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Pinlo Slice 3 Case for iPhone 5C - Black Transparent Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the world's thinnest and lightest case for the iPhone 5C - keep your phone protected without bulk with the Black Transperent Slice 3 Case from Pinlo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41009
$20.61 inc. VAT
 2.6 stars from 5 customers

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Good package
Package is nice ..
Description is Clear casing but it's kinda of translucent..
It' does not cover the front edge well enough..
Flimsy Product
Dropped my phone once an the cover cracked along with a chip on my phone. Very Flimsy and weak wont protect your phone. For the price paid would expect more.
Super thin case
Nice case which is the thinnest I've seen the darker transparent green contrasts well with the iPhone 5c lime green. The only complaint is I don't think the screen protector was of great quality but it could be down to how I put it on. Very pleased with the case though and a lot of people didn't even realise it had a case on it.
This case is great in many ways! Thin, light etc... just like it says on the box. (Packaging was incredibly apple-like!)
But beware! If your plan is hiding/ changing the colour of your iPhone, this won't cut it. My iPhone isn't white anymore, nor black, it's grey...

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