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Plug N Go Handsfree Bluetooth Earphones - White - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy music without long, tangled wires getting in the way with the Plug N Go Bluetooth headphones super value twin pack. Coming with Handsfree, music controls and superb audio clarity, you'll be able to experience music like never before on the go.
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 3.9 stars from 106 customers

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Broke after 1 day
Don't buy bought 2 Bluetooth earphones these and IFROGn no comparison these broke after 1 day on holiday
Ok to use
There r ok but when using them the people on the other phone say sounds like in a box but they sound ok maybe bad service there when use again there was fine
Good buy
The earphones are easy to turn on and off while being very comfortable in your ears. It is a brilliant sound as well even on full volume
Great product for the price good tone I can recommend them
device not working
Bluetooth wireless iphone earphones not working. Won't synchronize with any android or iOS devices.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alexandru

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Could be better sounding
They do the job,but could be a little more bass in them.
Good value for money
Suffers a little from interference, but works well and is great value for money
Work great but shape of the ear buds do not suit my ears and will not stay in. I have given them away.
Don't have one.
I thought these looked like good value for money. I've got other Bluetooth earphones which out perform these easily. You definitely need two sets as the battery life between charges is only about 2hours. The range is only about 15 feet when it starts to breakup or disconnect. My other set the range is at least 5-6 times that. Often a connection will be lost for no reason at all and you have to turn off the headset and back on to re-establish a connection. I regret I will not recommend these. I recommend JTECH H0783 also more comfortable fit in th ear.
good Earphones for price
I brought these instead of having lots of wires, they work great with a tablet, laptop and iPhone better than normal earphones, however not so good with Netflix terrible crackling on laptop!
Great price for 2 sets
Works well but bit uncomfortable
Bluetooth hooked up to my iPod straight away with no problems
Sound quality acceptable
Ear buds are a bit uncomfortable, edges slightly sharp and one falls out when I am walking.
Would be fine for use in office etc
Everything's great except the sound
I like them overall, but I don't think I'll use them. They are light, fit my ear very well, the bluetooth has a long range and the earphones has the exact same shape from the iPhone's, which is nice. Most importantly there aren't any cable, which is the main reason I wanted those. I was tired of the cables of the iPhone earphones which was restricting my mouvement.
The only reason preventing me from putting 5 stars is the sound quality which is, in my opinion, pretty garbage. It sounds like there's a piece of foam between the earphones and my ears and it feels like the music is from far away. The sound isn't clear at all and it's so bad that I just can't use them despite the lots of qualities these have. I was expecting the sound from the iPhone's, because they look exactly the same.
The controls are also pretty weird, you need to click once on the sound button to change track and long press to lower or raise the volume, but most of the time I don't hold for long enough and it changes the track instead. Also, it raises or lower the volume by 2 levels, so the volume is whether too low or too high.
I have found the product comfortable to wear and good sound quality
I have found the product comfortable to wear and good sound quality.
Great headphones
Simple to link up to device and easy to use Already had one pair and tone have 2 more for family on the buy one get one free offer. Sound quality super too.
Great item for freedom of wires
I purchased these earphones to relax on a sunbed on my holidays without any wires which wired ones obstructs when moving, I did have a problem which I can only assume was the heat when the controls came apart, however I returned them to mobile fun who subsequently replaced them and these are super.
Good quality sound, Just wishes it was more durable.
Shipment of product was great and fast. The product itself is nlt too bad, however I Just wish it was more durable than I thought as after 2 weeks of having the product one of The ear phones stopped working on its own which was a bummer.
From Fantastic to Disaster
After obtaining these Bluetooth Earphones 2 days before we flue to the Caribbean for 10 days they were fantastic allowing me to laze around without any wires, on the 11 morning after charging them I noticed one end had come adrift and wires showing I had to tape the end as it would not clip back in.
The next day the complete control block had cracked and fallen in bits.
The only conclusion I could come up with they were not suitable for the high temperatures and then cooling down in our room with the Air Conditioning.
These have been returned and awaiting replacement
Excellent value headphones
Excellent headphones, extremely reasonably priced! Had my reservations buying these but have performed remarkably well and battery life is very good too! Would definitely recommend!!!
Easy to use. Great sound. Comfortable. What can I say except ....BUY SOME. You won't regret it. Very fast delivery
Wireless freedom
This item works extremely well as it gives me freedom from hanging on to my phone during calls or listening to whatever. The sound is very clear and the controls are a good size and very responsive. All this for a great price and I'll probably order another one so I have one for office and one for home. It would also make for a well priced practical gift for a friend or token of appreciation for a favour done.
Bought these on a whim thought they would be rubbish how wrong I was, very clear sound need more bass but for the price who cares
Wireless earplug
Sorry, they did not fit my ears.
Do not meet my requirements.
Cannot pair with my Windows phone or my Surface Pro 4. Waste of money!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Michael

