it. It's cordless, and it works with Bluetooth. And it works very well and simply to take calls. Charge via pc on usb charger (included) - may well be able to charge via wall plug that takes a usb cable - but I've not tried it. I'm thinking about getting a bluetooth dongle for my pc so it works with that.
There was five days till Christmas,

I was in such despair,

What to buy my son,

Some smellies or a jumper to wear.

I would listen to music,

While using google the tool,

But my son and headphone wires,

He had broken them all.

A Bluetooth headset I thought to myself,

So surfing I went with limited wealth,

My quest had now started and I had begun,

Came across a website called MOBILEFUN.

They had what I wanted at such a good price,

praise and thank you for such a wicked device,

delivery was very fast,second to none,

five star for you, well done mobilefun,

I bought one he’s happy and over the moon,

I ordered a second pair I hope they come soon.

By James O’Reilly.
excellent product
This product is excellent, Tone very good - I use it while walking - easy to use and control. This is the second on I have purchased. I would like to purchase an extre charging lead, but have not been able to find one.
What a surprise!
I ordered a pair of these as a Christmas present for my father in law to use with an iPad. He got me to pair them and test them and I have to say I'm majorly impressed - so much so I ordered another pair for myself!

The audio quality is crystal clear and I managed to walk into another room (without his iPad and with a wall in the way) with no break in the signal. They also have a good bass range.
Just what I was looking for
This is a great pair of hedphones, light and easy to use, pairs with my ipod or phone easily and sounds realy good considering the price.
Love them love them love them a fantastic sound at a great price, great battery life, also use as hands free and it works perfectly with samsung galaxy s2 on t mobile
Once again I have received an excellent product and in time for Christmas.

The product is excellent. Crystal clear sound, easy to set up and perfect to wear as so light.

I would recommend these to friends without hesitation.
Just what he has been looking for!
My husband has been looking for an item like this for about 6 months and kept saying I can't find any anywhere. I look and find these and they are amazing, they are great and work really well. The sound quality is fantastic.
excellent goods and service !!!
Ordered these headphones on friday received them on saturday morning as promised. Paired up with my nokia n8 no trouble and the sound reproduction is brilliant. I have a wired set of sennheisers and these phones come very close in quality. Superb!!!.
Does what it says on the tin
Received this promptly and charged it as instructed. So far I have been thrilled with the product. I have been using it with my iPhone and found it to produce good sound quality for a bluetooth headset (but not as good as wired apple headphones), excellent battery life (it has lasted a full 8 hour day at work) and very easy to use. Call quality also seems to be good (perfect listening sound and no one has complained about call quality the other end!) I have been raving about it to all and sundry and would recommend it to anyone who wants to be free of the hassle of wired headphones!
Faulty assembly?
Earpads were loose and seemed to be on the verge of falling off. Might not have been assembled properly. There is an inner plastic ring on the earpads, and I positioned the speakers under the plastic rings, albeit with some difficulty, and this made the earpads much more secure.
Perhaps this is how it should be.
Otherwise, very pleased with my purchase.
Great sound, and easy to set up with my devices.
Great headphones,crystal clear, just what I have been looking for. Works perfectly with my galaxy s2, brilliant as a headset also. I can hear the conversation very clear, and they can hear me clearer than my parrot,(thats not a pet bird ).
Excellent headphone with full bodied sound
I purchased these excellent priced headphones to link to my netbook/iPad and have to say I am not disappointed.
They not only offer a full and rounded sound but have a very good if not slightly loud volumn with easily drowns out and noisy background noise.
I have to say that when I first unpacked the headphones I was concerned b the small appearance of the ear pads and the hard feel of the padding but when fitted they were very comfortable and easy on the head.
Should I recommend to my family and friends, I already have as I'm that happy with them.
Don't hesitate to buy
Absolutely gleaming. No faults. Excellent service to boot.
Just another happy customer!
I wasn't sure how there would turn out but after reading all the positive reviews I bought some.
I'm very glad I did. The sound quality is great (once I'd set up an equalizer App on my phone, a Samsung GS2) and they work and pair up really easily.
If there is one problem I'd say they are a little tight if you ware them for long periods and have a big head like me!
Great headset, great price!
I bought these headphones for my daughter to use with her ipod nano. It's so easy to pair up and to use. They are comfy and light and we are really pleased with them. Sound quality is also great. I was going to buy the halo headset but am so pleased I opted for these as they work just as well and are a fraction of the price!
Great But....
Great sound and works perfectly with my HTC Desire Mobile phone BUT
can't get it to work with a Windows 7 Bluetooth dongle on my PC comes up with can't find driver nor can I find a driver on the web. Guess I'll have to go wied when working on PC or using Skype!
Bought it for iPhone 4
Pairs at once.

