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Pinlo United Aluminium Edge Case for iPhone 4S / 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your iPhone 4S / 4 lightweight and stylish protection with the black Pinlo United case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30436
$27.80 inc. VAT
 3.5 stars from 27 customers

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Nice case shame about the missing back protector
Case is good but it has been let down by advertising 2 screen protectors and a cleaning cloth and you only get 1 protector and no cleaning cloth.
Is this bad advertising and labeling on the product box that arrived or mis selling. I am happy with the case but I had it when you do not get what you paid for.
Nice case
Good case but when I want to charge my phone i have to take it off otherwise the charger falls out. The case is verry good quality and looks really snazzy and comes with a good screen protector. Better then any of the cheap rubbish from amazon. Only reason it is 4 star is because of the charging.
Liked the look was a little unhappy with the top not matching the aluminium but lived with it. Dropped the phone less than waist height corner dented and iPhone came out of the case and bounced.... Not impressed felt like I wasted my money. Not happy :(
Perfect for protecting my iphone 4
Looks stylish and protects your phone from damage when dropped. I experienced the protector coming apart like some of the other reviews, but just bend the sides of the black metal half very gently inwards just a tad, and then the other half snaps into place and doesn't move. I am buying another one for my wife. They look great but best of all they protect your phone brilliantly.
Doesn't clip together securely so keeps coming apart. The metal front frame broke two days after it arrived so I switched to the plastic one but this also keeps coming apart from the back cover. If it fitted together properly it would be great as it looks good but given my experience I couldn't recommend it to anyone. I'm now looking to buy a different cover.
Almost Perfect
The case fits very well, clips together easily and protects all the face edges. The red looks awesome on my black phone just a shame that the front is only in chrome, which looks OK and clear, which looks terrible. Why not have a red front? hence 4 stars and "almost perfect"
fantastic looking product
I bought this Pinlo aluminium case for my iphone 4s, firstly it looks absolutely brilliant and it actually makes the iphone look sexier than it does without the cover, the great thing with this bumper style case is it protects the phone and at the same time lets you have full funtionality without comprimise, i would definately recommend this product and i am about to purchase another on for my wife as she thinks its a fantastic product too.
Well made BUT
I found this product very well made but I am afraid to say that once you have spent the time to attach it to your phone, you can not apply the charger to the phone because the cut out for it on the case is too small.thats ok if you don't mind unscrewing the case everytime you want to charge your phone. Sorry but not for me !!!
Returned it with sadness
Really stylish cover. Comes with stainless steel or transparent front (interchangeable). At first, clicked into place nicely on my iPhone 4. But after 5 days and no collisions of any sort, it stopped doing so and just fell off. From then on neither of the fronts would stay on. Am in process of returning. Given it 2 stars because the look n feel is so fabulous. Shame it doesn't stay on.
Excellent Product - Only one Downside (Hard to remove)
This case is well designed, sturdy, and very stylish without being "over-the-top".

There's only really one fault I can pick with this, and it's stretching at that. Once clipped together, the case is pretty hard to open. I found the best place to start is in the top-left of the device between the headphone cutout and the volume buttons. Having said that, if dropped from height, it's probably a good idea the case is hard to open, as this will prevent it coming to pieces and ejecting your precious iPhone onto the ground.

The Kit comes with a silver bezel and a spare clear bezel so you can choose which you want. My silver bezel had a slight molding blemish in it, but it's not very noticable.

Also comes with a raised home button sticker, to make use of the home button easier, and dust covers for both the data ports and the headphone socket.

The rear portion of the case is lined which will prevent scratches (you won't need a rear-glass protector), and while there is some gap around the edge of the rear section, this is to make way for the front bezel to clip on. Once that's in place, there's absolutely NO movement.

All-in-all, hard to fault this case.
Not the best
To be honest I was expecting something better! The fit seems a bit bulky and chunky but I guess it depends what your after! My previous cover was just a cheap plastic one that was only just bigger than the phone itself! This cover is quite sturdy and the red one I have does look kinda cool.
Sleek design but could be a bit more robust
I bought this for an iPhone 4s because I wanted a case that protected the front rim of the phone, but would also let me use a screen protector (in my experience a lot of the slide together cases produce air bubbles in the screen protector). This case certainly does the job.