Sorry to hear that, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Value for money
Very good, got 2 on sale.
The only issue i have is that it goes into stand by mode on its own after about 30mins even while you are listing or watching a video.
But otherwise no issues had with it. Other one still in the box.
excellent headphones very clear sounds easy to use.
Don't Work
The Bluetooth Headsets won't pair with either my Windows phone or my Surface Pro 4. Appears to be another waste of money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mike

This is odd, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Absolutley love them'
Great headphones, great value, sound quality is excellent, very easy to use, fast delivery, definitely recommend!
works well, good product
read above
Good product
Good product and fast charge time. Really easy to use and connects to phones and tablets with ought a problem.sound quality good aswell for the price.
Good product
Product was quick to arrive. Well packaged. Easy to set up with good clear sound. Shame there was only 1 size pod. I have small ears and find the pods a little uncomfortable after a while.
Nice piece of kit
These headphones are a nice piece of kit. The sound is clear and the pause and play buttons work easily. Next and previous tracks also work well but the increase and decrease volume take a bit of getting used to. It's probably easier to adjust on the iPhone itself but once you do get used to headphones it's ok. Works well with answering calls but you will need to adjust volume initially. Calls cut in nicely. I like them.
These headphones are a nice piece of kit
These headphones are a nice piece of kit. The sound is clear and the pause and play buttons work easily. Next and previous tracks also work well but the increase and decrease volume settings take a bit of getting used to. It's probably easier to adjust on the iPhone itself but once you do get used to headphones it's ok. Works well with answering calls but you will need to adjust volume initially. Calls cut in nicely. I like them.
Waste of money
The design and weight cause them to fall out of ears all too easily, only listening to music the battery lasts less than 2 hours. They are quite even on full volume, very difficult to hear unless in a quiet place. Unusable. Shame previous purchases from here have been good.
Very good
Very good buy,particularly at the bogof price. Usefull for listening to music if you don't want wires in the way. Need charging regularly though.
connection issues
the qaulity of sound is 6/10 and it disconnected randomly and has this strange bug where it sounds like a machine gun is going off in your ear hope mine is just a one off broken product
MobileFun Reply
Hi Adrian

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate your issue further.
Good introductory set of headphones
The service from Mobile Fun was efficient. The product was as described and worked as it should straight from the box. I do find that the control panel is a little large and heavy which makes the earphones slightly unbalance when they are around your neck and not in use. It took me a bit of time to get used to the control panel too as a single click moves to the next track whilst a click and hold does the volume. After a few missed songs from my playlist I soon got the hang of it. Overall, if you've never had Bluetooth headphones before, which I haven't, these are a great introduction to being wire free.
Good product
Delivery took a bit too long but once you get the product, it's great! Value for money.
Definitely recommend for non urgent gadget indulgence.
Works, OK once you find out the basics
The instructions for this system are useless. How do you switch on/off, how do you know its on/off. Any compensation for eye strain. I was unable to find the answer to these basic questions on the net. But, it does work to specification.
Great music, distorted calls
Will continue to tweak but a mixed bag. Clarity is amazing for music with loud, clear tones and great range. The fit is almost identical to the stock headphones which is great for those of us that don't like those buds that burrow into your ear drum. I'm getting distortion though when talking to Siri and when making calls though which is odd. Maybe this will clear up under different conditions.
A good product, delivered on time
Very convenient, the sound is good although my main use is voice rather than music. Controls ingenious and fine once you get a grip of how they work. Tiny light 'signals' and friendly bleeps in the earphones. I'm glad I bought them and use them every day.
Convenient Device
Although it is not the apple head-pods, these headphones are worth it. Hands-free talking, listening to music and comfortable fit are some of the great features they provide. They are light, connect immediately to your devices Bluetooth and are conspicuous. They have a good distance of connection and also have a relatively long talk time before they need charging.
Very good product
I have received the product with in time and it was very good product in cheap price.
Better than expected
I use for listening to music whilst riding my bike. The sound was surprisingly good, not as good as the Apple original earbuds, but better than some of the cheap ones i have had. I have used them continously on a few occasions for over 1.5 hours and they seem to still have planty of charge left. The only downside is the range isn't great, sometimes when i turn my head to look behind the signal breaks a little, but again not too much of a problem. Easy to pair with my iPhone and never completely dropped the signal.
Very good product
Very good product. charges quickly.
Good value
Good value ear phones. Work well and at a reasonable price.
Gym Usage
This product was perfect for the gym which is what I purchased it for but the distance is not good on the Bluetooth for around the house.
Quality not very good
Within a day of using the item one of the earpiece fell apart.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Angela

