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Plantronics M1100 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Plantronics M1100 is the headset that keeps up with your life on the go
  • Mobile Fun ID 25785
$68.75 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 3 customers

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Perfect earpiece
This device is perfect.....no problems fitting in the ear using multiple fittings, small size, good reception and no issues in noisey environment. Bonus of micro usb charging and good battery life. Does exactlt what it says.
Plantronics M1100
This headset is good all round, easy connection, up do date features that most headsets don't have and the important aspect for me is that it fits comfortably in the ear. It's the first time I bought one that fits in the ear as opposed to sitting on the ear which I prefer so I was a bit apprehensive at first on whether to buy it until it arrived and was surprised at the different variations of the ear fitments and the over the ear hook. Also to receive a call you have to use speech and say 'answer'. If you accept a call using your phone, the call doesn't go through to the headset. Not sure if this applies to all phones but I use it with a HTC.
On a negative I'm not that impressed with the Vocalyst feature, although it works fine I didn't know nor was it clear that with the 1 year free basic registration the headset dials a number to receive the information services such as news, weather etc. Not sure if it's a free phone call but even if you have free minutes it's not practical if you have incoming calls. To use the speech text SMS service which would be useful requires an additional upgrade fee and I'm reluctant to join not knowing how it's going to work. If I had a choice now I would choose the Jabra Extreme 2.
I have only had this headset for 2 weeks.

It is unusual for a totally blind person to gain the benefits in full from technology with talking software, sold in a main-stream market.

The power on or power off statous warning, and the batery statous warning are especially useful.

I also like the on and off switch.

The earpiece hook is stirdy, unlike previous headsets I have used.

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