Most functions seem to be as manual, but the Voice Control is via the Last Song (Top Left) button. Also the volume controls work on the headsets own volume and do not seem to control the iPhone's volume unlike others.
simply great
This headset is brilliant, loud n clear sound , i'm happy with my buy! Thanks ;)
Excellent Headset
Bought these on a recommendation from a friend and they are brilliant. Quick and easy to set up and use. Sound quality is very good.
Bluetooth headphones
I am very pleased with the headphones they are still a problem with an echo though.
Nice Headphones
Great value for money, good sound quality. Only bad thing is that if you wear them too long your ears/head start to ache a little, but other than that a fantastic product!!
Moor BTH002 Headset
Great really good value for money, works really well with any bluetooth equipment.
Good VFM
Bought this as headphones for PC - I wear in-the-canal hearing aids and always struggle with headphones.

These work well but give my hearing aids feedback as the pads are too small. For normal people they would be fine, I am sure.

They ARE loud - some bluetooth kit is poorly amped - but these are good.

Neat/strong build - but a little tight. Battery seems to last well.

Can be used as a phone no problem - but mic. is not exceptional (but I have paid > £100 for the same result).
Brilliant headphones, sound quality excellent, can't say much more than excellent as this is the answer I gave been looking for especially for the gym, makes training just that bit better as no wires to tangle myself up in. You have to speak up a little when using as handfree for the phone, but overall I would definately give these a 8. 5 out of 10. The price is ok too. Buy them they make life soooooo much easier.
Great bluetooth headset
Really pleased with the performance of the moor bth002 stereo bluetooth headset as a hands free headset. Good, clear reception for me and the people i've called. I think I must have a big head though, as even on its largest setting the headband is only just big enough! shouldn't be a problem for most. The only disappointment is that my htc desire hd can't send music to the headset using its sound enhancement features I. E. Dolby mobile, like it can with wired headsets, hence music sounds a little flat, but otherwise a good purchase.
Fantastic Equipment
I would like to thank you for an excellent piece of equipment and delivered promptly.
Moor Wireless Headset
The service delivery was excellent and prompt after my order was placed. The headphones are a great in terms of size, wireless connection with bluetooth devices, battery lasts long and sound quality is clear. However, the connection when taking a call is distorted at times when taking a call but they are good in all weather condition. I am planning to buy another set for a birthday gift. Reccomended buy.
These headphones are great for watching tele if there's no one else watching- I haven't tried the pc yet - The sound is great
You'll be glad you bought them
Straight forward to set up as well!
My tele experience has improved dramatically!!
Out of stock when order made, customer services kept me fully up to date and were very helpful. Product arrived exactly when expected and is fantastic. Excellent sound, easy to pair, long range if output device is static, when walking or running there is the occasional blip of silence. The battery life still amazes me, it just goes on forever.
Excellent product for the money!
I love these headphones! good sound,they fit well and best of all is you can have a clear conversation while your on the move!great for the small price.
Just got them to day and im am very happy with them best head phones ever had the only thing is in the picture it has foam round the speakers but on mine I have like leather padding watch is still good I would recommend this to any one.
Surprisingly good!
Why am I surprised that this turned out to be good? The idea of having a wireless headset is old hat now - except it is not. Although they havebeen around for a long time they have always shared 3 standard characteristics: 1. They were fiddly to pair and connect and frequently didn't. 2. They were expensive and 3. The performance was terrible. This headset breaks with all 3 rules. It works without a hiccup, it is very reasonably priced and the performance is pretty good certainly at least on a par with wired headsets in the same price range
A great solution
I really like the Bluetooth capability, easy to set up, good quality sound, no cables getting caught up in clothes or having to be unwound and wound before and after use. A very nice solution. I travel a lot by plane and it would have been good if they were just a bit smaller to carry, fold-able or similar as I never have enough luggage space.
Great comfort!
Ideal birthday present for my 13 year old son. Just what he was looking for. Easy to set up and gives great sound! excellent. Thank you!.
Excellent unit
The sound reproduction and functionality of this unit is very good, I am totally satisfied.
Quality with economy
Excellent headphones, easy to set up and a pleasure to listen to.
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