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can send a replacement as sounds like it was faulty to begin with.
It's good.
It's working alright and is cost-effective enough. Sometimes disturbances in sound emission occur, mostly during movement, which can be irritating when you listen to something during a work-out or commuting.
they work
They took a while to connect, but once connect had a good sound, connected to my apple watch but i couldn't answer a call with them, I couldn't even hear the ringing, so disappointed there, but i could listen to music from my watch....
Absolutely Awful
Took a while to arrive, but then I am in Australia, so far enough. The build quality is fine, but the buds fail to stay in my ears properly, especially with the bluetooth receiver/Mic pulling. There are two major issues though...

1) The mic is simply too quiet for effective calls. Even on full volume and holding the mic close to your mouth people can barely hear me.

2) The bluetooth receiver is terrible and unless the phone is virtually next to the earphones, you get constant disconnections. I went for a bike ride over the weekend and put my phone in a small rucksack on my back. Trying to listen to music was impossible and extremely frustrating. They were very affordable, but that shouldn't mean terrible quality. Simply not fit for purpose and I will be requesting a refund.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Dean

Sorry to hear you are unhappy with this item. It sounds like they may be faulty. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Excellent price
For the money you get very decent quality wireless earplugs. Great value!
Just what I was looking for - wireless earbuds. Ok so they have a wire but it's only a short one to join them together, not to connect to phone. Comfy to wear, great sound, allow me to answer calls as well as listen to music, without having to have my phone on my person (we all know this phone is too big to go in your pocket!) All this at a fraction of the cost of the Apple EarPods (am I allowed to say that?)
Highly recommended.
Pay for what you get
Quality is OK, Sound quality is OK. Nothing much more to say.
Great value for money Headphones
The sound and feel are the same as apple standard wired headphones, these give you the flexibility and a certain amount of control. The volume control could be more precise as when you turn up or down via the headset it seems to be 3 or 4 jumps up or down, but controlled via your phone volume it is fine. All in all these are great wireless headphones & I would recommend for the value.
Great product
This product is great, its making my driving exerience wonderful. i sometimes go on long journeys so i am able to use voice control very well with my Samsung galaxy s7 and the heaphones hears me clearly. plus tangle free. definetly recommend for all drivers.
Seem Fine
No instructions came with the headphone but managed to work it out eventually with a little internet research. Seem to be good. Clear sound. Not sure on the battery life of these headphones only time will tell.
Bluetooth headphones
These are ver good headphones for the money. Sound quality is good and comfortable when in ears, the 1 minus point which is a pretty big 1 is the playback time. Specifications read up to 6 hours, try nearly 50% of that time. I got 2hrs 45mins before it started beeping.
Grea tproduct
These headphones are very good, they have a good batery life that last for over 20 hrs, they recharge quickl. The only thing that could be better it's the right head phone, I found to be a little heavy and keeps coming off. The blinking Bluetooth light is also a little annoying but other than that thumbs up, great product
Great value and comfort
I'm really fussy when it comes to my tech. I wanted Bluetooth earphones for out & about so I can watch tv / listen to music in the coffee shop whilst my wife shops for England.

