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Pinlo Slice 3 Case for iPhone 4S - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the world's thinnest and lightest iPhone 4S case, the black Slice 3 from Pinlo.
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$26.54 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 27 customers

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Pinlo Slice 3
Probably the best iPhone case I've had. I love that it's understated and that you can still see the outer phone clearly. I've had a lot of compliments on it. The only downside is that it is quite fiddly to remove and my previous Pinlo case eventually cracked as I couldn't remove it properly. I'll know this time to be more careful.
The case you can't see!
Had one previously. Dropped my phone on the driveway, case damaged but phone intact. Extremely thin, easy to hold and looks good. Did not hesitate to get a replacement.
Totally recommended.
The perfect case
the weight is just perfect. No problem with the iphone's flash since it is so slim and light!! Good protection for the phone
Nice product
Very nice but I got one the same kind for 1/2 the price last year
Coolest iphone case?
Want to protect your phone? Don't want a bulky case that spoils it's looks. Get this Pinlo case and you won't regret it!
Pinlo case
I don't like cases that meek the phone more bulky. This seemed like the ideal solution. Whilst it probably will not provide the ultimate protection of thicker cases, it does offer a good level of protection but, for me, it preserves the aesthetics of the ipone.
Really pleased and recommended to anyone that wishes to maintain the slender style of the phone. Brilliant!
The best catch!
Surely the best skin to iPhone4/4S.
Pinlo products are outstanding in quality and design.
Perfect Slice
Super slim, snug fit, nice and grippy, good protection. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Excellent very slim
Wonderful slim case, will protect well from scratches and knocks, but not drops. Highly recommend, fits very well and love that you can see the phone through it.
Slim and well fitted
This is my second Pinlo slice case. I always look for a slimline case as I hate adding bulk to a phone that sits in jeans' pocket.

This case genuinely works for me - my six year old dropped the phone onto the pavement which split a corner of the Slice but protected the phone. I also use a leather Sena slip case to protect against scratches from keys and coins while the phone lives in my pocket.
First Rate Product - and really good value
I was looking for protection that was not too bulky as to make the phone significantly bigger and this certainly does the job - perfect fit and no thickness at all - and it still fits in a holster type case that I prefer to use. Everyone who see's it remarks on how smart and neat it is. I was a little concerned about fixing the screen protector that came with it - not had a lot of success with these in the past, but no worries. Once I worked out it had a protective sheet on both sides of it, I put it on a cleaned screen and it smooth out without a bubble or blemish under it. So the case is smart is almost non-existent and screen saver a perfect fit. Really good value for money as you get a first rate screen protector included.
Simply beautiful
Received today in the post and this cover is simply beautiful. Highly recommend this case !!
This was just the perfect case for my new iPhone 4S. It is slim and fits beautifully. It is very lightweight and does not interfere with the phone fitting into my leather case. It is also see through so you can still see the Apple logo. I bought the black colour and am extremely pleased with it.
Pinlo Slice 3 Case for iPhone 4S - Clear
Absolutely fantastic case!! Would definately recommend this one for those who don't like to add any bulk to the iPhone 4s, it's very well designed and looks great. Well done to mobile fun for selling Pinlo cases, Pinlo cases are not widely available across the mobile market so come here first and you won't be disappointed. 😃
Brilliant - Better than I thought!
I ordered this case as I had the official Apple iPhone bumper but it felt a little clunky for a nice slick iPhone. I had seen reviews of this case and decided to give it ago.

The Case itself is a perfect fit to the phone and gives the phone a bit of protection without the bulk!

The case is clear so you can still see the apple logo through it and protects the sides/top and back from dirt and scratches.

Overall I think this is the best case I have seen and even my friends are wanting one now (have pointed this to MobileFun as a supplier).

Very good and well worth the money.
Lovely fit
This case is a lovely fit and it shows of the phone at the same time as protecting it ! I am really pleased with it
Provides more Protection than you think
I got this case about 2 weeks ago, first impressions are it's so thin you don't know it's there when holding the phone, and it'll be perfect to protect the phone from those little scratches it might pick up.

I didn't think it's do much to protect the phone if it was dropped.


Dropped the phone on tarmac when getting out of the car - thought "Oh poo, £700 phone one month old and I've broken it." After close examination there is no damage to the phone at all. The case took all the impact and has cracked where the side meets the back round the mute switch and headphone socket.

Maybe it'd be a different story if the phone landed on a front corner or front edge, but I'm amazed at how this super thin case has protected my phone and am ordering another one ASAP.
I’ve received my product next day. I must say that everyone should have one of this pinlo case.It wouldn't protect your phone but it looks beautifull.It is the thinest iphone 4s case so far what you u see in the market.for me its perfect.
Pinlo Slice 3 Case for iPhone 4S - Clear
I'm grad to have purchased this brilliant product, like no other.
The case looks fantastic on.

Although, don't buy it if you are expecting to take it off every now and again.

I tried to very gently remove the case temporarily and it bent out of shape and is now unusable.

Perfect! Until you come to remove it.

Can't fault Mobile Fun with the speed of delivery though. Will be purchasing from you again.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Matt, we're really sorry the product didn't meet your expectations. Although we are glad to hear that you will consider us for future purchases and we hope to do better next time.
Prompt service
After ordering two i phone cases the service and prompt delivery was excellent and the items were what was described.I shall certainly return for more products.
Thanks Dave Oliver Gloucester.

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