It looks really stylish, has a nice metallic feel to it and I was able to install a screen protector too without any problems.

When you first place the phone in the back part of the case, before adding the front trim, it seems to slip around but once the trim is added everything is held nicely in place. What I found then is that the buttons are all recessed a mm or 2, which now I think is a good thing, but at first seemed a little wierd. And the way it's done, I can see that dust and other small debris could get inside the case through these gaps - which is obviously not good.

The very first day I used the case unfortunately I dropped my phone. The case did do its job and protected the phone, but despite it not being a very bad drop, the chrome front trim of the case suffered some unsightly scuffs. I was a little disappointed it wasn't a bit more robust, but I guess it did protect the phone which is the main thing.

All in all, pretty happy with it and would recommend.
Exactly What I Was Looking for
I was looking for a bumper for my iphone. I wanted something different. I certainly found this. The bumper is absolutely fabulous and unique. Yes it is more expensive than some but worth the extra as you get a second surround as well.
Just What I Needed
This Pinlo United Aluminium Edge Case fits my iphone 4 perfectly and provides it with just the protection it needs. I'd definitely recommend this item to anyone who has an iphone 4 or intends to get one.
Great case, looks good and well worth the money
Solidly built case, great fit for my 4s. Regularly drop my iphone (not deliberately obviously) and this gives excellent protection. Not the cheapest as cases go, but well worth the money.
Signal problems!
I bought this case as I thought it looked the most 'original' looking with the alu bezel, I love the look of the 4S however needed some protection. With this on the phone doesn't look too different from without which is great.

However.... one MAJOR problem is that this knocks 2 bars of signal off when in place... not good. I emailed Pinlo to ask if this was a common problem and have not had a response, also not good.

Looks good and if you have 100% signal all the time then try it, otherwise you may find dropped calls happening all the time.
Good but not great
I bought this product as I wanted a bumper style cover that will work with my clingo mount but I didn't want the cheap style rubber bumpers.
The fit of the cover to the phone is perfect, it is tight but the joint fits flush. A little disappointed with the gap between the case and the phone, due to the rubber inner seal the buttons are quite recessed and only a charging cable can be used even my deep fit dock does not contact properly.
Also would have liked the front half to be better quality finish. The back half (80% of thickness) is the nicely finished aluminium but the front part of the housing is either clear plastic or chromed plastic which makes it look like a 3GS from the front. Bit naff if you like the 4's appearance.
Final note is that it says 4/4S but the front screen protector provided is not 4S compatible - no hole for the Siri mic. Not a prob for me as i have a 4.

In summary, does what it says on the tin but not at the quality standard I expected for the money.
Excellent quality item
This case is exactly what I was looking for. Stylish, not to bulky and something that offers protection from scratches and the occasional drop. The design means that whenever you put your phone down on a flat serface no part of your phone touches it. It was very easy to fit however I think I may have a bit of a problem if I wanted to take it off! Not necessarily a bad thing because I can't see why you would want to. Unless, like me, you use the little plastic thing to protect the docking plug, which is very difficult to take off without dismantling the entire case, not so helpful. It is very sturdy, I love the aluminium finish, and you get two front bits so you can swap them if you feel like a change. It includes a screen cover, which is definitely one of the best I've tried, however, it does not come with one of these for the reverse. I'm sure it was advertised that it did come with this and I made sure to search thoroughly through the packaging and didn't find one, so I think I will have to buy one to prevent scratches there.
Pinlo United Aluminium Edge Case for iPhone 4S / 4
Very Cool case fits into Iphone 4s
Very smart bumper...
Bought this for my new 4s. Fit is spot on and it looks very smart with the 'gunmetal' coloured front. I've already managed to drop the phone onto a tiled floor (!!) fortunately it landed on a corner and the case saved it. Doesn't add much bulk, which was my priority. Didn't use the screen protectors as I have my favourites already...
Overall, good bumper, looks smart, fast delivery..
Great Corner Protection
Brilliant case and protects all of the corners, fits together very snugly and all buttons still easily accessible!
broke within a week :(
Front of case came loose from phone within a week. very dissapointed since was expecting a strong robust product due to the price. I didnt even drop the phone and the from of the casing has become loose. would not reccomend.

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