I've always found earphones to be very uncomfortable so I bought these with some trepidation. However, I've found them to be really comfortable with a sound nearly as good as my Sennheiser over ear headphones.

They are easy to pair and take about 2hrs to charge using the short 6 inch USB charging cable.

I have to hide them now before my wife or daughter get their hands on them. Chances are once they've seen them I'll be ordering 2 more sets. Thoroughly recommend them.
What a great piece of kit
I took a chance with these, wanted something that I could wear under my crash helmet and listen to music and sat nav. I was concerned that the crash helmet would crush the buds into my ears, they do not and sit very comfortably, we all have a different shape so not sure if we all will find them as comfortable. Now the sound quality is good enough, it is not my Sonos system , but it does do what I wanted and saved me £200 against a helmet system . Really happy biker here, and once again this site comes up trumps, always buy my accessories from here service and quality is top draw, highly recommended. A++++
Fantastic buy
Bought this because I'm always listening to music and always getting the wires caught up in my coat resulting in my headphones breaking so I bought these and I'm so glad sound quality is excellent and battery life is perfect highly recommend!!!!
Good, price, good product.
Good, price, good product.
I find these really easy to use and very good sound for the price and not too heavy
Battery life is way shorter than what it claims which only lasts for roughly less than 2 hours of talk time. Sound quality is also average.
A little trouble getting it synced the first time. Hold down the power button until the light flashes. Does suffer from interference but works well at close range
Great product
Just as discribed on the website. Arrived within a couple of days.
Easy to use and worked well with my iPhone and iPad.
Would recommend to anyone.
A great price too.
Pretty Poor
I had hoped these earphones would be pretty reasonable at a bargain price but they are not great, the sound quality is poor and they do not fit in the ear very well, they fall out because of the weight of the controller/mic on one side with any small movement of the head!
no instructions included with headphones. not intuitive on how to turn headphones on. Sound quality is ok as long as volume is low. Distortion is bad the higher the volume.
Good value earphones
High quality easily set up Bluetooth earphones for a really good price. Love them
Very impressed
Bought two of these one for my wife and one for me. Both easily connected to iPhones/iPads.
Sound is good and seamed well made for the price. Would recommend the earphones to anyone.
great product
Once I figured out how to get it into pairing mode it worked great. Very happy with my purchase
Not worth the money
I purchased the headphones after a promotion to get them at half price. An offer I missed out on but decided to buy anyway.

They are poor quality. With poor reception. The Bluetooth connection is unreliable, even turning my head affects the signal

Very disappointed
Great set of headphones
Great set of headphones
You get what you pay for...
For the price paid I wasn't expecting miracles. That said, not bad at all.
Using with an iPhone 6S in a LifeProof case so negates having to unscrew the jack cover.
Music is fair although the buds don't stay in the ear that well but using a spare pair of foam bud covers sorted that out.
Although not waterproof they're great for under the helmet for use with TomTom app on the 'phone when on the bike.
Who needs to pay a hefty price tag
If you are thinking of cutting the cord, then check out these wireless headphones. The around-the-neck design fit snugly and sound audibly great. Fantastic product compared to the competition and even better with a low price tag.
Not the greatest at all....
You get what you pay for in this world and sadly I was dissaapointed with the items. Less than a foot a way and continuous crackling when connected to via Bluetooth. Delivery was quick but will be seeking a refund. Best to avoid this product and invest some money in something that will do what it says on the tin. No fault of Mobile Fun but manufacturer needs to go back to drawing board
MobileFun Reply

Please try repairing with your phone, by first removing the headset from your connected devices in the Settings area and starting from scratch. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
I am really pleased with item
Hi I am really pleased with item I paid much less than you can buy from apple directly, but you don't feel any difference and this a good gquality item. Buy and you can see and fell free.
I was quietly surprised they are very good quality
Well what can I say, this is the very first time I have had a set of earphones like this, I was quietly surprised they are very good quality and they fit like a glove I would recommend them to everyone
Cheap for a reason
These look like the official iPods but sadly not upto the same standards, the speaker grills look like they are going to fall out or get stuck in my ear. Sound is good but if you turn the volume down then it's far too low. To be honest I wouldn't bother with these
These earphones are poorly made, would not sync with any of my bluetooth devices and are useless and not worth the postage to send them back.

The ear plug had sharp or rough edges and would be uncomfortable to wear.

Very disappointing
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul

Sounds like your earphones were faulty.

Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
No tangles!
I was so pleased to get my mitts on these especially as the iPhone air pods are way out of my budget!
I listen to a lot of music whilst out and about and it's great to wear these with no tangling or catching on clothes.
I thought the box on the side would be irritating but it's not. I'm really happy with these. My dad also has a pair and he's equally impressed! Would definitely recommend :)
very good item
this is a very good item, I do find it a little difficult to keep the ear pieces in, but that may be due to my ears rather than the product
Volume problem
Unfortunately this product has come with problems.
Firstly the weight of the inline control means that it continually slides down one side when it's not plugged into your ears.
Secondly the volume is a problem in so much you have to fiddle with controls every time you use it which defeats the object of hands free especially whilst driving.
Apart from that it's great (tongue in cheek)
Actually I wish I'd never bought it.
Sorry mobile fun.
Can I have my money back or an exchange?
Wonder if you'll read this!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Malcolm

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. You can of course contact us so we can assist you.

As far as the volume is concerned, this can also be set by your device so please ensure this is configured how you want it.
Spot on
Just what I've been looking for. Crisp quality sound, simple to use and no tangled wires.
Bluetooth Earphnes are brilliant
Bluetooth Earphnes are brilliant & comfortable & receive calls
Why more could you want with this great deal
Not good for listening to music I find
Not good for listening to music I find, not too bad for talk radio. Sound keeps jumping like a scratched vinyl record, doesn't seem to matter how close they are to my phone. Relatively comfortable though and very easy to use.
Top product at a good price.
Needed to consider buying affordable Bluetooth earphones to save paying too much for my new 7 plus iPhone. Of all the ones available, the Plug N Go ones were outstanding, and at an excellent price. Received them today and I am delighted with them, and at a standard similar to the official iPhone ones on offer. Would recommend these earphones if you are looking for a quality product.
Not bad for the money
Wireless earphones that work perfectly with my Moto z. Wasn't expecting much for the money, but was pleasantly surprised. Perfect for listening to music at work. Good battery time as well.
Plug N Go N Good Value
These earphones are great value, have good sound quality, and the Bluetooth connection works well. Like another reviewer, I found that the right unit tended to fall out of my ear, because of the extra weight of the control unit. This problem I solved by adding "New-Earbudi Flex", which are flexible clips which snap on the phones and secure them to the ear.
What a difference using earphones, and not fussing with wires, which are totally cumbersome. Also BIG plus is no untangling or messing about. No complaints
Great quality. Ok range but really good music quality and device control
The best I've had to date
The best earphones I have had to date. I bought this item because I am always driving different vehicles and is easy to wear and transport. Sound is very clear and volume is excellent even in a noisy environment. One touch switching to music on your phone. its comfortable and easy to use.
I have to say these set of Bluetooth head phones have to be the biggest heap of rubbish I have ever bought the head phones are so badly designed they won't stay in my ears and when I turn my head to the side with the controls they stop working just plain and simple rubbish is all they are
Great item and a blessing to lose the tangle!
These are great headphones. To lose the tangle of wires is a real blessing. I would highly recommend them. The power could last longer but then it's not at all heavy so to be expected. Thanks.
Design Wrong
The control box is just too heavy, and the phones do not sit easily round the neck.
Five Star
These wireless headphones are just the job for useing with my galaxy s7edge mobile, the quality is very good and easy to use and comes with a usb cable to charge the headphones. No messing plugging into the mobile, when a call comes through you can answer it useing the headphones, all for a good price.
Worked well at first
Worked well at first but now is quite temperamental spluttering and speeding up..so I switched ears which seems to work better and I am also left handed anyway
Clever and Handy
Versatile new gadget - works exactly as advised
Comfortable, light, easy to carry.
So easy and so neat
These headphone/hand free kit are so light and small. They paired easily and have great sound quality. I very good buy and a great way of avoiding the tangled wires of other headsets.
Good volume but short battery life
Great set of headphones, easy to use (one button push) - only problem is the short battery life between charges....not the 2 days I had hoped for. But overall good
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